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West pHilLy Studios

West Philadelphia Green Screen & white Cyc Production Studio

West Philadelphia Green Screen Studios: 

3 Spaces in One | 3000 Sq. Ft. Creative Studio

WebCasting | Live Streaming Video Production Studio Philadelphia

Live Streaming video production studio in West Philadelphia with Green Screen, White Cyc, and Black Backdrop available. Event space and amazing amenities. Excellent for your next live show production. Find out more about American Movie Company’s Live Streaming Video Production Services in Philadelphia.

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West Philadelphia Green Screen

west Philadelphia Green Screen

Our Visual Studio is built for small-to-medium sized projects and we typically see commercials, product shoots, interview-style talking heads, and documentaries come through this space.  Limited insulation to drown out any local sounds. Perfect for WebCasting and Live Streaming video production.

West Philly Studios 1

West Philadelphia White Cyc

Visual Studio Space: 20’9″ Width, 17′ Legth, 11′ Height

Sound Proof Audio Recording Studio

Event Spaces

Green Room & Makeup Room

Conference Rooms 

West Philly Studios 2

West Philadelphia Black Backdrop

Two 20’ wide Black Curtains
30’ wide white curtain
30’ wide chroma key green curtain
Apple boxes + sandbags
Various flag kits

West Philadelphia Green Screen

West Philadelphia Production Studio

Grip, Stands, Grid + Curtains
Pipe grid installed in ceiling
360 double curtain track system
Tripods, boom holders, and other
various grip equipment

3 Kino Flo 4Bank Half Flozier
2 Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401
Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit (12 x 12”)
LEE Filters Daylight to Tungsten Filter
Westcott Solix LED 2-Light Kit +
Chimera Lightbank for Aputure LS 1
LED Panel
Aputure Light Storm LS 1c AC LED
Light with Wireless Controller Box

Blackmagic Web Presenter
with mini Smart Panel
24” motorized photography
turntable with 300 lb. capacity
42” TV on Display mount with
wheels for presentation use
47” camera slider

West Philadelphia Event Space

Our West Philly studio has 800 SF of event space, mainly used for showcases, live concerts, parties, and various video/photo projects. We leave this room as is and can supply seating, tables, catering, and any additional needs for a specific event.

Take a Walk Through our West Philadelphia Green Screen & White Cyc Studios!

West Philly Studios 3

Visual Studio


  • 360-degree curtains (available in black, white, or green screen)

  • A green room with makeup and wardrobe amenities

  • An editing suite and lounge
  • Customizable lighting and backdrops for your specific project
  • Film a music video, interview, product promo, corporate video, and more
West Philly Studios 4

Audio Studio


  • Three isolated audio rooms
  • Two live rooms
  • An editing suite
  • A podcast station
  • Work with our in-house engineers or your own team
  • Open 24/7 for those loud, late night drum sessions
  • Rehearse, write, track, and mix all in one space
West Philly Studios 5

Event Space

  • 800 sq. ft. space (holds 50-75 people)
  • A shower, kitchenette, and other amenities
  • Line up hightop tables in the main hallway for a formal event
  • Build out seating in the main event space and premiere your projects on the TV

West Philly Audio Studio.

Our 1,800 SF audio space is broken out into a Control Room/Editing
Suite, Live Room and a second Live Room/Lounge. All areas are isolated to record. Multi-layer absoption acoustics throughout, designed by Metropolitan Acoustics and fueled by Muhlenhaupt +

Our visual studio is directly adjacent to this space. Ready for photoshoots or creative video ideas.
Our green room is included in these rental fees. Space for makeup artists doin’ their thing or talent to freshen
up before the next photo. Additionally, our entire 3,000 SF Studio serves as a fantastic event space, or extra breathing room during your production.

West Philly Studios 6
West Philly Studios 7

Monitors + Software
PreSonus 32-ch StudioLive III
Digital Mixer
PreSonus Series III 16-Ch Digital
Rack Mixer
Avid ProTools 2018
PreSonus EarMix Personal Monitor
PreSonus Sceptre S8 Monitors
Avantone MixCube
UAD Plug-ins
Waves Platinum Plug-ins
Apple 27 iMac Pro
(5k Retina Display, 32GB Memory)

Instruments + Pedals
Fender Strat
Epiphone Les Paul
Epiphone Acoustic
Fender Bass
Native Instruments S49 with
Komplete Ultimate 12
Korg 37-key 4-Voice Analog Synth
Yamaha MX88 Synth
Toontrack EZdrummer 2
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Arturia V Collection 6
Marshall + Fender Tweed amps
and cabs

Mics, Stands + Miscellaneous
Shure SM57s
Sennheiser MD421s
Warm Audio WA87
Warm Audio WA14
Rode NT5 Matched Pair
Rode K2
Avantone Ribbon
AKG D112

Various Pro Co XLRF and XLRM cables
Various MIDI cables
Various TRS cables + TRS patch snake
GBNC mic cables + instrument cables
5 pin Male to 5 pin Male MIDI Cables
Ethernet Patch Cables
Thunderbolt 2 Cable, 20Gbps
Akitio T3T Adapter

West Philly Studios 8

Our West Philly Event Space

Hold corporate and educational events, meetings, parties, album releases, video premieres, or any other private events.

  • 800 sq. ft. space (holds 50-75 people)
    A shower, kitchenette, and other amenities


West Philly Studios 9

Green Room / Makeup Room

West Philly Studios 10


West Philly Studios 11

Laundry ROOM

West Philly Studios 12



Our West Philly Studios offer the perfect space for Live Event WebCasting, PodCast Recording, Video shoots and much more. With excellent amnetities and services included, this studio is an excellent solution for your next production.

Call 917-414-5489 to book it for your next shoot, recording session or live event.

West Philadelphia Studio Floor Plan

West Philly Studios 13
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