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American Movie Company Recent WebCasts

  • Fashion Week
  • Elle Magazine
    • Ashley Graham
  • Buick
  • Walmart
  • World Chess Masters
    • Garry Kasparov vs Magnus Carlsen
  • MasterCard
  • Corporate WebCast
  • Live Jazz Performances
  • Revolver, Heavy Metal Guitar Awards

Our WebCasting New York Services are virtually limitless.

Our WebCasting services range from fully produced TV broadcasting, complete with live switching, to Live Streaming in full HD from helicopters and vans to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and corporate meetings. Services available anywhere in the New York area. Feel free to call us from New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia or anywhere within 100 miles of NYC.

We love unique requests.

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Why Would I WebCast?

WebCasting enables you to broadcast any event, meeting or happening to your audience. WebCasting with the American Movie Company means that your audience will have the highest quality viewing experience available. Our facilities and technicians are first-class, with experience in all sorts of environments, ranging from straight-to-TV productions to birthday parties for friends and family gatherings.

WebCasting is the best way for others to experience or participate in your event or meeting without physically being there.

WebCasting is most common for corporate and family events. Many of our corporate clients hire us to Live Stream meetings with clients or investors in remote locations.  Many of our non-corporate clients hire us to Live Stream family events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other rituals.

One of our live WebCasting technicians live broadcasting a conference using a TriCaster. The conference in question was Ending World Hunger.

We can WebCast from virtually any location.

Our WebCasting services are as versatile as they are reliable. We have experience in HD Live Streaming from helicopters, boats, vans, and a variety of outdoor locations. Lack of WiFI is no problem for us. We can WebCast in full HD over LTE cellular networks. In addition, we supply land-based ethernet systems for fail-safe Streaming from anywhere. Add our internal video production services in NYC to the mix and your satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

No Internet?  No Problem.

Our “Bonded 4G Cellular”  technology can stream without an Internet connection.

Corporate Events

Fashion Week

Red Carpet


Product Releases

Grand Openings


Theatrical Events

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs


Political Events


Our NYC WebCasting Studios

Our prime WebCasting studio is located at Chelsea North. This Green Screen Sound Stage features a soundproof control room and the fastest internet in NYC.  Our gigabit fiber connection is direct to the Google building nearby which allows for virtually unlimited bandwidth. We can stream in full HD.

Our other NYC broadcasting studios are equipped with a TriCaster 850, TriCaster 455, and a ten camera LiveStream FlyPack,. Many WebCasting clients utilize our Sony FS7 4K cameras and Canon 24-70mm lenses, and shoot in one of our six, fully equipped, Green Screen/White Cyc Studios.

Our NYC WebCasting Studio is the ideal environment for your high quality, high production value live broadcast.

Our primary Green Studio, which encompasses our WebCasting studio, is 38 feet wide, 38 feet deep, and 12 feet tall. Using this space and a TriCaster, we can stream your talent in live 3D sets which are composited in real time. Additionally, we include full grid lighting and grip gear, makeup and hair rooms, and an executive lounge and production office.

Chelsea South WebCasting Studio

Mike & Laura

Call us at 212-219-1075

Let us help you increase your bottom line.

WebCasting plans start at just $995


Use our live broadcasting services to live WebCast aerial video to any device.

WebCast full HD aerial video live from our drones!

We offer a wide selection of camera drones.  Live HD video is streamed from our drone (or drones) to our TriCaster 8000. Additionally, our technicians can intercut live drone footage into larger productions. Our flat rate includes a drone pilot and aerial cameraman.

Aerial video complements live broadcasts in any outdoor or large indoor location. Many of our musician clients intercut between their performance and a live aerial video feed of their crowd. Aerial video provides a unique, eye-catching, way to showcase the full scale of the location or audience of your production.

Broadcasting for a large audience?

We provide a wide range of services for clients who WebCast to a large audience. Using Live Stream software, we offer clients the ability to manually trigger mid-roll advertisements, tally light integration with our TriCasters, and direct recording into the cloud. We also offer clients information about their audience via Google Analytics.

Apply mid-roll advertisements to your live WebCasting production

Viewer information is vital in planning your future productions. Google Analytics informs you of how many viewers you have and how long they watch. Many clients use this service to better tailor their advertisements and time their breaks. After accumulating data over several broadcasts, clients often change more important aspects of their production, such as overall length and/or visual effects.


Study Google Analytics of your live audience!

4K WebCasting

While the overwhelming number of webcasts are in HD there has been a remarkable increase in accessable high speed bandwidth in most major media markets.  Enter 4K streaming video. Netflix is doing it why shouldn’t you.  Actually the following was shot in 5K VFR but webcast in 4K.

WebCasting Actor Reels

This scene was shot on our green screen stage to WebCast to casting directors

Our TriCaster Rentals Come Fully Equipped

Live Stream of Actors on our Virtual Sets


With the built-in series of Tricaster Live Sets, we can place your talent into a wide range of virtual sets.  They come with many angles (wide, close, up medium, left and right angles, etc.) and we can composite your talent into them in real time and stream it over the web.

WebCast with us today!

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We can send our new Micro FlyPacks with our “WebCast Anywhere 4G Bonded Cellular Units” (all of which fit safely in an airline overhead compartment) accompanied by an experienced technician/TD.  You can then cost-effectively hire a local camera crew and WebCast your production worldwide

We offer six Live Streaming Studios in Manhattan.

No Internet?  No Problem!  

With our 4G Bonded Cellular Technology, we can Live Stream in 1080p from almost any location, be it Central Park, a boat in the Hudson or even a helicopter.  And if that isn’t enough, we offer 1080p Streaming from a wide selection of professional camera drones.

We accommodate every type of HD live production from a wide range of budgets; our broadcasts range from weekly NYC comedy shows to live TV, to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We even offer mid-roll advertisements and audience analytics.

Our Live WebCasting services are truly the most accommodating and versatile.

Live WebCasting NYC, Miami, LA

Call Bill Milling 917-414-5489

Call Bill Milling 917-414-5489