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I’m James Cobin here in the Philadelphia Office of The American Movie Company.  I head a team of seasoned streaming technicians, here to serve the entire Philly Metro area with first class WebCasting services. We have TriCasters and LiveStream Flypacks ready to WebCast your next event to the world.

Our Flypacks can handle up to 12 cameras with HDSDI inputs.  In addition, we can handle another 12 virtual cameras (The LiveStream Mevo or really any web input, PowerPoint, etc.)

Corporate events are our speciality with clients like: Microsoft, Avid, Walmart, Buick, Master Card L’Oreal, et al.  These are typically covered with three to six cameras.  One is usually locked off with a wide angle view of the entire venue and the others manned by seasoned operators under the direction of an experienced Director of Photography (Check our website  for the DP reels of Arie Ohayon, Brian Morgan and JT Trent.)

American Movie Company WebCasting Tech James Cobin Headshot
Lois Green Headshot Office manager
Hi .I’m Lois Green.  I manage the WebCasting facility here in the Philadelphia office of The American Movie Company.  We are happy to provide live video streaming services for the entire Philadelphia Metro area, including Bucks County, Lambertville, Princeton, Trenton, etc.

We will happily provide you with a total streaming package with cameras, crew, Encoding Flypacks with TD/Tech as well as a full event packages for iMag, screens projectors, lights, etc, etc

We here at the American Movie Company understand that some guests may not be able to make it in person. Our premiere WebCasting services and top-of-the-line TriCaster technology are a duo made in heaven.  We are here to help make this event unforgettable.

An expert AMC TriCaster or LiveStream operator can WebCast  any event anywhere on earth so friends and family scattered around the globe can access it from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!

American Movie Company works with you to bring your event to a wider audience. With AMC’s first-rate WebCasting services and premiere TriCaster technology, any event can be a LIVE event.

Mollie The Dog Philadelphia Webcasting office pet
Jazz Night Poster
Executive Meeting banner for WebCasting at American Movie Company
Meet Mollie.

She’s our office mascot and we love her to death.  Mollie is still a puppy and regularly wreaks havoc around the office.  Recently she chewed up everything loose in the kitchen, that included staff  lunches delivered by Seamless.  She ate it all and got sick. And we still adore her!  We’re just suckers for that puny pup.

Live Streaming Jazz

We absolutely love Jazz..  Luckily, we have a long term contract to WebCast every Friday night at a local jazz club.  A member of our staff actually knew Miles Davis!  Pardon me, but we are all jazzed up as we prepare to Live Stream at a different venue this coming month.

Corporate Meetings

We regularly Live Stream  weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,  birthday and sweet sixteen parties.  Our main business, however,  is corporate events for the likes of Microsoft, Avid, Walmart, Master Card, Buick, L’Oreal, etc.

We WebCast Corporate and Family Events

Don’t let your friends and family miss major lifetime markers, such as weddings, birthdays, etc. Whether it is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah  or another special occasion you will want to save it for the future.   WebCast it so that all those who couldn’t make it can enjoy the event via live streaming video..  Avail yourself of our Streaming Services.  We guarantee a long relationship!

Make sure everyone you care about is part of the celebration.  

Aint tech grand?

Corporate Events

Ensure that all of your employees and colleagues stay up-to-date even if they can’t attend your next corporate retreat.

American Movie Company provides professional WebCasting services and state-of-the-art TriCaster technology, making your meeting a LIVE event for those not in attendance.

An experienced AMC TriCaster operator can LIVE STREAM your corporate event to any website, allowing guests to access it from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!


Music Events

Is your venue too small and your audience too big? Make sure no fan is left behind!  WebCast your next concert or event!

An expert AMC TriCaster or LiveStream Flypack Operator/Tech can WebCast your concert or music event to any website or FaceBook Live, YouTube, etc., allowing guests to access it from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!

Help your friends and family enjoy your destination wedding with a live WebCast!  

Whether it be cost, work, bad timing, or all three – it’s disappointing when loved ones are absent from big events in our lives. At American Movie Company, we strive to help solve this problem with our premiere WebCasting services and state-of-the-art TriCaster technology.

An expert AMC TriCaster or LiveStream Flypack operator can WebCast your wedding to any website, allowing guests anywhere in the world to access it from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!

Say “I Do”

…want more information?  Call Bill at 917-414-5489

Bar/Bat Mitzvah pic

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a special ceremony and deserves to be enjoyed by friends and family regardless of where in the world it is taking place and where in the world your guests live.  The concept is simple.  If an invited guest can’t get to the event, we bring the event to them live by WebCasting.

Our live stream team here at American Movie Company Philadelphia office wants to give your extended family and far away friends a LIVE front row seat to this momentous occasion. With our professional WebCasting services and top-of-the-line TriCaster technology, everyone will feel as if they’re right in the room!

An experienced AMC TriCaster operator can LIVE STREAM your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to any website, allowing guests to access it from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!

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Jul 27, 2018

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