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Astoria Mega
Green Screen Studio

Ideal for large scale Green Screen productions.

  • Mega White Cyc Studio
  • Green Screen Stage
  • Various Sets
  • Master Control Room
Green-Screen-Studio-in-Astoria - Man and his shadow in front of it

Astoria Mega Green Screen Studio & White Cyc Studio in NYC

This is our sister Green Screen Stage and massive White Cyc Stage, in Astoria, Queens, owned and operated by our strategic partners.

The studio in Astoria is easily accessible via the R train from Manhattan. There is ample on street parking. Facility is quite large with a huge White Cyc Stage on the top floor. (35′ X 35′ X 70′).

This stage can be painted to be a Green Screen Studio.

The huge studio in Astoria has several stages and includes a full working kitchen which is available for shooting.


Other Green Screens In Astoria: Astoria Prime



There are several stages:

  • Master white cyc stage (largest)
  • Green screen soundstage
  • Two talk show/news set green screen stages
  • Library set
  • Shooting kitchen

The following lights are available on the 3rd floor Mega Stage

16 — 750W spot lights (Source Four)

9 —  750W lights (Source Four Parnel)

2 — 750W lights (Mole Fresnel)

6 — 1000W light (Arri Fresnel)
2 — 2000W light (Arri Fresnel) (probably can be used with 1000W bulb)

1 — 650W light (Arri Fresnel)
1 — 300W light (Arri Fresnel)

1 — Light control board (Strand Lighting 100)

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Call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489 for more information.

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