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What Is WebCasting?

What is a CDN?  Content Delivery Network

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Live Streaming Basics

Live Streaming online is the new sleek, modern way to connect with your audience. It’s a fantastic way to bring a live event to a much wider audience that can watch from the comfort of their own home. It’s like when Netflix brought the movie theater to the living room; WebCasting brings concerts, launch parties, weddings, or even your kid’s dance recital to your computer, your phone, and anything with a screen and an internet connection.


What you need to WebCast

There are a million different ways to WebCast depending on your scope of production. Anyone with a smartphone can start a Live Stream on Facebook, but that may not suffice for launching your new fashion line on the runway.


For events important to your business, you may want to invest in professional equipment, and you can additionally have us at American Movie Company handle everything to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted stream.


If you want more than a basic, single-camera setup, TriCaster equipment is a great way to have a more professional and creative stream. You can have multi-camera setups with live-switching between cameras and you can even switch from away from cameras to presentation slides and videos, and you can record your entire program for later re-broadcast.

Content Delivery Networks

A CDN acts as a buffer between your website and the users trying to access it.

When you host a website on your own server, users trying to access it will put strain on your server because it has to load it for every single user that is visiting it. If you’re seeing lots and lots of visitors, soon your website will load very slowly and users will give up on waiting for it. This is due to a lack of bandwidth. It’s not 2006 anymore, no one is going to wait 10 minutes for a 30-second YouTube clip to load, just like no one is going to wait 5 minutes for your page to load. Bandwidth is like a water pipe – a thin pipe isn’t going to allow a lot of water through and all the houses on your street have really weak water pressure. A large, wide pipe lets a lot of water, or a lot of users, to access the same source of water at the same time. So, when it comes to Live Streaming, heavy loads can cause the video quality of your stream to suffer heavily and even stop playing.

CDN World map showing what a CDN does
A CDN prevents slowdowns by saving the newest version of your website to its own array of servers and delivering that to your visitors, completely taking the strain away from your own server, giving you far more bandwidth. You could then provide a 4K Live Stream to potentially millions of viewers across the globe.
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