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XR Virtual Production

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3D 4K Virtual Sets Medical Hospital Interiors



XR Virtual Production 3

The term ”XR Virtual Production”  or “Extended Reality Production”refers to a revolutionary basket of technologies including: 3D/4K Virtual Sets (often Unreal Engine 5.0 and beyond)  Green Screen orLED Video Wall and live compositing in 4K with moving camera(s).

Often other technologies such as MoCap (motion capture) VolCap (Volumetric Capture) and Unreal’s MetaHuman are incorporated,

It is our opinion that XR Production iis…                                            


The Future of Cinema

What Are The Advantages of XR Virtual Production?

XR Virtual Production 3

No compromise

Virtual sets can be customized to give you exactly the location you want.


XR Virtual Production 5

Perfect Lighting

Most of the lighting is already in the virtual sets so you begin your shoot day much sooner. And you never loose the light.  Always “magic hour”

Actors<br />


Shoot out all your expensive talent in the first day(s)


Instantly Available

No wasted time & expense building, wrapping or storing physical sets.

XR Virtual Production 6

The Budget

XR Virtual Projects are not only much more professional and have higher in production value but are often 40% to 60% less expensive.

The above video was shot on our Astoria XR Stage in one 10 hour day.

An Example Below of an

Unreal 5.0 Virtual Set and Surrounding Environment

XR Virtual Production 3
XR Virtual Production 1

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