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What does an LED Video Wall Cost?



LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC

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Leah in fornt of LED video wall displaying a storm
LED Video Wall Sample Prices. 2.9 Pitch Panels        
Size Ist day Discount Grips Each Total Grip Engenier Server Total day 1 Total Per Additional Days
13 X 8.2 $7,500.00   2 $495.00 $990.00 $880.00 $495.00 $8,875.00 $3,490.00
16 X 9.84 $8,500.00   2 $495.00 $990.00 $880.00 $495.00 $9,875.00 $3,640.00
30 X 9.84 $12,750.00   3 $495.00 $1,485.00 $880.00 $495.00 $14,125.00 $4,772.50
59 X 9.84 $37,500.00   4 $495.00 $1,980.00 $880.00 $495.00 $38,875.00 $8,980.00

LED Video Wall Can be built in your space or one of our stages 

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For your next successful production book our LED Video Wall Studio. 

Email [email protected] for more information.

American Movie Company’s

Huge New LED Video Wall Studio Rental at Brooklyn Prime Studios

A flexible LED video background ideal for creative presentations. Introducing a new way to composite footage live. Perfect for Live Streaming shows. 

American Movie Company’s LED Wall Studio Rental: A background that works with you.

Our LED Video Wall is available in various screen configurations and creative screen arrangements.

Get an LED Video Wall Studio Rental package with Live Streaming, and Teleprompter Rental Services. Lighting and camera gear too. Work with our crew of dedicated professionals.





American Movie Company LED Video Wall Stage Rental

Take your production to the next level by shooting at our LED Video Wall Stage.

Leah sammak In front of LED Video Wall
American Movie Company LED Video Wall

You may have, of late, been hearing the term “Virtual Production” perhaps in hushed tones between takes on location or on set in one of  American Movie Company’s traditional sound stages. 

Speculation on this new LED Video Wall tech has escalated ever since Disney’s high-profile series, The Mandalorian, debuted its use as the core of the show’s production process earlier this year.

With speculation rising that Virtual Production will eventually become the standard for how major motion pictures are shot – and that it might potentially replace green screens in the long term – we at AMC partnered with the industry leaders behind the tech to make this cutting-edge technology available to your productions, effective immediately!

Put simply, Virtual Production unites decades of advances in software with major technical leaps in the hardware of LED surfaces.

The background could be the dunes of an extraterrestrial Tatooine (I don’t mean to condescend – a gentle reminder – Star Wars – the desert planet, homeworld of Anakin and Luke Skywalker.) or the interior of a lamp-lit Parisian restaurant.  

In The Volume, actors are lit with the ‘correct’ natural lighting appropriate to the virtual world around them, in the studio and on camera, because the screen isn’t just a screen – it is the lights.

Virtual Production means shooting on a sound stage with a specially constructed curved LED Wall and ceiling that together form a behemoth known as The Volume.  It envelops the actors in a virtual display – like a giant curved TV screen – of any conceivable environment you load into it.  It lights the actors with the same lighting profile that’s illuminating the virtual objects seen on screen. 

LED Video Wall Studio
Eduardo Sitting in front of LED Video Wall

Shooting in front of an LED Video Wall background gives your production the flexibility  and spontaneity of shooting on location, with the shot control that a closed sound stage offers.

Our LED Video Wall Stage is where Production and Post-Production Sync up.

Virtual production at our LED Video Wall Stage allows a director to say, “Great work, let’s do another take, but this time let’s try it at sunset.”  An on-hand Unreal tech rotates the virtual sun in the level editor, the light then propagates onto the environment and onto the actors via the LEDs, and immediately – in real-time – the crew is ready for another take under entirely new circumstances.

The same goes for holding ‘Magic Hour’ for longer than 15 minutes, sending the sun zooming across the sky to re-create an otherwise time-consuming timelapse, moving mountains and every other object in the environment until they look “just right,” or loading in multiple environments to film in over the course of a single shooting day.

The impact this can have on performances, let alone production, seems hard to overstate. But one thing is certain, regardless of the artistic advantages, the practical benefits of shooting at our LED Video Wall stage are a game-changer in and of themselves for a production’s bottom line.

LED Video Wall Stage is Much More Than a Backdrop

An ordinary digital backdrop that would be unconvincing as soon you move the camera due to lack of a natural parallax between foreground and background elements (the shifting of background objects in response to a change in perspective that real-world environments exhibit.)

LED Video Wall Stage from an angle

LED Video Wall at one of our Brooklyn Prime studios.

 Back of LED Wall Panels

This is the back of the huge LED wall that is made out of individually assembled LED panels.

Back of LED video wall

Because of its modular design our LED video wall can transform and bend into unique stages.

Do you have an idea for a unique LED Video Wall configuration?   Give Bill a call at 917-414-5489 

Joseph in front of LED Video Wall

 With Virtual Production, the camera is tracked at all times, and the elements in the digital renderer carefully shift in response to the camera’s tilts. Powering all of this is the Unreal Engine, which hosts the 3D environment.

Click here for more about AMC’s Virtual Production Solutions.

Walking in front of city skyline LED video Wall

Famous as a platform for Triple-A videogame development, including Fortnite, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has, in recent years, become more multi-purpose, finding itself a leading element in just about every industry that demands real-time photorealism within its pipeline. As a result, Unreal has made its way into architecture, AI, automotive simulations, and now film production. 

Leah in front of LED Video Wall

The benefit for artists using Unreal is that the environments that form their sets exist now within an immediately editable, relatively user-friendly program – meaning the abilities that were at one time strictly those of special FX artists are now available to the director and crew on set.   Fortunately, Unreal is a program that doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand.  Logic rules!

Leah in front of LED video Wall

Our Senior Producer Leah Sammak working as a stand-in while we test an assortment of HD videos on our LED Video Wall.

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Huge 40′ LED Video Wall With Straight and Curved Cyc Sections

LED Screen Resolution is 4032 X 840 Pixels

Behind The Scenes:

Building Chelsea 26th Street Studio’s

LED Video Wall Stage

Our team of technicians installs a 40 feet straight LED screen wall and a 17 feet curved LED Wall cyc section. 

Watch our crew of Live Streaming techs, teleprompter operators, DP’s, Gaffers and PA’s prepares for a shoot.  

For more information about our LED Video Wall email us:

[email protected]

Testing Out The LED Video Wall

Behind the Scenes at our Chelsea 26th Street studio  LED Video Wall WebCast

Behind the scenes At our Manhattan LED Video Wall Stage

Behind the Scenes working Working with our LED Video Wall Cyc 

Need a crew?  We have everyone you’ll need for a successful production. Work with our Live Streaming techs, DP’s, Teleprompter operators and PA’s.

LED Video Wall both sides

Our LED screens can curve concave or convex to create smooth curved or waved cyc  or creative screens.

LED Video Wall Technology Replaces Green Screen

The Best LED Video Wall Stage Rental in NYC

LED Video Wall Cyc Section

60′ LED Wall  Event Space 

 Video Studio Chelsea 26 St Stages


Dealing With Multiple Simultaneous Video Sources

In order to output multiple video or still image sources with text and graphics to various sized groups of displays within the wall space, it’s necessary to use a high-end controller.

LED Video display walls are becoming more common. They are manufactured by numerous companies.  They are often found in retail and other public environments to address the need to add digital signage to important displays. 



LED Video Wall Specs

LED Video Wall Studio Virtual Production

Virtual Production is the term often used to describe the new video production method utilizing a huge cyclorama curving around a central space for props, physical sets and live actors.  This space is often referred to as “The Volume”. 

It was created by a team led by producer, director Jon Favreau who created the hit Disney Plus streaming series, The Mandalorian. 

The LED Volume

Typically, the LED Wall is a huge multi-monitor display configuration consisting of many smaller, high pixel density monitors, configured to create one single massive TV screen. 

Typical display technologies involve LCD panels or Direct View LED arrays. Earlier versions of video walls, such as the familiar Jumbotrons seen at sporting events and Times Square, etc. used CRT (Cathode-ray technology).

Specially designed monitors with narrow bezels minimize the gap between the active display areas of the screen.  Typically, each monitor module is built with all the necessary hardware to attach multiple units together with connections to daisy chain power and video signal to link all the individual monitors into one large array.

The economic advantages of an LED video wall rather than a single large screen TV are:

  • The ability to easily create custom monitor layouts. 
  • Much larger screen area per unit cost. 
  • Much greater pixel density per unit cost.
    • This is because of the economy of scale in the manufacturing of uniform, relatively small monitors.




Advantages of an LED Video Wall vs. Conventional Green Screen Technology


  1. Talent can see the environment on the LED Wall as if they are in an actual physical location, while talent immersed in a Green Screen Cyclorama sees nothing but a flat green surface around them.
  2. In a professional LED environment, the light from the video wall can illuminate the actors. So, for instance,  a sun in the upper “camera right” side of the wall will actually illuminate the left side of the actor’s face.
    1. This not only speeds up the movie-making process but can save considerable time and money in not having to constantly set up, move and adjust lights.
    2. As an added bonus, it provides perfectly realistic lighting.
    3. Unlike traditional Green Screen technology, you can move the camera on an LED Video Wall.
      1. The two exceptions to the above are:
        1. A post-production process called “CameraMatch Move”
        2. A professional camera system such as Mos-Sys Star Tracker motion control system.

The main disadvantage of LED Video Walls is that at the current state of technology they are often considerably more expensive and harder to find than the typical Green Screen

Multiple-monitor video cards can drive less sophisticated LED panel arrays.  But for more complex imaging and management, it’s often necessary to employ a specialized video processor.

In a typical video wall installation, it’s usual to have on set:

  • A professional LED Wall technician.
  • A server to store the software and video content.
  • A video processor aka video controller. This is a device that splits a single image into multiple parts displayed on a multitude of individual screens  These can be either hardware or software-based systems.

Most  LED walls are controlled by Windows-based Network systems and they provide the most cost-effective high-end functionality.


About Our Studio

The American Movie Company boast the largest LED Wall Cyclorama Studio in Manhattan.  It serves commercial, feature films, music, dance and fashion video producers.  The new LED technology has several advantages over the more traditional Green Screen Studio capabilities.

LED Wall Advantages over Green Screen Studio

  • The actors can actually see the virtual sets that surround them.  They don’t have to imagine their environment. They are actually immersed in it.
  • The lighting of the actors and physical props within the LED Cyclorama actually comes from the wall itself.  So all lighting is immediately more realistic and in place without the addition of more lighting fixtures and the time consuming effort to rig them.
  • An LED Wall can instantly change into whatever environment is required.  If the client wants green, or white or black it can instantly transform into that.
  • Unlike traditional green screen cycloramas one can move the camera… pan, zoom, dolly against the video wall.

LED Wall Technology

New LED Wall technology surpasses traditional Green Screen technology as it allows actors to see the virtual world around them and not have to imagine their environment.

What is an LED Video Wall?

An LED  video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple Direct View LED panels tiled together contiguously or overlapped so as to form one large screen.

New Disney+ Mandalorian Star Wars Series

The new Star Wars online saga, Mandalorian uses this cutting-edge technology to create the illusion of huge standing sets and vast alien landscapes within an LED Video Wall Cyclorama Stage in Los Angeles.

This is the future of cinema.

This next iteration of motion picture technology gives filmmakers the ability to place actors into a 3D environment that literally surrounds them.  They see the virtual sets and can feel the virtual sunlight or moonlight on their faces and be totally immersed in a new and enthralling cinematic experience. 

Amazing New LED Video Wall Technology


  • Unlike first iterations of Green Screen, the camera is free to move.  It can be jib mounted to crane from high overhead shots down to ground level.  The camera can zoom, tilt, pan and dolly just as it would in an actual physical space.
  • Green Screen tecnology surrounds the actors with a wall of green.  They need to imagine the virtual world around them. If they are interacting with a robot or monster or standing on the edge of a virtual cliff, they can’t see it.  But in the LED virtual sets, the images on the wall are visable not only to the camera but to the actors themselves.
  • The lighting of the talent and physical props and set pieces comes from the LED wall itself.  So if, say, a virtual sun is high in the sky on camera right, it will illuminate the proper left side of the actors’ faces with total realism and provide proper day lighting for all the set elements.  This saves hours of traditional lighting but more importantly it creates totally realistic lighting instantly.
  • The creation of virtual sets has a huge advantage with the integration of Unreal Engine Virtual Sets.  The new Unreal 5 adds significant advantages to this process.

Jim Relyea
American Movie Company: Picture of Bill Milling in circle with phone number 917-414-5489
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