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Burnish Your Brand.  Build an Additional Income Stream


White Label WebCasting


Use Our Gear and Live Streaming Technicians to  Expand Your Client Services

Full Service Live Streaming Video Production

Senior WebCasting Technicians

Use Our 4K & 1080p Cameras or Yours

Pro & Budget Flypacks & Streaming Plans

Budget WebCast $995

Budget WebCast

  • Flypack Mini
  • 4 Camera HDMI Inputs
  • Experienced Streaming Tech
  • Stream to Several Places Simultaneously
  • Multi-Channel Green Sreen Compositing

Pro WebCasting $1995

Pro WebCast 

  • Senior Live Streaming Technician
  • Pro FlyPack
  • !6 Camera Inputs HDSDI
  • Two Internal DVRs
  • Advanced Video Mixer
  • Advanced Audio Mixer
  • Stream to Several Places Simultaneously
  • Multi-Channel Green Screen Compositing

Available Gear

Camera Gear

  • Sony PMW 450 X 3
  • BMPC 6K X 3
  • Millar Tripods X 3
  • 4k Recorder / Monitor

Call For Rental Prices

– Offer Your Clients New WebCasting Services.
Profit With Our Technicians and Professional Streaming Gear.

The American Movie Company is a full-service WebCasting Production Company

275 Five Star Google Reviews.  People really like our professional service.

Bring that approval and profit to your company.

Totally White Label
We are part of your team.

We are part of your team.

We give you prices so you can bid your clients.


You decide on your production fee for each WebCast.

You decide on your production fee for each WebCast.

You collect total invoice and pay us our share.

We created a world class WebCasting Service…

So you don’t have to.

Call Bill Milling for details at: 917-414-5489

We invite you to use our extensive WebCasting / Live Streaming Video experience to your advantage.

Just let your clients know you have a new service to help them reach their clients with professional Live Streaming Video.

We will help answer any requests with complete anonimity.  We are your new WebCasting team.

We will prepare a bid for you to send to your clients on your stationery.  You collect, pay us for our services and keep your fair share for the marketing.

We maintain all the equipment and pay the technicians and streaming crew and staff.

You are instantly a larger and more profitable entity with zero expense and ongoing new income stream.

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    White Label WebCasting

    AMC WebCasting/Live streaming Reel 2020

    WebCasting Gear

    Check out our professional live streaming gear.

    No Internet?

    No Problem.

    Live Stream Anywhere. 

    Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC

    Professional Video Production

    Your crew or ours. Your gear or ours.

    Sony PMW 450 cameras, remote focus and zoom, Millar Tripods, media and monitors.

    BMPC 6K cameras, 14,24,35,50,85 CinePrimes, 24 to 70 zoom & 70 to 200 zoom

    Incorporate Remote Video Sources into your WebCast

    Rent our BMPC 6k with Prime & Zoom Lenses.

    Remote Operated 4K Cameas

    Professional Flypacks, TriCasters



    Let your clients know you are a full-featured company.

    Increase your bottom line

    Call 212-219-1075


    Skytronn Giff


    Check out our Skytronn technology.

    Another income source to explore.

    Start An Additional Income Stream today!

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