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LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC

Stunning LED Video Wall Studio In The Bronx
LED Video Wall Sample Prices. 2.9 Pitch Panels        
Size Ist day Discount Grips Each Total Grip Engenier Server Total day 1 Total Per Additional Days
13 X 8.2 $7,500.00   2 $495.00 $990.00 $880.00 $495.00 $8,875.00 $3,490.00
16 X 9.84 $8,500.00   2 $495.00 $990.00 $880.00 $495.00 $9,875.00 $3,640.00
30 X 9.84 $12,750.00   3 $495.00 $1,485.00 $880.00 $495.00 $14,125.00 $4,772.50
59 X 9.84 $37,500.00   4 $495.00 $1,980.00 $880.00 $495.00 $38,875.00 $8,980.00

LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC

LED Video Wall Stage with Great Amenities 

Located in the Bronx

LED Video Wall Studio NYC

LED Video Wall Studio  Rental

 Ideal for shoots with moving backgrounds and live compositing

WebCasting / Live Streaming Studio

 10 Hour day rental

You are welcome to bring your own lighting and grip or rent from our extensive collection.


Watch this behind-the-scenes video from our LED Video Wall Studio Rental to get a sense of the possibilities for shooting on an LED Video Wall Stage.

LED Video Wall Studio Flooplan

LED Video Wall Stage - Floor Plan

7m x 3m – 2.38mm “L” shaped LED Video Wall – 2940 x 1260 Pixels 

3.5m x 3.5m – 4.81 mm LED Floor – 728 x 728 Pixels 18 feet ceilings

16 feet from Lighting Grid

Full Studio Lighting Rig


LED VideoWall Studio Lighting Grid

LED Video Wall Stage SPECS

Novastar LED Processors W/ genlock

Spyder X80 Video Processor  

 Two (2) Disguise D3 Solo

Two (2) Panasonic DVX200 Cameras

Two (2) Blackmagic recorders

Two (2) Playback pro

Two (2) PPT / GFX laptops

One (1) iMacPro for video editing 

Two (2) 43” DSM for talent

One (1) Multiviewer for client director

Presentation Clicker

Our team brings your vision to reality with our state-of-the-art LED Video Walls, equipment and knowledgeable technicians.

LED Video Wall Studio NYC

Conveniently Located In The BroNx

Our LED Video Wall Studio is ideal for shoots that need multiple real or imaginary, moving locations and various angles. 

Shooting from an LED Video Wall Stage gives you the ability to shoot with the flexibility of a Green Screen Stage but the feel of a standing set.

This new technology and way of working promises to change the way in which movies and TV shows are shot. 

Our LED Video Wall Stage is similar to the stages used to shoot Disney and Lucasfilm’s  “The Mandalorian” 

LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC


Our LED Video Wall Stage Client Area Features:

– A kitchen with a microwave, water fountain, coffee maker and soft drinks.

– Waiting room where up to four people can sit comfortably, while observing COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines.

– There is a  9’x9’x9’ client manager/ director room with a Multiview monitor and direct sight to talent and stage ( This room can’t be used with a Jib / Crane setup).

– Two separate One Seat Makeup Stations.

– There are additional green rooms available down the street (about 100ft)  if additional space is needed.   Shower and makeup rooms a few steps away.

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NYC LED Video Wall Studio Rental

LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC

4K LED Wall Studio Rental NYC

Optional Video / Live Streaming

Live production switcher: Tricaster TC1,

Panasonic AV-HS410,

Grass Valley Korona V-Series

Also available on hand
A 14’ x 9’ Green Screen

Watch this screen test, behind-the-scenes video of our LED Video Wall Studio Rental

and the 3D possibilities with different backgrounds at your disposal. Imagination knows no bounds!

LED Video Wall Studio Rental

LED Video Wall Studio Rental NYC

Additional Equipment Available



  • Two (2) Disguise GX2 for XR Experience
  • Stype RedSpy  with camera tracking, jib, and IR sensors for overlaying 3D virtual elements.
  • Seven (7) Customizable XR Templates.


  • Verizon Fios 1Gb up/ down
  • Coper 400 up/ down



  • CL3 With 3224 and1608 Rio Boxes
  • Shure ULXD Wireless Mics
  • DPA 6066 headsets or Shure lavalier
  • IEM for talkback and stage monitor
  • Client director monitor
  • Six (6) Tempest CrewCom Wireless comm system
  • Eight (8) Clearcomm Wired Comm System


  • MA2 OnPC Command Wing
  • Full studio lighting rig

Optional Lighting (Full inventory):
• GradMA3 Compact XT
• Full on Robe concert grade lighting system
• Astera up-lighting


Watch this video to find out why “The Mandalorian” used an LED Video Wall Studio 

“For decades, film and TV productions have used green and blue screens to place actors into new environments. Now, LED walls are revolutionizing this process by projecting 3D environments in real time behind actors to provide the illusion of being in a physical location.

These methods were put to the test on Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” of which over half was filmed indoors on a virtual set. This process of combining traditional cinematography techniques with advanced world-building technology effectively eliminates the need for a green screen.” (Movies Insider)

“The new virtual production stage and workflow allows filmmakers to capture a significant amount of complex visual effects shots in-camera using real-time game engine technology and surrounding LED screens. This approach allows dynamic photo-real digital landscapes and sets to be live while filming, which dramatically reduces the need for greenscreen and produces the closest thing we have seen to a working ‘Holo-deck’ style of technology.

The process works as the camera films in mono and can dynamically update the background to match the perspectives and parallax a camera would record in real life. To do this the LED stage needs to work in combination with a motion capture volume which is aware of where the camera is and how it is moving.” (Mike Seymour,

WebCasting Solutions page
AR/ VR production

Best LED Video Wall Stage Rental

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