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Washington DC Teleprompter Rental


Quality Teleprompter Rentals & Professional Teleprompter Operators.


We are Known For Our Versatility


Prompters Delivered and Operated by Highly Trained Professionals

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Our Teleprompter Rental service is the largest in the United States. We fly our Teleprompter Operators all over North America to prompt for a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry and in politics.  Our home base is Teleprompter Rental NYC where we are known for our versatility. We have put Teleprompters on roof tops, poolside, in subways, and anywhere else our clients demand.

Hiring a Teleprompter Operator from the American Movie Company  means you are hiring a trained Teleprompter Speech Coach. Each of our Teleprompter Operators is trained to elicit the best performance from your talent. An hour or so before shooting starts, our Speech Coach will determine your talent’s optimal reading speed and eye level.  They will work together and read the Teleprompter script.  The Operator will make any changes necessary so that talent sounds as natural as possible.

The Washington DC Teleprompter Rental Package

  •  Includes Teleprompter Operators and local delivery.
  • Custom-made Teleprompter monitors, optimized for low power consumption.
  • Our Teleprompter Rental features well designed hoods which enable quick access to the Teleprompter glass and camera lens.
  •  Teleprompters feature a wide range of movement which accommodates any camera and most long lenses.
  • Our  Operators are trained as Teleprompter Speech Coaches to work with your talent t attain their best possible performance.
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Presidential Teleprompter Rental Washington DC

Also Known As The Speech Prompter 

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Presidential Teleprompter Rental

$1295/Day – Dual Paddle Presidential Prompter

$1595 /Day – Rise & Fall Presidential Prompter

Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 3
Teleprompter Rental LA - Teleprompter Rental Las Vegas
Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 3

A staple of public public speakers everywhere. The presidential teleprompter is a pair of transparent glass screens placed on thin stands flanking the podium. System includes dual monitors, a professional teleprompter operator, distribution amplifier, cables, software and backup supplies.

Rise and Fall Presidential Teleprompter

A remote height adjusting system, that allows the prompter to be modified for individual speakers.

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The Robotic Height Adjustment feature in the Presidential Teleprompters allows for seamless height changes to the stands. Our operators and speech coaches, spend time to  prep the talent to attain their optimal performance. Which includes finding the perfect height for the talent’s eye level. With a standard Presidential Teleprompter, the operator would write down their talent’s ideal heights and adjust it manually with each change. With Robotic Height Adjustment, the Presidential Teleprompter itself remembers the talents’ optimal viewing heights and will readjust instantly with the push of a button.

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Presidential Teleprompter Rental - agains teal screeen
Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 3

We have the highest end Presidential Teleprompters on the market. Each Speech Prompter  comes with a backup computer with pre-loaded script and software for any unforeseen circumstance. We regularly rent Presidential Teleprompters to A-List talent and public figures or to high profile events. Our professional operators are trained to help talent who may be unfamiliar with teleprompter reading.

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Professional Teleprompter Rentals.

Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 12

19″ Gold Plate Standard Teleprompter


  • Dimensions: 19.1” (484 mm)
  • Reading distance: 7m (23 ft)
  • Brightness: 1000 Nits
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Image Reverse: Yes
  • Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA
  • Looping Power: Yes
  • Looping Composite Video: Yes
  • Weight: 13.7 kgs (30.1 lbs)
  • Power Consumption: 45W
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS
Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 12

Confidence Monitor Rental


Confidence Monitors come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Invisible to an audience, these monitors are strategically placed around the stage so that the performer can move about without fear of missing lyrics or text. 

Confidence Monitor Sizes and Configurations:

Two or three small 19″ monitors placed low at the lip of the stage so that the speaker or performer can walk about without losing sight of the text or lyrics. We sometimes disguise them as audio speakers. Works well for singers!

One or two larger monitors 32″ to 36″ are placed just off the stage making them invisible to the audience. Require that the singer or speaker occasionally glance back into the wings rather than into the audience.

The rear of house monitor is a large monitor usually 42 ‘ to 60″ placed at the rear behind the audience. Performers can look into the audience giving the impression of eye contact. 

Studio - confidence monitor and guy in background
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SteadiCam Prompter

Through-the-Lens |Wireless| Handheld | Jib prompter

Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 3

$945 with Operator. 

$195 for Wireless Option.

  • IYF 10″ beamsplitter / hood
  • 2.8 Pounds without monitor
  • 1000 NTS 10″ High Bright Monitor 1.7 Pounds
  • Power D Tap, Anton Bauer, 4 Pin XLR  (cables included) or included Sony Batteries
  • Wireless Option Available $195
  • Adaptors included for 15 mm and 19mm rods
  • Composite, HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • No Fan

$1595/Day – Rise & Fall Presidential Prompter

We ship anywhere.

This New ‘Through-the-Lens’ SteadiCam Prompter is the perfect solution for getting excellent naturalistic shots in motion. It’s lighweight and big enough to fit most professional camera lenses.

Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 3
SteadiCam Prompter with Operator, bearded man dressed in black holding the unit - outside
Teleprompter Rental Washington DC 2


Interrotron Rental, Washington DC
EyeDirect rental American Movie Co logo
iPad prompter, Teleprompter rental

Interrotron Mark III (Double Unit)

$1195 Ten hour day

Developed by documentarian Errol Morris for interviews with non-professional talent, the interrotron works like a teleprompter that shows the director’s face as opposed to the script. The interrotron facilitates the capture of  naturalistic performances from the talent looking into the camera.

Eye direct

$250 Day/ $750 Week

With the EyeDirect, the subject looks into the lens of the camera for perfect eye-line and sees the face of the director and the director looks through the large mirror on the side of the EyeDirect to see the face of the subject.

It’s a direct eye to eye conversation, which puts the subject at ease and shortens production time while increasing quality.

iPad Prompter

$295/Day $750/Week 

iPad Prompter with voice controlled text scrolling. Works wirelessly with SteadiCam/Ronin. A modular system for 6″ to 12″ mobile devices. Scripts and digital notecards function and 15 ft reading range. 

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