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Green Screen Stages / Studio Rental NYC

Major Green Screen Studios in New York Metro

Green Screen Stage Rental Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Midtown and Downtown

Green Screen Stages For Video & WebCasting Production

Prices | Cyc Type | Grip & Electric 



Green Screen Stages | Video Studios

Brooklyn Flatbush  VFX  Studios

Flatbush Brooklyn Green Cyc Studios:

Filmmaking, Music Video, and Photography Studio in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn.
  • 3 Wall Green cyc stage,
  • 26″ LED Video Wall
  • Green room & makeup room,
  • Lighting and Camera Packages Available
  • Skylights, makeup station, and more amenities!
Brooklyn Flatbush  VFX  Studios

Midtown North

Midtown North Green Screen
  • Rental Fee 10 Hour day: $1,695
  • Stage Square Footage: 2000 sq.ft
  • 10 ft Ceilings
  • Hard Cyc, Green or White Cyc Stage
  • Green or White Cyc Size: 20W X 16L X 10h
  • Stage comes Pre-Lit with Rental
  • 200 Amps of power
  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hair and Makeup Room

Soho Studios Two Wall Green Cyc

$1,695 Ten Hour Day | $ 200 hr after 6 PM, before 8 AM

    • Soho Manhattan | Sound Stage | 20′ X 25′ Green Two-Walled Cyc
    • New Green Screen 2.0  Technology with

4K Virtual “Jett Sets”

  • Full Grip & Electric | Green Room & Kitchenette | Makeup  Room
  • Wardrobe Room, Steamer, Iron | Production Bullpen, Two Desks
  • Rosco Chroma Green Pre-lit Cyc | Control Room | Printer
  • 12′ Ceiling | 10′ to Grid | 200 Amp power | Trash Removal
  • Available Jib With 3D Tracking on Green Integrating Virtual Sets
  • Freight Elevator 8 am to 5 pm | Hand Carried Gear in Pass Elevator
  • WebCasting Facility | Media Tours | 1 GB Symmetrical Internet
  • Moveable Kitchen Island with Cooktop & Food Prep Area
Soho Studios Green Screen

Astoria Prime – Virtual Sets / 3D/VR/AR Production

Astoria Prime – Virtual Sets / 3D/VR/AR Production

$1995 Ten Hour Day

  • Two Wall Green Hard Cy
  • Long Island City, NYC | Next to Kaufman Astoria Stages
  • XR Virtual Production
  • New Green Screen 2.0
  • Grip & Electric
  • 38′ X 38′ 1.425 sq/ft Total Space
  • Rosco Chroma Green
  • 12′ Ceiling
  • Available Jib With 3D Live Tracking on Green
  • 24/7 Access
  • WebCasting Facility
  • Moses Star Trackee / Zero Density system
  • 3D/4K Virtual sets Unreal Engine

Chelsea 28th Street Studio

Three Wall Green Screen Sound Stage


$2500 Ten Hour Day
  • 11.5 Ceilings, 23′ Wide
  • Lighting Grid
  • Prelit Green Screen
  • Grip and Lighting included
  • Power
  • Studio manager
  • Large Greenroom
  • Hair & Makeup Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • Freight Access
  • High Speed Internet
  • 120 amps / 3 phase electric
  • WebCasting Available

Chelsea East Loft 12′ Green Seamless

Chelsea East Green Screen

$1650 Ten Hour Day

  • 25th Street Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Grid / GrXR ip & Electric
  • 12′ Green or White Seamless Cyc
  • Beautifully Appointed Loft
  • 1GB Symetrica; Internet
  • Makeup/Hair Room
  • 4/7 Freight Access with Loading Dock
  • Kitchen, Living Room
  • WebCasting Facility

Green Screen Stages – Chelsea West Studios


  • 140 AMP Power Distribution
  • 10ft High Ceiling Clearance
  • Camera, Grip & Lighting Packages
  • Tables, Chairs and Production Expendables
  • Cyc Painted Any Color Upon Request
  • HMU Station
Chelsea West Green Cyc Stage

Brooklyn Green Screen Mega Stage

Green or White

$ 4,000 Ten Hour Day</strong

  • 70′ X 100′ Studio No Columns
  • 100% SOUNDPROOF NC -30
  • 60′ X 60′ CYCLORAMA
  • 2,500 AMP 3 PHASE POWER
  • 7,000 SF Column Free mega space
  • F Train to Smith and 9th Street
  • Beautiful Green Rooms
  • Catering Area
  • Kitchen Area
  • WebCasting
  • VolCap Volumetric Video
  • LED Video Wall

Huge Green Screen Stages –  Brooklyn Prime Studio 6

  • One Wall Green Cyc
  • Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
  • Qualified NY Film Production Tax Credit
  • Full Grip & Electric
  • 1000′ Sq Ft with a 25′ X 20’10” Cyc
  • 16′ Ceiling
  • Hair And Makeup Stations, Green Room, Private Bathrooms for VIP Talent/Clients, Catering Room
  • Direct Access to Loading Dock
  • 480 Amps of Power
  • WebCasting Facility
Huge Green Screen Stages –  Brooklyn Prime Studio 6

Brooklyn Prime Studio 3 | Video Studios

Brooklyn Prime Stage 3

$1800 Ten Hour Day

  • Three Walled Green Cyc
  • No Charge To Paint White
  • Brooklyn
  • Full Grip & Electric
  • Makeup/Hair Room
  • Green Room
  • Direct Street Access
  • Live Green Screen Compositing
  • WebCasting Facility

Green Screen Stages –  Chelsea NoMad

Studio Normally White,  Chelsea, Manhattan

Hang Green No Charge
$1995 Ten Hour Day

  • Green Room | Kitchen
  • 120 amps / 3 phase electric
  • Lighting & Grip included
  • Access to lounges and conference rooms
  • Makeup/Hair Room
  • WebCasting Studio  1GB Internet
  • Freight elevator access
Chelsea Nomad Green Screen

Penn Prime

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

White Cyc | Green Cyc

Media Tours | WebCasting

Drive-in Studio

Huge Scenic Workshop

Amazing Amenities

Penn Prime Green Cyc Stage

Brooklyn Giant Green Screen

New Jersey Green Cyc Studio Cyc
  • 60” X 60′
  •  400 AMP 3 PHASE POWER
  •  50′ X 40′ CYCLORAMA
  •  17.5 FOOT TO GRID

Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages

  • 1,032 square feet
  • 43‘ x 24’
  • 300 amps total power (Camlock drops)
  • 24′ flexible color cyclorama
  • 12′ to grid / 13’ to ceiling
  • minimum work day: 10 hours
  • start time: 7:00am-10:00am

Best Brooklyn Green Screen Stage

Green Screen, Studio Rental, Production, Green Screen Stage, Green Cyc
  • Two Cyclorama Stages (White or Green Screen)

    • 2,500 sf of beautiful studio space
    • 36′  x 25′  two-wall all cyclorama (full turn)
    • 28′  ceiling
    • Lighting grid clear over both cyc walls
    • We deliver 600 amps electric
    • Complete WebCasting Service
    • 150/50 high speed Internet
    • Nearby East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Prime Studio 8

  • 1,032 square feet

  • 43‘ x 24’

  • 300 amps electricity with Cam-Lok drops

  • 24′ pre-lit green screen cyclorama

  • 13′ to grid / 14’ to ceiling

  • Dressing room

  • Studio 8 is adjacent to Studio 9 and can be rented independently or in tandem for multiple simultaneous set ups. Both studios have separate entrances and are sound isolated from each other.

Brooklyn prime 8


Central New Jersey White Cyc
    • 75′ x 50′ x 18′ to Grid
    • 80′ 2-Wall Hard Cyclorama
    • 1,200 Amp Service
    • Private Make-Up Room
    • Private Wardrobe Room
    • Internet Access
    • Ample Parking
    • Kitchenette
    • 2-Person Scissor Lift
    • 3 Restrooms, All Handicap Accessible

Downtown Broadway Studios

  • Our rental price includes two stages.

  • This studio has a private make-up room, a separate wardrobe room with garment racks and steamers, a private changing booth, a green room, an equipment room, and a separate cyclorama stage or soundstage.

  • Studio management, wifi, trash collection, and power are provided.

Downtown Broadway Studios

New Jersey Green Screen

Jersey High Tower Studio

  • For location shoots, rental packages including grip, lighting, and special effects equipment are available.

  • Renters must provide a certificate of insurance indicating Jersey High Tower Studio as an additional insured party for certain products.

  • Some of the FX equipment may necessitate the presence of a second operator. There is a delivery and pickup service available.


Jersey Real Set Stages

Green Screen Room
    • 1200 square feet and has a 20 ft. by 20 ft. wall.
    • The lighting grid and green screen.
    • There are several backdrops available.
    • Studio B has more room for filming and more options for backgrounds, like double patio doors, stairs, and a doctor’s office.


  • Our studios have the newest production technology, and our skilled crew can help with all your needs. Teleprompters, green screens, HD and 4K cameras, lighting panels, and wireless audio devices are available. Separate control room for multi-camera live streaming in 4K and HD.
  • Hair and makeup station, Nespresso coffee machine, and fridge with water and snacks
  • We have room and equipment for photoshoots, commercials, music videos, and more.
Midtown Central

New Jersey Prime Green Screen

New Jersey Prime Studios Green Screen


  • 600 amp power system
  • Lighting control room
  • Mole & Arri lighting
  • Plenty of amenities.

North Jersey Green Cyc

  • Our studio is equipped with a full lighting grid that ensures a well lit video when working with the green screen backdrop, and a range of equipment that will ensure you get a quality product.
  • We also have the ability to offer our clients live video production services that can be streamed directly from our facility.
North New Jersey Green Cyc

Union Square Stage – Green Cyc

Union Square Stage Green Cyc
  •  45′ x 35′ green screen cyc.
  • The studio also features a full ceiling grid and client lounge.
  • Whether you’re just looking for stage rental, a photo studio, or full lighting and grip, we can get your project off the ground.

Jersey Standing Set Green Screen

  • The green screen room is painted chroma-key green on all three walls to make shooting and editing easier. If you want to live stream from anywhere in the world, this set lets you use any background you want! In this space, the options are limitless.

  • The green screen room is available for rent for $125 per hour with a two-hour minimum. It arrives pre-lit, as shown in the pictures.

Green Screen Room

Brooklyn Green & White | Green Screen

brooklyn green & white: green screen
  • Pre-lit three sided dome cyc

  • Grid System: 20’ x 20’

  • Size: 25’ W x 25’ D x 16’ H,

  • Cyc Can Be Painted Any Color

  • Pre-lit (tungsten cyc strips)

  • Over-head Chimera soft light

Brooklyn Starlight Studios | Green Screen

Burbank Prime | Pre-Lit Green Screen

green screen with model

36′ x 25′ x 14′ (Can be painted any color)
with RGB remote-controlled LED Grid

Best Green Screen Stages in New York | Chroma Key

Request for a Quote

Top Questions on How to Choose a Green Screen Studio/Stage

  • Is there a pre-lit Cyc wall (green or white) included with the stage? Is a grip and lighting package included in the studio hire, and if so, what does it include? Is there a list of extra grip and lighting rentals available? This is significant because, even if you own your own grip and lighting equipment, simply getting it to the studio, parking it, and loading it in and out of the studio can cost you valuable studio time and potentially extra overtime.
  • What are the opinions of other producers and film/video professionals about the studio? Do they display Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews? Take note: be wary of a studio with only a few five-star reviews. They could be faked by studio employees and friends. It’s encouraging to see so many four-star reviews. Because of their strict methodology, Yelp’s total review numbers are typically lower than those of Facebook or Google.
  • Is there a kitchen for lunch and craft service available? A refrigerator should be provided at the very least to keep drinks cool.
  • Is there a studio manager who will be with you the whole time? Take note of his/her cell phone number in case there is a problem loading in.
  • Is the studio easily accessible by public transportation? Your team may arrive by bus or train, and tough travel increases the likelihood of late staff arrivals.
  • Examine the Internet connection. How many megabits up and down does the service provide? Is it exclusive or shared? When you visit, you can test yourself by visiting on your laptop. If you are streaming, you must have network cable connectivity to the internet rather than Wi-Fi.
  • Is a floor plan with dimensions provided? Wide-angle photos of a stage can sometimes give a false idea of the actual studio size. A floor plan allows you to see exactly what you’re dealing with.
  • Is there a location where you can feed your workers apart from the shooting area? It’s depressing and completely amateurish to have your cast and crew smell up the workspace while sitting on apple boxes or production cases in the midst of the stage area.
  • Is there a lighting grid over the shooting area?  Is it powered? A grid cuts down on the need for extra stands on the floor, which makes it harder to move the camera around.
  • Do they have pictures of all the amenities, like the green room, the make-up and hair rooms, and the bathrooms?
  • Most importantly, If possible, go over the place before renting it. You will be able to check for key concerns such as sound troubles. Is the studio located on a busy street where traffic noise may interfere with your shoot? Is the area clean? Is the lighting and grip equipment in good working order? Where can you find parking?
  • Are there any additional fees for things like power, garbage pickup, or security?
  • Is there a separate dressing room for your talent? This is especially important if you’re using paid actors.

What’s the best way to light a green screen?

Lighting a green screen adequately is essential for achieving high-quality results in chroma-keying, digitally replacing the green background with another image or video.

Here are some best practices for lighting a green screen:
  • Use even lighting: Ensure the green screen is evenly lit without hotspots or shadows. This helps in creating a consistent and uniform background. Soft, diffused lighting is generally recommended to achieve even illumination.
  • Separate the subject from the green screen: Position the subject (person or object) comfortably from the green screen to avoid any unwanted shadows or spills. The further away the issue is from the screen, the less likely it is for green reflections or shadows to affect the final result.
  • Illuminate the green screen separately: Use reliable lighting sources to light the green screen independently from the subject. This helps in achieving optimal brightness and saturation of the green color. Ideally, use at least two lights at a 45-degree angle on either side of the green screen.
  • Avoid backlight spill: Position the subject to prevent light collapse from hitting the green screen. Backlighting the subject can help separate them from the background and minimize unwanted reflections on the green screen.
  • Check for evenness and consistency: Use a waveform monitor or a chroma key-specific tool to verify the evenness and texture of the green color across the screen. Adjust the lighting as necessary to achieve a smooth and uniform background.
  • Consider the color temperature: Ensure that the color temperature of your lighting matches the intended final environment. If your subject is in a warm climate, use warm lighting on the green screen to check the overall scene.
  • Test and fine-tune: Conduct tests and make adjustments as needed. Take sample footage and examine it closely to identify any issues with the lighting, such as shadows, wrinkles, or color spills. Making minor adjustments can significantly improve the final result.

Remember, the lighting setup may vary depending on your equipment, environment, and desired outcome. Experimentation and testing are crucial to finding the best lighting configuration for your green screen setup.

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