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WebCasting Dallas, TX

WebCasting Dallas, TX

Streaming Video Production

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WebCasting has become a popular way of connecting with friends and family separated by geography.  Any major event worth celebrating can be shared with anyone in the country or anywhere in the world!  It is a small world, after all!

The American Movie Company is at the forefront of this technology.  We offer various solutions not only to personal festivities but are dedicated to your business needs.  Essentially, we tailor our services in creative ways to target your audience and develop a better relationship with present and future clients. All this is conducive to a discernable improvement in both productivity and most important profitability.

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Dallas has been welcoming and we are elated to be here and to have had such positive interaction with local venues.  Our experience across the country is extensive.  We have Live Streamed from event spaces such as theaters, hotel ballrooms, clubs, sports arenas, and even from a helicopter.

Our team is professional and accommodating. 

Our aim is to be of service and to make your project the best it can be.  You may avail yourselves simply of our full WebCasting crew or depend on us to provide equipment, cameras, lighting, grip and sound gear. If I may boast a little – our clients include: Microsoft, Intel, the United Nations, the World Financial Center, Kaplan Learning Centers, Fordham University and myriad celebrities, politicians and normal, simple folk like you and me!

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WebCasting Dallas, TX

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