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Teleprompter Rental Prices

Prices include delivery and a professional teleprompter operator.

Standard Prompter

$945 - 10 hours/day

Presidential Prompter

$1,295 - $1,795 10 hours/day


$1,195 - per day

Confidence Monitor

$945 - 10 hours/day

SteadiCam Prompter

$945 - 10 hours/day

Pick up from our office 24 hours rental


$250 - 24 hours a day $750 a week

iPad Prompter

$250 - 24 hours a day $885 a week

National Teleprompter Rental

Teleprompter Rentals Delivered with Professional Operators

New York

The Teleprompter Rental New York City Package 

  • A Professional Operator and local delivery.
  • Custom-made Teleprompter monitors optimized for low power consumption.
  • Teleprompters with well-designed hoods for quick access to the Teleprompter glass and camera lens.
  • Teleprompters that feature a wide range of movement to accommodate any camera and most long lenses.
  • Teleprompter Operators that are trained as Teleprompter Speech Coaches to work with your talent to attain their best possible performance.

Reasons to use our National Teleprompter Rental service.


Our Teleprompter service is the largest in, not only New York City, but in the United States. We fly our NYC Teleprompter Operators all over North America to prompt for a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry and in politics.  (Beyoncê, Alec Baldwin, First Lady Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, ).

Our home base is in New York City where we are known for our versatility. We have put Teleprompters on rooftops, poolside, in subways, on bridges, etc.  Our clients dictate and we satisfy their needs.

Teleprompters with Operators you can count on!

Teleprompter Rental New York City

Standard Teleprompter Rental

$945/Day – Standard “Through-the-lens” Teleprompter. Delivered with a professional operator

The AutoCue Professional Series is a versatile and reliable machine designed for  demanding broadcast studio and location shoots. We use the highest quality Gold Plate Professional Teleprompters from AutoCue.

Teleprompter Rental New York City

Our Teleprompter operators are ready for the task.

Standard teleprompter rental, - two men in front

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Presidential Teleprompter set up in white indoor set

$1595/Day – AKA Speech Prompter.  Dual Paddle Unit.  Delivered and operated by an experienced professional

Robotic / “Rise & Fall” Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Our Presidential Teleprompter service is available nation wide. Read more about your rental options here. For events with multiple speakers, we have the spectacular Rise and Fall Presidential Teleprompter, it allows the operator to adjust the height of the stand remotely according to the different speaker heights. Our Presidential Teleprompter service is designed to help speakers deliver the best speech and performance.

dual camera teleprompter

Why We Recommend Our Dual Camera Standard Teleprompter Setup:

Traditional Teleprompters allow on-camera talent to read lines and look directly into a camera simultaneously. This can present a problem when a director wants separate shots of the talent from the same angle.

A Dual Camera Teleprompter setup features multiple cameras which sit behind the glass of the Teleprompter, allowing the talent to simultaneously look directly into each camera and read the copy.

The Dual Camera Teleprompter is most commonly used for shoots that require both close-up and wide shots facing the talent.

Gold Plate AutoCue Teleprompter



21″ Gold Plate Ultra Teleprompter

  • Dimensions: 19.1” (484 mm)
  • Reading distance: 7m (23 ft)
  • Brightness: 1000 Nits
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Image Reverse: Yes
  • Integrated Tally/ Cue Light: Yes
  • Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA
  • Looping Power: Yes
  • Looping Composite Video: Yes
  • Weight: 13.7 kgs (30.1 lbs)
  • Power Consumption: 45W
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS

15″ Gold Plate Standard Teleprompter

  • Dimensions: 15”
  • Reading distance: 4.5m (10 ft)
  • Brightness: 1000 Nits
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Contrast Ratio: 500:1
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Image Reverse: Yes
  • Video Inputs: SDI BNC, (Composite), VGA
  • Looping Composite Video
  • Weight: 7.7 kgs (17 lbs)
  • Power Consumption: 35W
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS

Teleprompter Rentals New York City: Prompters for Any Production.

Interrotron Rental

Delivered with a Professional Operator.

Two Teleprompter Units, one for the talent and one for the director.

Ideal for use with young or untrained talent.

Creates a face -to- face dynamic between the director and the talent for a truly compelling performance.


Confidence Monitor Rental


Standard Confidence Monitor 32″ & Stand



Additional 32″ monitors & Stands


Addtional 44″ Monitor & Stand


Additional 60″ Monitor & Stand

 Used by singers, speakers and performers on stage to reference lyrics, notes or presentation copy. Our monitors can be adjusted for height, color and brightness. They can also be hidden from the audience. These monitors are designed to be a point of reference for performers who move about the stage.


EyeDirect Rental


No Operator necessary.

Ships Anywhere.

A grip or AC should have no problem getting the unit up and functioning very quickly.

The perfect solution for a shoot in a distant location where an experienced technician may not be available.

Like a portable Interrotron.


Ipad Prompter Rental


iPad Pro Prompter With Voice Controlled Text Scrolling.

Works wirelessly with SteadiCam/Ronin.


Skytronn Logo Interrotron at a distance

The Skytronn is best described as “an Interrotron at a distance”. It extends the Interrotron cabability to allow the director to be in one location… say “across street or across the country” and still have an immediate “face to face” conversation through the lens of the professional talent camera.

  • The Skytron technology only needs to be at the talent location.
  • The director can be anywhere in the world.
  • The director  just needs a laptop and an Internet connection
  • No special skill or software required on the director’s end.

Need Help Picking the Right Teleprompter for your Production?

Call Bill Milling

He will help you find the right Teleprompter and Operator for your production.

SteadiCamPrompter Rentals

Auto Scroll Software

Voice activated software included with tablet or monitor.

SteadiCamPrompter Rentals

Hand-Held, Jib or Slider Mounted Prompter

$945 Ten Hour Day

The amazing hand held slider mounted prompter.

Delivered with a professional operator in New York and can be shipped anywhere.

It weighs 2.8 pounds without monitors.

Available as a wireless option- $195 Day.  

  • IYF 10″ beamsplitter / hood
  • 2.8 Pounds without monitor
  • 600 NTS 10″ Monitor 1.5 Pounds
  • Power D Tap, Anton Bauer, 4 Pin XLR  (cables included) or included Sony Batteries
  • Wireless Option Available
  • Adaptors included for 15 mm and 19mm rods
  • Composite, HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • No Fan
  • Modular System for 6″ – 12″ Mobile Devices.
  • 60/40 Beamsplitter Glass
  • Carbon fiber Rods
  • Includes PC & Mac Prompter Software
  • 150mm Lens Openings
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • Folds flat for Transport and storage.

Our Teleprompter Operators

When you hire a Teleprompter Operator from American Movie Company you are also hiring a professionally trained teleprompter speech coach. Our Operators are there to evoke a great performance from the talent. Our operators arrive an hour before shooting starts to coach the talent through the script and determine the perfect reading speed and eye level to prompt. Our Operators work together with you and the talent. They will make any necessary changes so that the talent’s performance is as genuine as possible. Our Operators are trained technicians ready to troubleshoot any technical shortcomings that may come up.

Teleprompter Operators

Standard Teleprompter Rental

A standard teleprompter is a unit that allows the talent to look directly into the lens and see the copy scrolling before their eyes.

This is often referred to as a “Through-the-Lens” style prompter.  These units are mounted on the client’s tripod (or we can bring a tripod if requested).  The camera is then mounted on the sliding camera and lens support plates which move on a rod system.

If the client’s camera has its own sliding rod system, it can be attached directly to ours.

The standard prompter usually has a monitor for 12″ diagonal  measurement to 17″.  Larger monitors such as 20′ are often used in the Interrotron configuration.

While the standard prompter is usually mounted on the client’s tripod,  it may also be free-standing in what is often referred to as the “roll up” configuration.  In this setup, the prompter is placed on a rolling stand so it can be rolled anywhere.

Advantages of the “roll up teleprompter” style:

1)  It can be built away from the camera so that the AC and DP can concentrate on the camera build, as it were, and the prompter operator can set up his unit separately, thus saving time.

2) Should the director wish the talent to look “off camera” then the prompter can be rolled to the desired position easily.

3) If the teleprompter operator has a later call than the main camera crew (often the case to save money) then the camera does not have to be taken off the tripod, the prompter then set up and then the camera positioned back on the teleprompter sliding plate and adjusted.

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

The second most popular teleprompter is the “Presidential Prompter” often called a “Speech Prompter”.  This is the type with two glass pannels one on either side of the podium.

The two monitors are located on or close to the floor so they are out of sight of the audience.  This is the type presidents and executives use when making a live presentation to an audience.

Presidential Prompter Main Advantages:

1. Because the two mirrors are partially silvered 50/50 glass, they allow the audience to see right through them to clearly view the face of the speaker.  They are supported by very thin metal poles that are about as skinny as a human finger.  Thus, the prompter is virtually invisible to the audience.   From their point of view it looks like the speaker is making direct eye contact with them.

2. The speaker then has total freedom to never have to look down at notes but to always have that all important eye contact with the audience.

3. If the event is being televised, or even recorded, the camera view is minimally obstructed by the Speech Teleprompter.

4. If there are several speakers at the event and they are of substantially different heights there is a variation on the Speech Prompter called a “Rise and Fall Presidential”. This has computer-controlled, motorized poles that literally “rise and fall” on remote command to the exact pre-set height of the various speakers.

5. We have this Rise and Fall, motorized Presidential Prompter units available in NYC, Hollywood, San Francisco, Nashville and several other cities.

Confidence Monitor Rental

Confidence Monitors, often called “Down Stage Monitors (DSM) or even “Rock ‘n’ Roll” monitors.  These consist of one or more small monitors, (usually 19″ to 32″) mounted on black folding stands which tilt upwards at an adjustable angle.

From the audience’s point of view, they look like they could be audio monitors or perhaps footlight units.

The Advantages of Confidence Monitors:

1. The Confidence Monitor setup allows the speaker to move about the stage without being tied to the podium.

2. The audience believes  that the speaker is looking directly at them.  The fact that the speaker if looking down at the monitors works, in most cases, as the stage is higher than the floor of the auditorium and the speaker is standing while the audience is seated.

3. These units are also known as Rock ‘n’ Roll Monitors because musical performers use them for song lyrics.  It gives the singer one less thing to worry about.  They relax knowing that the lyrics as well as the song order are there in front of them “just in case” .  Obviously, text of any other thought they may want to share  directy to the audienec can be added on the spot to the Confidence Monitors as well.

4. A typical setup for a speaker would be two or three 19″ Confidence Monitors.   For a singer it woul depend on how actively he/she struts around the stage.  So, for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Monitor it might take three 19′ monitnors or up to seven or more!

Back of House Confidence Monitor

Note:  There is another type of Confidence Monitor called a “Back of House Monitor”.  This is a very large monitor set up at the rear of the auditorium.  We feel this is a bad idea.

Disadvantages of a Back of House Confidence Monitor

1. The BOH Monitor needs to be very large for the speaker to be able to read it from the stage.  The larger the space… the larger the monitor.  This usually entails more rental expense and more transportaion expense.

2. All the extra cabling needed to go to the monitor often requires cable being strung along the floor.  It can be a tripping hazard as well as a potential legal liability for the producers.

3. Additional, time is needed  to wire the back of the house and run power to it.

4. An unmanned monitor could be knocked over by anyone  entering or exiting the venue.

5. It destroys the illusion of the speaker’s spontaneity when the audience can simply look back and see the speech copy on the big screen.

6. Bad idea.

7. Did we mention that it’s a bad idea?

SteadiCam Teleprompter Rental

This is a variation on the standard through-the-lens teleprompter.  It fits on the rods of the camera system right in front of the lens.  The monitor is a 10″ square extremely light, high-bright monitor.  It can be powered via P Tap from the SteadiCam battery or by small onboard batteries.

It also has a wireless option.

Advantages of the SteadiCam Teleprompter

1. It’s extremely lightweight, which SteadiCam operators love.  It’s also symmetrically configured for the proper balance.

2. Unlike the Israeli arm units that place a small monitor over the lens our SteadiCam Prompter lets the talent look directly into the lens.

3. It’s fully battery operated.  No dangling power cables.

4. It comes with a wireless option so there are no cables at all and the SteadiCam operator can walk or run freely and turn in 360 directions without seeing a prompter operator jogging along beside him.

5. The SteadiCam prompter works equally as well on a Jib, Slider or Dolly.

The Podium Prompter

This is a fairly new type of Prompter.  It takes advantage of a new technology called “AutoScroll”.  The text can literally be spoken into an iPad which records the copy in a “speech to text” technology.

Then, when the speaker reads the copy it scrolls automatically to follw the spoken word.  When the speaker reads quickly, the Prompter scrolls quickly to keep up perfectly.

When the speaker slows down or stops, the text on the screen does the same.

If the speaker goes “off script” and tells a joke or ad-libs, the Prompter sits still and waits for him/her to continue.

The standard version is 10″ diagonally and the pro is 13″.

Advantages of the Podium Prompter

1. The Podium Prompter is easy for a speaker to  use.  He/she simply reads the copy into it and then edits it during practice.

2. It’s very affordable.  As no operator is required, it costs a small fraction of the rental price of a Presidnetial Teleprompter or a Confidence Monitor.

3. It is very small and lightweight so it can easily be shipped to a client speaking in a venue far from a major teleprompting center.  With no operator, there are no additional charges such as operator fee, travel or hotel expense.

3. The low price and easy portability allow the user to afford having the unit for several days to practice and edit and improve the copy.

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