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Best Video Soundstage NYC | Stage Rental

A collection of our best video soundstage NYC.

Green Screen - Flatbush control room
Flatbush Brooklyn 3 wall green cyc stage
Chelsea West Studios painted Green Cyc
Chelsea Nomad White Cyc stage

Video Soundstage NYC | Soundstage Rental

Brooklyn Flatbush VFX Studios | Soundstage Rental NYC

  • 3 Wall Green cyc stage,
  • Green room & makeup room,
  • Lighting and Camera Packages Available
  • Skylights, makeup station and more amenities!
Flatbush Brooklyn 3 Wall Green cyc Studio
Chelsea 28 Green Cyc

Chelsea 28th | Soundstage Rental NYC

  • Green Screen Stage
  • Noseam Paper Backdrops
  • Wardrobe Room
  • Hair & Makeup Room
  • Greenroom
  • Freight Elevator Access
  • Kitchen Access
  • Photo Gear Available

Midtown North

  • Rental Fee 10 Hour day: $1,695
  • Stage Square Footage: 2000 sq.ft
  • 10 ft Ceilings
  • Hard Cyc, Green or White Cyc Stage
  • Green or White Cyc Size: 20W X 16L X 10h
  • Stage comes Pre-Lit with Rental
  • 200 Amps of power
  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hair and Makeup Room
Midtown North - Video soundstage nyc - green screen

Chelsea Nomad

3 x Kino Flo Image 47 DMX (pre-rigged, lighting the sic / selection of tungsten or daylight bulbs)
1 x 60A / 230V to 20A/120V lunch box
5 x 40’’ C-stand
2 x 20’’ C-stand
2 x Matthews baby jr. steel wheeled stand
5 x 25’ extension cable
10 x 15 lbs. sandbags
2 x Apple box family
2 x End jaw cardellini 4’’
2 x Duckbill
2 x Super clamp with J-hook
4 of each: A clamp 1’’, 2’’ and 3’’
4 x V-flats

Brooklyn Dumbo

Studio Name: Brooklyn Dumbo White Cyc
Description: Large Cyc – Drive-in Studio
State: NY
Location: Brooklyn
Rental Fee 10 Hrs: $3,000.00
Studio Information
Stage Square Footage 6,500
Ceiling Height 20 Ft
Height To Grid 17ft
Green Cyc Upon Request
Cyc Walls 3
Green or White Cyc Size 45′ X 55′ X 45′

Chelsea East

Studio name:      Chelsea east

Headline:             green screen / white cyc / elegant loft studio

State:    NY

Location:             Chelsea, NYC

Rental fee 10 hrs:             $1,600

Stage square footage     875

Ceiling height     12

Height to grid     10

Green screen size            12ft seamless

Brooklyn Prime

12,000 sq ft facility (9000 sq ft shooting area)

Massive 3 wall cyclorama (54’ W x 50’ D x 20’ H)

25’ ceilings (21’ to the grid)

3600 amps of electricity

Double neutral cam-lok drops throughout stage

60 Tons of silent AC and heat

Sound proof doors 12’ W x 15” H

Street level drive in stage

Private dressing room, VIP green room, production office

Jersey City

65,000sf Production Campus
Ground Floor, Drive-In Stages
Full In-House Equipment Rental Department Location Equipment Rental & Vehicles
Cafe & Coffee Bar
Production Offices & Flex Spaces
Private Makeup, Hair, Dressing & Green Rooms 10g High-Speed Ethernet and WiFi
Enclosed Parking & Loading
24/7 Security

Jersey City White cyc Studios
Soho studios Green Cyc

Soho Studios

  • Green Cyc, Lighting, Makeup Room, Green Room, Conference Room, Office Space, Edit Suites, Audio Booth – it’s a full-service production studio.
  • Located in West SoHo, this studio has everything you need for your video production, interviews, or photoshoot.
  •  A  post-production group that can help you cross the finish line without breaking a sweat with award-winning video editing, graphics, and sound design.
  • A loading dock and freight elevator.
  • Plus it is located near  some of the best food NYC has to offer.

Jersey Prime

Stage:  A 4000 sq. ft. Sound Stage with 3 hard White Cyc walls (that can be painted for an additional fee), a 600-amp power system, a lighting control room, 18-foot ceilings – 16 feet to the lighting grid, and an oversized garage bay with drive-in access.  Hang Green or Blue Screen and custom set designs are available.

Lighting Grid: The Sound Stage’s 2 1/2 inch lighting grid features 49 stage pin connections to accommodate even the most complex lighting situations.

large white cyc drive-in studio
Chelsea West Green Cyc Stage

Chelsea West

  • Soundproof Pre-Lit 15 ft. Green Screen
  • Isolated Studio Engineer Booth
  • Green Room with Amenities
  • Free WiFi
  • Wardrobe & Hair/Makeup Station
  • 43-Inch Client Monitor
  • Private Client Restroom
  • On-Site DIT Computer
  • 4K Projector with 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Lighting Grid with 60 Amp Power
Best Video Soundstage NYC | Stage Rental 1

Chelsea North Soundstages

  • West 28Th Street, Manhattan
  • Two Green Screen Stages
  • One White Cyc Stage
  • Soundproof
  • Great G & L gear
  • WebCasting Booth
  • TriCaster 9000
  • i GB Fiber Uplink
  • 4 Sony FS7 Cameras


Chelsea Central

  • West 28Th Street, Manhattan
  • Two Green Screen Stages
  • One White Cyc Stage
  • Soundproof
  • Great G & L gear
  • WebCasting Booth
  • TriCaster 9000
  • i GB Fiber Uplink
  • 4 Sony FS7 Cameras


Green Screen
Astoria Green Screen - Man and his shadow

Astoria Large Green Screen Stage

  • Huge 80′ X 35′ X 35′
  • Full Grid
  • 3 Walled Green Screen
  • Totally Soundproof
  • Some lighting included
  • In Astoria near Kaufman Stages
  • Other stages in the same facility
Tribeca studio - wide shot

Tribeca Loft

  • Large Charming Triplex Loft
  • 55′ X 35′ X 18′
  • Makeup & Wardrobe Rooms
  • WebCasting
  • Full Kitchen
  • Holding area for Cortland Alley
  •  Located in the trendy Tribeca section of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Penthouse C

Overlooks the East River and Manhattan

Call 917-414-5489 for rates and more information

Penthouse white interior
Beautiful white interior

Brooklyn Drive-in White Cyc Stage

  • Large Ground Floor Stage
  • Roll up garage door for car
  • No on-site grip and lighting
  • Local G & L rentals

Chelsea South White Cyc Stage

  • West 26th Street, Manhattan
  • Three walled white hard cyc
  • Quiet
  • Lighting & Grip
  • WebCasting Available
  • Red Dragon Available
  • Sony FS7 Available
Chelsea South White Cyc

Chelsea Event Space

Chelsea Event Space

Warehouse Film & Video Location, Dumbo, NYC

  • NYC Official, Certified Sound Stage
  • Event Space
  • No columns
  • Balcony Green Room
Bridge Studio

Penthouse, Greenpoint, NYC

  • Qualified NYC Sound Stage
  • Huge Warehouse for Film & Video Shoots
  • Event Space, Brooklyn

Greenpoint Alley, Greenpoint NYC

 GreenPoint Alley

Greenpoint Dock Area, Greenpoint, NYC

Greenpoint Dock Area, Greenpoint, NYC

Large Brooklyn Loft with Wood Floor and Ceiling

Brooklyn Loft Wood columns ceiling and floor

Private Brooklyn Event Space:  Fashion Shows, Parties, Weddings

Brooklyn Event Space . large room with high ceilings and white columns down the center

Massive Drive-in Warehouse Brooklyn

Massive Empty Grey Warehouse Brooklyn

Elegant Rooftop Event Space

Rooftop Event Space with blue sky chairs

Private Alley – Greenpoint

Private Alley

Indoor Funky Space with Graffiti

 Funky Indoor Space With Graffitti - window

Huge Empty Warehouse

No Columns

Many Skylights

Huge Empty Warehouse
Warehouse With Balcony


LiveStream & TriCaster FlyPacks
LiveStream & TriCaster Certified Technicians
Dedicated Uplink
Up to 12 Camera Live Streaming
4K Streaming Ability
Stream to Multiple Locations Live.

Video Production

4K / 6K Video Production NYC

Feature Film & Commercial Crews
Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Cameras
Five Manhattan Sound Stages
Professional Production Staff

Contact us at [email protected] or call a member of our production team below.

soundstage nyc
  • Is there a pre-lit Cyc wall (green or white) included with the stage? If you rent a studio, does it come with a grip and lighting package? If so, what does it have? Is there a list of grips and lights that can be rented? This is important because, even if you own your own grip and lighting equipment, just getting it to the studio, parking it, and loading it in and out of the studio can cost you valuable studio time and maybe even overtime.


  • How do other film and video makers and professionals see the studio? Are Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews displayed? Avoid studios with few reviews that are all five stars. They could be fabricated by studio personnel and friends. It’s encouraging to see many reviews with four or more stars. Due to its tight methodology, the overall number of reviews on Yelp is typically lower than on Facebook or Google.


  • Does the shooting area have a lighting grid? Is it electrified? A grid reduces the need for additional stands on the floor, which might reduce the space available for camera mobility.


  • Most importantly, If feasible, you should visit the space before you rent it. You will be able to examine crucial elements such as sound problems. Is the studio located on a major street where traffic noise may interfere with the shoot? Is the area tidy? Is the lighting and grip equipment in good condition? Where can you park your vehicle?
  • Are floor plans with dimensions provided? Wide-angle photos of a stage may mislead the perception of the studio’s actual size. A floor plan enables precise comprehension of the situation.


  • Is there a location where your crew may ea t away from the actual shooting area?It is depressing and utterly incompetent to have your cast and crew sitting on apple boxes or production cases in the center of the stage area and stinking up the work area. Is there a kitchen available for craft service and lunch preparation? There should at least be a refrigerator to keep drinks cool.


  • Do they provide photographs of each amenity, including the green room, makeup/hair rooms, and bathrooms?


  • Is there a studio manager who will be present for the duration? Note: Obtain his or her cell number in case there is a problem with the loading.


  • Is there a separate dressing area for your star performers? This is essential if you employ SAG actors.


  • Is the studio conveniently located near public transportation? Your crew may arrive via bus or subway, and a challenging commute increases the likelihood of late arrivals. 


  • Are there additional fees for electricity, trash removal, or security?
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