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Live Streaming Video Production & WebCasting Services

For more details about WebCasting and to schedule your next event, please contact:

Bill Milling:

Call (917) 414-5489 or email


Call (646) 617-6535 or email

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Fort Lauderdale
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Bidita WebCasting technician

I love that hat and no I was not annoyed – I was caught being pensive.  It was actually a wonderful afternoon.  A group of us had finished a WebCasting gig – a wedding outdoors!  Being in Miami is great fun.  Our jobs have been varied and in different languages.  I have been working for the American Movie Company for a few years in a variety of posts.  I’ve been a Teleprompter Operator, a production coordinator and now am excited about being a WebCast technician.  This job takes me to interesting places.

Bill Milling-917-414-5489
Miranda Sherrell
212-219-1075 Icon Number
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