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WebCasting Fashion Shows

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Live Streaming the Runway

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HD Video Live Streaming | Fashion Shows WebCasting

American Movie Company’s Professional WebCasting Services for Apparel Designers.

We’re here to make the runway come alive!  With our Fashion WebCasting Services, designers can Live Stream the launching of their collection to a receptive worldwide audience.

The possibilities are, indeed, endless!  One can Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube or any other social platform of your choice.

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We WebCast For Top Designer Brands

WebCasting during New York Fashion Week has been our forte!

Allow me to drop a handful of names… They’ve availed themselves of our Live Streaming Services. 

Hugo Boss, Rag and Bone, J Crew, Tory Burch, Levi’s, Alice & Olivia, Vince, Champion and Ted Baker, London.

Live Streaming technology makes your fashion show accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Watch the Live Stream Video below from the Cushnie et Ochs Fall/Winter 2018 runway show.  

It was directed by Philip Fleischer under the auspices of the American Movie Company.  His work is outstanding.

Fashion Shows WebCasting:

Live Streaming a fashion collection to an audience of buyers and distributors worldwide via the Internet means that those designs are reaching the market in real-time. There’s no audience limit when you Live Stream, so the number of people that virtually log in to the runway could mean global success. When you Live Stream the show, you guarantee access to the event to those interested in remote locations.  I don’t need to go on about the magic of the internet.  The world is within reach!

As you saw in the video, Live Streaming your fashion show gives your audience different angles.  Models don’t simply strut!  Viewers also have access to archived video material of the show, so that it can be shared and spread throughout the Web. At the risk of being redundant, as you saw in the video, a live show that took place on a given day for a few hours can be saved for later viewing from any location, thus increasing accessibility to the brand.

Explore more about our Live Streaming Services for all events here!  

Fashion Shows WebCasting

We have been at the forefront of Fashion Live Streaming for years!

Nordstrom has worked with the American Movie Company for several years during Fashion Week.  They know the value of Live Streaming events to promote all brands sold at their stores nationwide.

American Movie Company is always excited to work with Nordstrom. The fashion giant WebCasts several fashion shows and panels to live audiences across their social media platforms. We treasure our relationship and are eager to meet again.

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WebCasting Fashion Shows 6

Watch American Movie Company’s Live Streaming for Nordstrom Live and Birkenstock’s 2019 Collection.

Fashion Week per se and many other related shows are eagerly awaited by fashion aficionados in New York, Milan, Paris and (dare I say it? the world over. Attendants are mostly celebrities, fashion editors, buyers from major stores such as Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, a select group of fashion industry insiders and, of course, the media. 

Click here to find out more about our Event Production Services that can be combined with Live Streaming for ultimate success.

WebCasting fashion shows and similar events cast a much wider net!  Remember this, I will elaborate below.

Don’t fall in with those who assume this event is only about the clothes.  Think about it!   It’s where trends are set and where decisions are made that determine what will be sold in stores worldwide. This is also where the color of the season is chosen!

Webcasting Fashion Show for Danilo Gabrielli

WebCasting Fashion Shows 7

Live Streaming Video for the 2018 Danilo Gabrielli Collection

The American Movie Company set up a multi-camera live WebCast for Danilo’s New York Show.  The event was Streamed Live to Facebook Live and YouTube.

Danilo Gabrielli is a high end fashion label for women created by this amazing Italian-American designer. The company was founded in New York City in September, 2011 and debuted in Europe during London Fashion Week, September 2012 and has been featured in Vogue, Glamor, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle as well as on Fashion TV in Europe.

Read more about it here!

Watch this awesome video from our Fashion Week WebCast in 2017

WebCasting Fashion Shows is a MUST!

WebCasting has become a must for high end brands such as, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and other designers of their ilk. They have left an enduring mark on the fashion world. Others, less known, have a shot at breaking out and reaching a wide audience. Smaller labels are smart to follow suit. 

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Live Streaming is at the forefront of this and many other industries.  They have all reached the conclusion that any way to get them more eyes is worth pursuing!  What are the benefits of making these traditionally private events available to a wider audience?  Countless, as it turns out. 

The Benefits of WebCasting Fashion Shows

For brands, it’s a great opportunity to receive live feedback from consumers on whether this season’s offerings are a hit or a miss – even before the clothes are manufactured for the consumer market – thus allowing for the opportunity to refine the line before it heads to stores. A more refined, feedback-driven collection translates to greater sales and happier customers. 

Live Streaming is also a powerful and under-utilized sales tool, especially for smaller to mid-size brands without massive marketing budgets. 

It is cost-prohibitive to travel to every fashion market to meet with potential buyers.  Think WebCasting! Your latest collection can be available to everyone interested via Live Streaming.

We also offer WebCasting Services in Hollywood! Check it out.

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WebCasting Fashion Shows

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