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Happy clients include:

Women In Film / Video: The Glass Ceiling.

June 29th, 2016|Comments Off on Women In Film / Video: The Glass Ceiling.

An eye-opening new infographic released today by SLATED illuminates cinema’s gender disparities in an unprecedented, data-driven light. The company’s analysis of 1,591 feature films released theatrically on at least one screen in the U.S. between [...]

Top Ten New Way Cool Future Tech Devices Available Now. | Future Tech Gadgets

June 29th, 2016|Comments Off on Top Ten New Way Cool Future Tech Devices Available Now. | Future Tech Gadgets

  Amazing New Future Tech Gadgets You Can Get Right Now   VR Headsets. Your window into a fantastic world. Top Ten New Tech Gadgets And check out more cool tech! [...]

  • Flying Skateboard Real or Video Effects? The Amazing Flyboard Air

“FlyBoard Air” Flying Skateboard: Amazing Tech or VFX Hoax?

June 16th, 2016|Comments Off on “FlyBoard Air” Flying Skateboard: Amazing Tech or VFX Hoax?

Back To The Future Flying Hoverboard FlyBoard Air: Way Cool Hoverboard or  VIDEO Special Effect?   SIX ENGINES, A LOGIC BOARD, AND A BACKPACK FULL OF KEROSENE The  FlyBoard Air Flying Skateboard images look real, [...]

  • Chicken at Music Video

Parm Co-Produces Music Video for American Movie Company

March 17th, 2016|Comments Off on Parm Co-Produces Music Video for American Movie Company

  Parm Girn, Line Producer/Writer     In early February, I received calls from Bill Milling (the CEO of the American Movie Company and Teleprompter Rental) and Arie Ohayon (our amazing DP) offering [...]

  • bill clinton, bill clinton teleprompter, teleprompter rental, teleprompter rental nyc

Teleprompting for President Bill Clinton

February 25th, 2016|Comments Off on Teleprompting for President Bill Clinton

    Michael Gonzalez - Producer, Director and Camera Teleprompter Operator In the past few years I've worked closely with high profile A-list celebrities, CEOs and CFOs of the top Fortune 500 companies. [...]


Teleprompting at Riverside Church – MLKNOW | Presidential Teleprompter

January 21st, 2016|Comments Off on Teleprompting at Riverside Church – MLKNOW | Presidential Teleprompter

Michael Gonzalez, Teleprompter/Interrotron Operator   Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day     Under the aegis of the American Movie Company, I was the Presidential Teleprompter operator at an historic event - the [...]

About our Green Screen and White Cyc studios:

  • Three wall, hard cyc painted with chroma green.
  • Full lighting grid. Pre-lit cycloramas (green, white or black out).
  • Sound stage.  Totally quiet.  Silent air-conditioning.
  • Light, grip, dolly and jib.
  • Soundproof live WebCasting NYC control room.  TriCaster 8000
  • Beautiful, upscale facility for major corporate and agency clients.
  • Celebrity friendly. Private dressing rooms.
  • 4 Sony FS7 cameras, set up & color controlled from our sound booth.
  • Convenient Chelsea, Manhattan location. On street parking.
  • Large, comfortable green rooms and production spaces.
  • Full amenities.
  • Multiple wardrobe and makeup rooms.
  • Use our professional crew or yours… or mix and match.
  • Loading dock and freight elevator.
  • Teleprompters and professional, experienced operators.
  • Interrotron, EyeDirect & confidence monitors available.
  • DJI Ronin and Inspire 1 Drone & experienced pilot (can fly indoors)
  • Two 4K fully equipped edit, color correction & VFX suites.
  • Experienced, award-winning editors with extensive green screen compositing expertise.
  • On site video special effects artists.
  • Our CameraMatch Move experts can composite moving camera shots against green screen.
  • Perfect for commercials, music videos, pharmaceuticals, corporate video, Live WebCasting nyc, etc.
  • Available weekends.
  • For more information, call Bill Milling 212-219-1075

Video Editing, Color Correction & VFX

Our full featured 4K video editing suites are staffed by award-winning video editors and VFX artists with expertise in Feature Editing, Commercial Editing, Music Video Editing Green Screen Compositing, CameraMatch Move, CGI and Color Correction.

Cheap Green Screen Studio NYC Rentals do not have the first class facilities or experienced, professional staff found at American Movie Company Sound Stages.

We offer our clients a wide range of Sound Stages in Manhattan.  Three NYC Green Screen Stages, Two NYC White Screen Stages (aka White Cyc Stages), a fully operational “shoot in” Kitchen Stage, and two WebCasting Stages.

While we are not a cheap green screen studio rental, we do offer excellent value. Please compare our prices and extensive facilities to appreciate the substantial difference.

You may find cheap white screen studios less expensive than our Soundproof Stages but you will not find better quality or more value. Additionally, our staff is first-rate, experienced White Cyc and still photography professionals.

For an inexpensive green screen studio in NYC, please consider our Soho Studio.  It comes with hard green cyc, lighting grid, three HD cameras, tripods and teleprompter and operator for $1495 and $1300 without cameras or teleprompter.

About our Live WebCasting Services:

We have specialized in live WebCasting nyc and streaming media services for over a decade.  Our Chelsea North Green Screen Studio is equipped with a fully-featured sound proof control room and fully loaded TriCaster 8000 connected to a 1 Gig direct fiber line to the nearby Google Building and from there to the world.

We offer our clients a state-of-the-art Green Screen Sound Stage with virtually unlimited Internet bandwidth.  We specialize in Media Tours.  Live broadcasting NYC on location via our “Webcast Anywhere” package with wireless cameras and a fully equipped LiveStream Mobile Studio Flypack & TriCaster 850 & TriCaster 455 powered with Bonded 4G Cellular.

About our Camera Drone and Aerial Videography Services:

With in-house professional drones and pilots augmented by our strategic partnership with SkyCam, we can offer safe, legal, FAA Approved Drone Service with a wide range of professional drones from the new 4K Inspire 1 to heavy lifting Octocopters which can carry a RED, FS7 or Alexa or other full sized professional camera.

Our drone pilots have actual pilot licenses.  This symbiotic relationship with SkyCam gives us the ability to fly safely, professionally and legally in New York, LA and Miami as well as other major US movie markets.

About our Teleprompter Rental Services:

We are the National Teleprompter Rental Service specializing in professional Teleprompter Rental NYC, Presidential Teleprompter Rental, Interrotron Rental, EyeDirect Rental, iPad Teleprompter Rental NYC, SteadiCam Teleprompter Rental NYC and Confidence Monitor Rental.

All prompters are delivered and operated by professional technicians with years of experience. We serve: NYC, LA, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

About our Interrotron Rental Services:

The Interrotron projects the live video image of the director in front of the main camera lens and the live video image of the “talent” in front of the director’s camera (provided with the Interrotron). This allows a more natural, face-to-face, one-on-one, conversation between the director and the talent.

The Interrotron also makes the talent more relaxed and comfortable.  That’s why top commercial and documentary directors use it for non-professional talent, especially children.

Instead of looking into the intimidating eye of the camera lens, the talent interacts with the face of the director and vice versa.  In addition to verbal conversation, the two are now both able to read body language as well which can be critical in a successful interview situation.

Aside from helping get a much better, more natural interview, the Interrotron allows a great, natural response on the first take. Thus, it speeds up the shoot day and saves the production money.

About our Video Production Services:

Emmy-winning Producer, Bill Milling and a team of multi-award-winning cinematographers and production artists have written, produced and directed over twenty feature films and hundreds of commercials and short film/videos.  We specialize in Features, Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series and Corporate Video Production. Our producers, writers and directors of photography are extremely creative and ready to help you realize your vision while respecting your budget.

We have production experience on major motion pictures such as: The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones (Shadow Hunters), 54, The Third Miracle, The Late Shift, Senseless, Another 9 ½ Weeks, as well as many seasons’ work on TV series such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace, The Sopranos and dozens of others.

Large Green Screen Studio Manhattan

Price: Large Triplex