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XR LED Wall Studio

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led wall

Huge 26′ LED Video Wall With Straight and Curved Cyc Sections in our Brooklyn Flatbush Studio.

LED Screen Resolution is 4032 X 840 Pixels

Behind The Scenes:

Building Brooklyn Flatbush Studio’s

LED Video Wall Stage

Our team of technicians installs a 40 feet straight LED screen wall and a huge 26′ curved LED Wall cyc section.

Watch our crew of Live Streaming techs, teleprompter operators, DP’s, Gaffers and PA’s prepares for a shoot.

Need a crew? We have everyone you’ll need for a successful production.

Unreal 5 Graphic

The above installation was no done by American Movie Company but we now have the ability to install quality walls like this virtually anywhere inside or out.  Our walls can be straight like this or curved to create that “total sour-round” experience.  We are experiences with installing huge LED Walls for concerts and outdoor events as well.

Our Brooklyn Flatbush 26′ LED video wall rental has the ability to run advances 3D/4K  photo-realistic virtual sets using Unreal Engine 5.

The studio is equipped with a jib and multiple 4K cameras and switcher to, not only produce a live multi-camera events, but to stream it to the world in real time.

LED Video Wall  Studio 25’ wide by 10’ high and has a ceiling

Jib |RED Camera | LED Video Wall | Control Room | Unreal Engine 5

Dealing With Multiple Simultaneous Video Sources

In order to output multiple video or still image sources with text and graphics to various sized groups of displays within the wall space, it’s necessary to use a high-end controller.

LED Video display walls are becoming more common. They are manufactured by numerous companies.  They are often found in retail and other public environments to address the need to add digital signage to important displays.

LED Video Wall Specs

LED Video Wall Studio Virtual Production

The LED Volume

Typically, the LED Wall is a huge multi-monitor display configuration consisting of many smaller, high pixel density monitors, configured to create one single massive TV screen.

Typical display technologies involve LCD panels or Direct View LED arrays. Earlier versions of video walls, such as the familiar Jumbotrons seen at sporting events and Times Square, etc. used CRT (Cathode-ray technology).

The economic advantages of an LED video wall rather than a single large screen TV are:

  • The ability to easily create custom monitor layouts.
  • Much larger screen area per unit cost.
  • Much greater pixel density per unit cost.
  • This is because of the economy of scale in the manufacturing of uniform, relatively small monitors.

Conventional Green Screen Technology


The main disadvantage of LED Video Walls is that at the current state of technology they are often considerably more expensive and harder to find than the typical Green Screen

Multiple-monitor video cards can drive less sophisticated LED panel arrays.  But for more complex imaging and management, it’s often necessary to employ a specialized video processor.

In a typical video wall installation, it’s usual to have on set:

  • A professional LED Wall technician.
  • A server to store the software and video content.
  • A video processor aka video controller. This is a device that splits a single image into multiple parts displayed on a multitude of individual screens  These can be either hardware or software-based systems.

Most  LED walls are controlled by Windows-based Network systems and they provide the most cost-effective high-end functionality.

About Our Studio

New York City  It serves commercial, feature films, music, dance and fashion video producers.  The new LED technology has several advantages over the more traditional Green Screen Studio capabilities.

LED Wall Advantages over Green Screen Studio

    • The actors can actually see the virtual sets that surround them.  They don’t have to imagine their environment. They are actually immersed in it.
    • The lighting of the actors and physical props within the LED Cyclorama actually comes from the wall itself.  So all lighting is immediately more realistic and in place without the addition of more lighting fixtures and the time consuming effort to rig them.
    • An LED Wall can instantly change into whatever environment is required.  If the client wants green, or white or black it can instantly transform into that.
    • Unlike traditional green screen cycloramas one can move the camera… pan, zoom, dolly against the video wall.

This is the future of cinema.

This next iteration of motion picture technology gives filmmakers the ability to place actors into a 3D environment that literally surrounds them.  They see the virtual sets and can feel the virtual sunlight or moonlight on their faces and be totally immersed in a new and enthralling cinematic experience.

New Disney+ Mandalorian Star Wars Series

The new Star Wars online saga, Mandalorian uses this cutting-edge technology to create the illusion of huge standing sets and vast alien landscapes within an LED Video Wall Cyclorama Stage in Los Angeles.

Amazing New LED Video Wall Technology

  • The creation of virtual sets has a huge advantage with the integration of Unreal Engine Virtual Sets.  The new Unreal 5 adds significant advantages to this process.
  • Unlike first iterations of Green Screen, the camera is free to move.  It can be jib mounted to crane from high overhead shots down to ground level.  The camera can zoom, tilt, pan and dolly just as it would in an actual physical space.
  • Green Screen tecnology surrounds the actors with a wall of green.  They need to imagine the virtual world around them. If they are interacting with a robot or monster or standing on the edge of a virtual cliff, they can’t see it.  But in the LED virtual sets, the images on the wall are visable not only to the camera but to the actors themselves.
  • The lighting of the talent and physical props and set pieces comes from the LED wall itself.  So if, say, a virtual sun is high in the sky on camera right, it will illuminate the proper left side of the actors’ faces with total realism and provide proper day lighting for all the set elements.  This saves hours of traditional lighting but more importantly it creates totally realistic lighting instantly.

LED XR Studio

We created a custom LED XR Volume that is ideal for live-streamed events and Virtual Production. The studio fully integrates Unreal Engine with Stype camera tracking, using the same technology and workflow as The Mandalorian and other recent Star Wars and Marvel films. The studio has two high-end graphic workstations equipped with special versions of Unreal Engine developed specifically for real-time broadcast and virtual production, allowing you to use the same tools as Hollywood studios and major cable news networks for your productions, whether on the studio’s large 3-wall green screen or on the newly installed 4k LED Volume!

LED Video Wall
LED Video Wall - A group of people standing
LED Video Wall

LED Technology:

The LED Volume is built with industry-leading Infiled XII LED panels with 1.9mm pixel pitch, resulting in a 4K resolution, 25ft wide by 10ft high curved wall. These LED panels are notable for their ability to be smoothly bent into a curved shape. A 12ft x 12ft LED ceiling on adjustable motor hoists enables seamless, fully immersive productions by illuminating the talent with videos projected on the wall and ceiling. A 6ft x 6ft rolling panel can be placed around the talent in a way that gives them more creative options, like direct reflections on their faces and realistic lighting.


LED Volume Controllers


Novastar MX40 Pro Controllers with A10s Pro receiving cards power the photorealistic XR Volume. The xR solution from NovaStar is specifically designed for virtual production and can effectively solve black field and scan line issues. This solution includes industry-leading image enhancement technology that allows users to create shooting scenes that are more realistic. NovaStar’s all-new LED control platform, VMP powers this solution, integrating design, monitoring, and management to provide users with the ultimate control experience.

LED Volume Controllers
LED Volume Controllers
LED Volume Controllers

A Stype RedSpy camera tracking system that can track two cameras at the same time and is fully integrated into Unreal Engine 5 offers real-time camera tracking. 

RedSpy is the most popular optical camera-tracking system in the world, and it sets industry precision standards. It employs finely tuned algorithms to extract tracking data from three different sensors:

  1. Infrared Camera – detects markers on the floor or ceiling
  2. Accelerometer – intelligently interprets shaking and sudden moves
  3. Gyroscope – solidifies the detection of rotational changes

As evidenced by its industry reputation, RedSpy is THE solution for camera tracking. It will track a crane, a pedestal, a steadicam, or a handheld camera flawlessly. 
The RedSpy can be used indoors and outdoors and has wireless connectivity.


RedSpy allows for real-time pre-visualizations of virtual elements in film scenes. Because the crew can see the virtual elements while shooting, they can do their jobs more intuitively, rather than relying on script memorization and “pretending” that the virtual elements are somewhere in space. The tracking data from RedSpy is saved in FBX and XML file formats, as well as LTC timecode and lens distortion data. The saved data includes camera movements, zoom, and focus data, and it can be used for post-production at a later date, which has never been easier! RedSpy works with all of the major render engines, such as Unreal Engine, Maya, 3dStudioMax, Cinema4D, Blender, and others, using proprietary plugins and stand-alone tools.


The HumanCrane, a crane designed and manufactured by stYpe, was recently installed at the LED Studio as a solution to problems encountered with other cranes on virtual production sets. HumanCrane was created with the goals of precision, practicability, and robustness in mind. All crane parts are CNC-ed individually, and each joint can be leveled precisely and quickly, which is essential for professional-level virtual effects. The head bearings are strong, the motors are waterproof and free of backlash, and the joysticks are designed for long-term precise operation. All of this ensures extremely smooth operation, even at low speeds, and one of the best motion controls among lightweight crane camera heads. AutoAiming, which automatically keeps the desired target in the frame, is one of HumanCrane’s most popular features. The crane arm can swing freely in any direction, and the head will aim at the target while allowing the operator to adjust the shot as needed. A semi-autonomous crane with automatic aim, auto focus, recording and playback capabilities that can be used to capture virtual graphics that are not visible to the naked eye. Repeatable shots for TV shows or films can now be easily achieved.

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