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Manhattan Town Houses

Manhattan Town House Available For Video ProductionBase price videpo $3,000 Event price $5K/day  Available dates: August 12 to September 11 October 13 and after Details: 1 flight of stairs 3 bedroom, fully furnished, outdoor space Good natural lighting, best...

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Best New Video Transmitter

This GENIUS Device will change Videography!When looking for a video transmitter, suggest some reputable brands known for producing high-quality video transmitters up until that point.Frequency and Channels:Ensure the transmitter supports the frequency bands and...

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Best 2023 Cinema Gear

Cinema GearRemember that the "best" gear for you will vary depending on the type of material you want to generate, your budget, and your personal needs.Phone(212) [email protected] out high-resolution, professional-grade cinema cameras with 4K...

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Why Unreal Engine 5.3 is such a huge deal

Unreal EngineInteractive digital content development advanced significantly with Unreal Engine 5.3. Its breakthrough predecessor introduced a range of cutting-edge capabilities that push the limits of visual fidelity, real-time rendering, and creative possibilities....

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Oppenheimer’s Production

Filming By January 2022, pre-production was underway in New Mexico, where a two-day casting call was held in Santa Fe and Los Alamos for residents, military personnel, and scientists. In February, another casting call was held. Hoyte van Hoytema served as...

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Google Maps in UE5

Game developers frequently create custom plugins or use third-party solutions to integrate map data and functionality into their games. To integrate Google Maps into Unreal Engine (or any other game engine), developers typically utilize Google's APIs for multiple...

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Unreal Engine 5

Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 is a powerful and widely anticipated game engine. It promises substantial graphics technology breakthroughs, particularly with its new Nanite virtualized geometry system and Lumen global illumination system, which aim to give lifelike...

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Turn your AI images into CG Movies

Creating CG moviesCreating CG movies from AI-generated images is a time-consuming and iterative process. Here's a step-by-step guide to approaching this process: step-by-step guideUse AI models such as DALL-E or other GANs to generate a wide range of images...

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The Consensus on AI Robots at UN Conference

Teleprompters, Green Screen, Video Production, XR Technology, LED Wall, Virtual Sets, WebcastingIn recent years, there have been significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and AI robots have become increasingly capable in various fields....

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Using AI To Create Movies

AI Generates Motion Pictures. Damn. How Does AI Create Movies?     AI plays a role in movie creation in various ways, but it is important to note that AI does not create movies independently. Rather, it assists human filmmakers and industry professionals in different...

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