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WireCast : How to Simultaneously livestream to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.


How to live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter at the same time.

Bob Elliot Headshot: American Movie Company Producer
Hi I’m Bob Elliot, Streaming Tech here at AMC.

It’s often considered impossible to Webcast to FaceBook, Twitch and Twitter at the same time without using separate encoders for each stream. In the attached videos we show you how to use Wirecast to accomplish this.

I confess when I was prepping this post, my intention was to simply step into tour adjacent green screen studio  here at Chelsea North and make a quick video. But, I found that work was already done with these videos from YouTube.

Wirecast is a powerful tool to accomplish the above and this video gives you step by step instructions to make it easy.

Generally speaking, however, I prefer using LiveStream software in our custom built Flypacks. These are specially designed by our strategic partner, Saturn Encoders.

The smaller units have twelve HDSDI camera inputs and are designed, built and miniaturized by Devin Block, the owner and head tech at Saturn, to fit in an airline overhead. The joy there is never having to worry if you gear will arrive in one piece or even at your destination.

With my old TriCasters I had the unpleasant experience of arriving at the airport in Seoul Korea to find that my Tricaster 9000 was badly damaged. No chance of repair in Korea so I was dead in the water. had a really pissed off client and missed a week’s high paid work.

But back to the problem of live streaming to various locations simultaneously. Your other option is to stream directly to an “origin encoder” off site, and then have that encoder send to your multiple locations at Twitter, Facebook and Twitch, etc, . One of the additional advantages of this option is you require less bandwidth at your source location.

What Is Wirecast?


What is Wirecast? Only a real-time communication tool that’s second-to-none. Only one of the most popular, most award-winningest live streaming and production software solutions ever created.

Only — oh, just watch the video. It’ll explain everything.

Leighton Cox

Streamed live on May 31, 2017

INFO: You do not need the ultrastudio mini to get the feed into the computer. You can use Wirecast 7.6 which I didn’t have at the time of recording. I’m testing out the Blackmagic Web Presenter with a 2 camera setup for live streaming to Youtube. Blackmagic Design Web Presenter

Wirecast Tutorial – Streaming to Multiple Destinations


Published on Jun 29, 2018

Wirecast 9 Tutorial. In this Wirecast 9 Tutorial, I show you step by step how to setup Wirecast 9 fast for a quick

Published on Sep 19, 2015

Watch an overview of the functions of Wirecast Pro 6 from Telestream. Learn how to use the interface including the Auto Live function, the layers, chrome keying with a green screen, overlaying graphics adding titles and logos to your videos and how to produce a broadcast quality video production. This video will teach you how I produce Bitcoin and Crypto Currency news releases for Reuters Insider Financial Network using Wirecast from Telestream.
This video features a new Canadian Bitcoin Exchange .. watch the final video here:  I’m also adding links for all of the hardware I used to create this video. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to reply when I get a chance.


Streamed live on Sep 20, 2018

Learn how to stream to Instagram using a simple trick. In this episode of WirecastLive Andrew will show you how easy it is to set up and stream live on your Instagram page using Wirecast. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: *Affiliate Link: *

Join out Wirecast Users Group on Facebook…

Webcasting to Facebook using Wirecast when faced with a really slow  connection.

If you find your uplink speed dropping rapidly midstream here’s a little trick I learned to get you back on track with a quality image stream


Using Telestream Wirecast WebCasting Software –

In this video I’ll show you how Wirecast software can provide you with everything you need to produce a professional webcast.  All the usual tech toys are here:

  • Graphics
  • Lower Thirds
  • Multiple Camera Inputs
  • Video Switching with full control of fades, cuts, dissolves as well as a hots of other cool transitions.
  • Inputing prerecorded video and still images.
  • Output to IMAG

The Flypack we recommend would be one custom built from Saturn Encoders.  The choices are from a massive Flypack which requires a van with a lift gate to transport to a miniaturized unit that fits in an airline overhead.  We use these along with our inventory of Tricasters (The amazing 9000, The 460 and 855)

How To Set Up And Use Wirecast For YouTube Live Streaming

In this video we give you step by step instructions so you can easily stream to YouTube Live.  Note: This has become second in popularity (in our experience) only to streaming to FaceBook Live.  We recently Webcast a new car reveal for Buick with their top of the line luxury sedan, the Avenida.  They ONLY streamed to facebook.  Not to their own website even!


In this video

Hosting a talk show Webcast with video & audio conferencing with Wirecast software.


We show you how easy it is to imbed video conferencing within Wirecast.

This is the easiest way to utilize virtually any video/audio conferencing tools to host a talk show.  It also yeilds extreemy professional results… if you do it right.
You need:
  • Video conferencing software (WebEX, Skype, Zoom, )
  • Two Monitors
  • A computer or vMix/Tricaster/OBS/xSplit to monitor
  • Wirecast or virtually any streaming software
This process is this:  you open Wirecast  on one of the monitors and install your video conferencing software open on the second monitor.  Yiou initiate a “screen capture” . to ingest the video.
For the audio you will fi need to download “Virtual Audio Cables
This way you can easily perform a “screen capture” to bring in the video. The audio issue is slightly more complicated . To start, just download “Virtual Audio Cables”. These virtual cables are used to send audio back and forth from Wirecast and the video conferencing software as demonstrated in our video.

Three Camera Setup For Live Streaming Using Wirecast and MacbookPro

Using WireCast to Stream Your Content to Youtube.

Five Top Tips For Troubleshooting Audio With Wirecast

Audio for some reason always seems to be the mots difficult issue in streaming.  Here are 5 tips for making the audio stream possible without tearing your hair out.

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