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WebCasting Vancouver,Toronto, Montreal, 


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Jorge - Producer in Canada for the American Movie Company
My wife and I and our two children moved first to Vancouver and loved it.  We are now in Toronto for the duration.  I have a very challenging job as a Producer for the American Movie Company.  I have a staff of 6 to oversee.  They are talented and experts in WebCasting and Teleprompting.  Lately our Live Streaming division has been expanding.  We are over the moon about it.  Steady work in most major cities in Canada.

The morale is high as we approach the Holiday Season.

The picture on the right brings a flood of memories of a wonderful trip to New York this past summer. We actually Live Streamed a concert on that very spot in honor of John Lennon.  There were hundreds of people all singing “Imagine”.

The Imagine tile in honor of John Lennon in Central Park - strewn with flowers.



woman in futuristic scene doing a webcast

The American Movie Company offers simple cost-effective WebCasting Solutions to help you CONNECT with your audience, ADVANCE business relationships, and IMPROVE productivity and profitability.

LiveStreaming Video WebCasting Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

Our offices in Canada work closely with our main hub, as it were, in New York.  Anything we can do in Manhattan can be done elsewhere..

Location LiveStreaming Video Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

We often stream live from event spaces such as theaters. cabarets, hotel ballrooms , clubs and sports venues. Our team can do just the WebCasting and equipment or we can do the entire job providing multiple cameras, lighting, grip and sound gear as well as a full professional webcast crew. Our location clients include: Microsoft, Intel, World Financial Center, Kaplan Learning Centers, Fordham University, etc.

We do huge events with eight or more cameras or small WebCasts from boardrooms, classrooms, etc.

WebCast Anywhere with 4G Bonded Cellular

One of our specialties is streaming live video without an ethernet connection to the web or a WiFi connection. We can provide secure transmission from virtually anywhere there’s a strong cellular service.

We have streamed video from all sorts of places, including the Circle Line ships, a helicopter over Central Park, cameras on the Brooklyn Bridge etc.  We do it live and at full quality.  Years of experience and a fantastic staff dedicated to the craft.

Our Wireless WebCasting technology can stream from virtually anywhere. No local WiFi? No problem. We have LiveStreaming video from vans, boats, helicopters, etc.

As an added bonus we can set up our premier Wireless WebCasting technology in-line with a traditional land based Ethernet system for fail safe redundancy.

WebCasting Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

Jul 29, 2018

Bill Milling
Isabel Scoliard
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