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WebCasting Hartford, CT

Streaming Video Production 

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For the most heart-felt memory don’t elope, get married in a church or synagogue… actually anywhere! 

The American Movie Company and its WebCasting Services can Live Stream your event from virtually any place!  It can be what everyone will be talking about.  Be unique!    

Host a LIVE WebCast and transform a normal, run-of-the-mill wedding into an affair to remember!

 Loved ones and treasured friends can’t always make it in person.   You’re in luck!  The American Movie Company has a skeleton crew in Hartford to make your dream of a fabulous wedding come true. Top-of-the-line WebCasting and TriCaster gear at the ready.  An avid crew eager to marry their expertise to your vision of the perfect day.

An expert AMC TriCaster operator can send a LIVE STREAM of your wedding to any website, allowing guests remote access from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet!  

Guests both present and absent from the actual location will cheer you on!  This is the stuff that dreams are made of, to paraphrase Sam Spade, Carly Simon, and  Prospero.  Life is fleeting, make it count!  Yes, I’ll say it, Carpe Diem!


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Your 13 year old will thank you now and call you every week as long as he/she lives not out of guilt but out of gratitude.  You reinforced the most wonderful memories when you decided to WebCast this ceremony and ensuing festivities.

At the risk of stating the obvious – a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a ceremony that leaves an indelible mark on one’s childhood.  It is the coming-of-age ritual that involves family and friends, studying, food, dancing and music!  It announces to the world that you are leaving childhood things behind and are embarking on the road to adulthood and attendant responsibilities. It is both wrought with fear and unbridled optimism and full of promise.

Friends and family should be able to enjoy your Bar or Bat Mitzvah from any location!

American Movie Company will help you host your Bar/Bat Mitzvah LIVE. Our professional WebCasting services and state-of-the-art TriCaster technology, everyone will feel as if they’re in the front row, even if they’re outside of the Connecticut area!

An experienced AMC Tricaster operator can LIVE STREAM your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to any website, allowing guests to remotely access from any internet-enabled device!

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The American Movie Company offers simple cost-effective WebCasting Solutions to help you CONNECT with your audience, ADVANCE business relationships, and IMPROVE productivity and profitability.

LiveStreaming Video WebCasting Hartford

Our Hartford office works closely with our main hub, as it were, in New York.  Anything we can do in Manhattan can be done in Boston. Read on for some specific information.

We have a LiveStream Webcasting Studio, TriCaster 455, TriCaster 850 as well as the TriCaster 40 in our soundproof control room. HDSDI cable is connected through the soundproof wall to the studio along with XLR and Clear-Com cables.

The WebCasting stage is 35;’ X .55′ and can be configured with a 15′ wide green screen cyc which can extend 35′ or more and/or a 25′ green screen cyc which can extend 30′ or more. We provide all grip and lighting, power etc in our flat rate pricing structure.

The full control room with Tricaster or LiveStream Studio, monitors, and support equipment rents for $995 per day. The certified TriCaster/Live Stream professional technician is $700 per ten hour day.

Location LiveStreaming Video Hartford

We often stream live from event spaces such as theaters. cabarets, hotel ballrooms , clubs and sports venues. Our team can do just the WebCasting and equipment or we can do the entire job providing multiple cameras, lighting, grip and sound gear as well as a full professional webcast crew. Our location clients include: Microsoft, Intel, World Financial Center, Kaplan Learning Centers, Fordham University, etc.

We do huge events with eight or more cameras or small WebCasts from boardrooms, classrooms, etc.

WebCast Anywhere with 4G Bonded Cellular

One of our specialties is streaming live video without an ethernet connection to the web or a WiFi connection. We can provide secure transmission from virtually anywhere there’s a strong cellular service.

We have streamed video from all sorts of places, including the Circle Line ships, a helicopter over Central Park, cameras on the Brooklyn Bridge etc.

And we do it all live and at full quality.

Our Wireless WebCasting technology can stream from virtually anywhere. No local WiFi? No problem. We have LiveStreaming video from vans, boats, helicopters, etc.

As an added bonus we can set up our premier Wireless WebCasting technology in-line with a traditional land based Ethernet system for fail safe redundancy.

In a live show there is no “do over”.


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WebCasting Hartford, CT

Jul 28, 2018

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