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Real TriCorder Saves Lives

X Prize winner is a real life TriCorder similar to the one we know featured in Star Trek.  But, this is a factual, functioning life saving unit which can accurately predict and diagnose a host of medical issues. It’s a high tech wearable unit constantly connected to the cloud.

The Idea Takes Shape

An X Prize of 10 million dollars was offered to anyone in the world, from any country, who could design and build a real life working model of the TriCorder.  It had to be extremely user friendly by the average non-medically trained person.   

This video chronicles the evolution of several responses to the challenge.




How it Works.

The future of healthcare at home | Sonny Kohli | TEDxToronto

Dr. Kohli demonstrates his company’s TriCorder model and shows how it could revolutionize personal medicine.



Ok, what else can this “TriCorder” do for me?

The animation on the right explains a small list of ailments that can be diagnosed without the aid of a doctor.  When the device reveals a disease it will prompt you to see a doctor.  You will arrive with a ton of valuable information.  In many cases you will have caught the problem before it became serious enough to require a prescription.

More “Geek Talk” about the creation of the TriCorder


Team DMI – Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE  Additional functionality of the DMI version of the unit.

First Iterations of the TriCorder – Published on Jul 22, 2013

Scanadu CEO Walter DeBrouwer scans’s Clara Moskowitz with his company’s non-invasive wireless device and tells her what’s under the hood… in more ways than one.

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