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Hi Aj Perez here, 

I’ve been producing live WebCasts here at the American Movie Company for the last three years.  It gives me great pleasure to provide the cutting edge streaming technology that allows all those people who wanted to attend a relative’s wedding, a favorite boy’s Bar Mitzvah or virtually any live event but for some reason… time, distance… etc. were just not able.


The animated old lady on the above video is quite informative.  If you have a few minutes listen to her elaborate about Streaming and read on.


What is Live Streaming Video? 

What is Streaming Media?

Live Streaming Video and Media

   If you’ve been online recently (chances are you have been since you’re reading this), then you may have encountered the brand newish craze of live stream video or media in absolutely everything and since you’re here, you probably want to know what live streaming is and how to get in with this hip new media thing.

First, some of the recent history of multi media live streaming. In 2015 social media sites launched live streaming features for their apps. By 2016 live streaming was incorporated in all the main apps and sites we use to communicate today. Live streaming from mobile devices allows people to connect to their base instantly. It is a slick way of tuning in with your followers at anytime of day from any place with internet connection. Some apps allow the live stream to be saved, some last for just a few days. Increasingly more media, news networks and personalities use live streaming as a way of keeping up to date with the growing demand for fast streaming content in the palm of your hands .

So what if you want to go live?  (In a professional way).

Sure, your phone’s camera is nice and those selfies look great but the simple truth is that the live streaming quality of a cellphone is rough at best. So if you want to capture that event and you want your audience to make out your face, you will need some heavy gear and a team of professionals ready to capture and distribute it the right way. That means, of course, that you need a few good cameras, an encoder and a network to deliver the content to your audience. Live stream video is a fantastic way to show off an occasion and maintain and grow your follower base.  People can tune in from anywhere and participate, isn’t the internet great?

Today, live streaming is part of all major events such as concerts, newscasts, sports, games and political debates, speeches, rallies..   You’ll find them streaming constantly on the web. However, professional live streaming is also an excellent way to share your personal moments with family and friends. For example, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, ceremonies or other important events. It is a way to stay connected with those who are close even when they are far away.

Pic of Joana - WebCasting tech
Joana attended a wedding during the summer.  It was WebCast to family and friends scattered around the world.  She in turn, made plans for her very own nuptials in June.  Invitations are going out!

Take a look at the link on the right.  Give Bill Milling a call at 917-414-5489

Pure serendipity!  At the wedding of her best friend, she met the techs involved in Live Streaming the happy event.  As luck would have it, the conversation at one point turned to jobs and re-location and new opportunities.  She now works with us here at AMC.

Exciting streaming gigs ahead, given the holidays coming up both here and in Canada.

What is Streaming Video?

You may want to check out this video – Mr. Mueller comments on YouTube and reminds us (do we who are looking here need to be reminded?) about the Streaming which is now everywhere!  Still… why not give a listen?

Since you’re here take 10 seconds to look at the graphic below.  Simplistic!



Video Streaming is defined here in basic terms.   When discussing video streaming  visual aids are shown to guide you.  We strongly recommended this helpful video to those new to the amazing world of video streaming!

What is Video Streaming?  How does it work?

In this tutorial you’ll learn the basics.

I’ve got to hand it to you!  You are persistent and now much more savvy!

What is Live Streaming Video?  What is Streaming Media?

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