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Live Streaming Video Services NYC

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Live Streaming Video FlyPacks | Switcher Encoders

Live Stream FlyPack & TriCaster Production Specialists

Live Stream & TriCaster Certified Operators, NYC

Devin's Flypack

Live Stream your videos with our Live Streaming Video Services in NYC.

Avail of our Live Streaming Video FlyPacks and professional operators and technicians.

Why Live Stream?

Companies and the video production industry chose this tool as a platform to broadcast their productions and/or services to the world. But it is not exclusive to film industry people.

You can Live Stream any event, be it weddings, worships, corporate and social events, funerals, parties, graduations and a lot more. Our Live Streaming Video Services NYC provides complete live streaming packages, services and rentals.

Millions of viewers and potential customers can be reached through Live Streaming. It is accessible virtually to anyone who has a smartphone, computer and an Internet connection.

Especially during this time of pandemic when social engagements and gatherings are limited, Live Streaming is a invaluable.

Our Live Streaming Video Services NYC provides green screen, white cyc studios and sound stages for your Live Streaming and WebCasting needs.

Live Streaming Video FlyPacks

Our Live Streaming Video FlyPacks is especially design for on-location or remote productions, within or outside New York City.

We can send and/or ship our Live Streaming Video FlyPacks anywhere. And our services are available nationwide!

Remote locations are no problem for us. We are a company of seasoned Live Stream specialists who have been thrown to different locations. We emerged victoriously and polished more than ever.

Having no internet connection? No problem!

We just send you our new Micro FlyPacks along with our “Live Stream anywhere 4G Bonded Cellular Units” accompanied by an experienced technician. Our 4G Bonded Cellular Technology can Live Stream in 1080p from almost any location.

BlackMagic 4K Flypack

Blackmagic ATEM 2M/E 4K Switcher (Supports up to 20 4K30 SDI Inputs, 6 SDI Aux Outputs, Program Out)
Blackmagic ATEM Control Surface
Blackmagic Videohub 40×40 4K SDI Router
Telex RTS Wired Intercom (8 Channel), Wired IFB (4 Channel)
6x Hyperdeck Mini 4K Decks
1x Teranex AV 4K Frame Sync
2x Saturn Stream custom 4K Live Streaming Encoders
2200VA APC Battery Backup

Telex RTS Wired Intercom (8 Channel), Wired IFB (4 Channel)

Currently in the FlyPack are some extra decks and frame syncs, soon to be replaced by dedicated fiber racks.

Built for Innovation

Our Live Stream unit has the advantage of being able to accept constant upgrades Currently, our Live Streaming Video Flypack unit can handle ten cameras and can be expanded to sixteen. Additionally, the Live Stream Flypack is user-serviceable so we constantly upgrade it with the latest graphic cards, memory and motherboards.

“Studio in a Box”

The TriCaster is the best way to capture and stream concerts, production releases, corporate and sporting events and a lot more. It can do all the audio mixing and editing done in a studio.

Here are the TriCasters we offer:

  • TriCaster 860 with control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc.
  • TriCaster 4605 with Control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc.
  • TriCaster Mini with Control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc.

TriCaster Production Specialists and Certified Operators

Operating a TriCaster or a Live Stream Video FlyPack is one thing. To provide technical support for it when things didn’t go as plan is another.

You can be sure that in every TriCaster or Live Stream Video FlyPack you acquire, you are in good hands with the aid of our expert TriCaster production specialists, TriCaster certified operators and Live Stream Video FlyPack experienced technician.

We have NewTek Certified Operators on staff and available 24/7 to ensure you will have a great TriCaster production.

Increasing Demand

Live Streaming is increasing in popularity especially since it offers convenience and opportunities for wide viewing.

Never miss this opportunity!

Call us and see how we are able to upgrade your production to reached millions.

WebCasting FlyPacks

by | Jan 12, 2018

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