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WebCasting Burning Man 2018

Live Streaming Video Production at Burning Man Live Event

12 Channel LiveStream Video Production Flypack on Location at Burning Man

Live Streaming thanks to Saturn Sat Trucks

Published on 17 Sep 2018

“I did not think you are the kind of girl who goes to Burning Man” – many of my friends said. Burning Man? What is it? Camping, music festival, desert survival, sex/love event??? They call it forum!!! Forum because everybody can express themselves the way they want and for sure, they won’t be judged for that… I would say more – they would be appreciated for that! But the best thing is that in this city everyone can find whatever they are looking for! I met lots of great people who have a deeper purpose of being, enjoyed the atmosphere of sharing and appreciation, were impressed by amazing art objects, surprised by creativity and effort of all people, blown away by soul touching music… Keep burning, keep dreaming, keep smiling, keep loving, keep living.
Ignite Movie

Published on 10 Aug 2018

Burning Man is more than a party. See why people call it home. Dive into a rabbit hole of fire and dust with one of the most captivating events in the world: #burningman. Ignite is a documentary short film captured at the annual social experiment in Black Rock City, Nevada. Filmed during the 2017 event Radical Ritual, Ignite is directed and produced by filmmaker Ryan Moore featuring original score produced by the Grammy Award winning team behind “Mission Impossible: Fallout”, “The Dark Knight” and “Inception”. A cinematic experience into Burning Man, #ignite pays tribute to the community that builds this temporary desert world once each year. Short film 4K video. Director/Producer: Ryan Moore (“Manny narrated by Liam Neeson”) Score Producer: Lorne Balfe (Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Dark Knight, The Crown, Genius) Composers: Max Aruj and Steffen Thum (Mission Impossible: Fallout) Directors of Photography: Jez Thierry and Neil Fernandez Editors: Christian May, Gretchen Schroeder, Ryan Moore Sound Design Mixer: Emmy Award winner Eddie Kim (Sonic Highways) Opening Sequence Illustrator: Anthony Francisco (Marvel Studios) Ignite is also dedicated to Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man. For more information visit

Published on 19 Sep 2018

Wanted to catch and share some Burning Man 2018 moments with you all. This was my first time going, but definitely not my last. This only shows you a SMIDGEN tinyyyyy little bit of what there is to explore out there. It’s a world of endless possibilities and creativity around every corner. Whatever you want to be or do or experience, you can most likely do it at Burning Man, from meditation and yoga to lively dance parties to napping in shaded areas eating brunch foods. In a world that’s consumed by consumerism, objects, ownership and status – it’s refreshing to come to the playa for one week to experience a world of total openness, no judgments, high energy, wonderful friendly people, and so much more. Here’s just a little of the magic that is in the Playa 🙂 Again, it’s not too much footage because I didn’t want to be filming the entire time I was there and miss out what was around me. What you don’t see are: the crazy amounts of events and activities that go on every hour of every day, the amazing kindness and gifting from strangers, our little neighborhood shared lunches and dinners we had together (love you all jolly ranger rejects!), the stunning beauty of every sunrise morning we had, and the many coincidental “playa provided!” “crazy small world” moments that happened out there in the desert.
Burning Man… You’ve probably heard of it. “It’s like Coachella, right?” Is it “a raging hippie orgy in the middle of the desert?” Or a modern day drugged out Woodstock where you can’t shower? Nope! Prepare to get schooled! Here are 18 OMG things you probably didn’t know about the festival where they burn a man. 1. What IS BM? (clock, the Man, art installations) 2. Who goes to BM? 3. No money or bartering 4. Nudity 5. The man burns 6. Burning Man Slang 7. The sand isn’t really sand 8. The Dust Storms 9. No wifi?! 10. It’s cold as sh*t at night 11. The temple 12. Making an Entrance 13. Cost 14. Kids 15. Bacon & Beyonce, 747s, and a free haircut 16. TEDx Talks 17. Porto Potties 18. Tricked Out Bikes

Epic Photos From Burning Man 2018 That Prove It’s The Craziest Festival In The World!

Good To Glow

Published on 7 Sep 2018

My 14th trip to Black Rock City documented through my eyes. Every year I say the same thing, “that was the BEST BURN ever!” but the truth is… They are all so unique, transformative and inspiring! Looking back I can’t pick ONE that stands out as the best trip, but this one was special in a way that no other has been! One year ago my life started a metamorphosis from stale beliefs, broken internal dialogs and poor decisions. This event that has been the one constant in my life for over a decade was the benchmark for how far I’ve come and grown in the last 12 months. Living a full week surrounded by people I love and do whatever I wanted to do was fulfilling and rewarding to my soul. We can NEVER love or let someone love us until we love ourselves.
This journey “home” it was clear to see how much more I love and respect myself then in years past!

Published on 4 Sep 2018

Love, friendship, kindness, tolerance, hospitality, trust and lots and lots of emotions are the words I have to describe the days I spent at Burning Man. It truly increased my belief in humanity. There was also some of the most fascinating Art and Music everywhere. I’m sharing with you some of those in the footage. I had some amazing jam sessions at the BRC piano lounge (videos might come if I get a hold of it), and watched brilliant performances (see video of Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition by my classmate from uni Brad Hogarth of @art_haus_burn Camp in the footage). I’d like to thank each person who was a part of my journey there which I hope to continue next year. #burningman2018
Platypus Garden

Published on 3 Sep 2018

This is the story of my maiden trip to Burning Man in 2018. I plan to post some other videos of specific aspects shortly.
Galactic Seabass

Published on 13 Sep 2018

So that’s what they did with the shopping carts….
Tom Kiesche

Published on 11 Sep 2011

Virgin Burning Man Experience with the Playa Surfers… I did not plan to shoot or edit this video ahead of time, but a week afterward still found myself purging thoughts and feelings from my first burn. 10 days in Black Rock City. 2011.
It was AWESOME and CRAPPY and everything in-between…
And it wasn’t until I returned to Los Angeles, that I realized, it was my own mind which could have made more AMAZING MOMENTS and less CRAPPY ones. I’m pretty sure this is NOT the video you thought I would put together… However, it’s the video that came together. It’s the video that I needed to put together. It’s the video it is. And it’s some of the lessons I had to learn… After all, it only took me all 10 days plus to realize, my “burn” was my “burn.” Thanks for your gifts and contributions to it. Cut out of order, just for fun… From the PixL movie Romantically Speaking

Things that’ll get you Refused Entry or Kicked Out of Burning Man

Project Pterodactyl

Published on 3 Aug 2017

It’s the dreaded fear, you make it all the way to the Burning Man entry gate only to find that you’re being turned around and denied access to the place you’ve been dreaming about heading.
Alternatively you manage to make it through the gates only to be escorted back out again because you’ve misbehaved and people aren’t having any of it.
So here are some tips on how to make sure that you manage to make it through the entry gate and manage to enjoy your time there without risking being ejected. People getting kicked out is pretty rare, but usually the stories you hear of people getting kicked out tend to be fiascos that could have been quite easily avoided. I hope this is helpful guys!
Philippe Meicler

Published on 9 Sep 2018

Je ne peux remplacer ma vidéo par la version 2 que j’ai un peu modifiée, à voir sur Vimeo ou sur mon blog new edit on VIMEO , I cant switch this video with the new one. Et oui, on ne le pensait pas , nous voila de retour à Burning Man pour la 3ème fois. Déjà que la 1ère fois, on avait étonné nos enfants de se rendre dans cet événement unique, il faut bien le dire, dans le désert du Nevada. J’ai raconté sur ma page de Burning Man 2016 ce que représente ce festival comme disent certains ou cet évènement. Ni un festival de musique mais de la musique partout, ni un festival artistique mais des Œuvres d’arts partout, ce n’est pas non plus le Salon de l’auto mais je défie de trouver autant de voitures transformées que sur la playa ( même Stars Wars ne rivalise pas dans la diversité) Pour Larry Harvey, le Co Inspirateur et créateur il y 32 ans , décédé cette année, c’est comme si vous franchissiez une ligne et que vous rentriez dans un autre monde , le monde réel contrairement au “defaut word” où l’on habite habituellement.Et ce avec 10 principes . …. la suite sur mon blog
Aaron Kramer

Published on 8 Sep 2018

Earlier this year on the heels of my Selfie video reaching viral status I received an email from one of the founders of Burningman. As Cultural Ambassador she was on the lookout for artists who fit the broad aesthetic of the Burningman experiment. She asked if I would ever consider going. I said, “yes!”, but in previous years I had too many family commitments. two months later complimentary tickets arrived in my mailbox. While my time on the playa was limited I soaked it all in. Did my research. As I planned for my potential inclusion in this social experiment in temporary public art I couldn’t help but be in awe of those artists who have come to the playa before me. If I pull this off it will be epic.
Thank you Crimson Rose for inviting me.
Mark Day

Published on 2 Sep 2018

A quick iPhone hyperlapse of Burning Man art from 2018
No Usual

Published on 22 Aug 2018

This documentary explores the interactions, emotions, and transformations people experience at one of the world’s most misunderstood events: Burning Man.

2018 Burning Man Adventure

Jesse Poole

Published on 11 Sep 2018

Second year experiencing Burning Man, this time was a whole new experience, made a lot of new friends, saw some crazy cool art, and had the time of my life, yet again.

Published on 17 Sep 2018

If I could describe Burning Man in one word it’d be “surreal.” In fact, the whole festival feels a bit like stepping into a Dali painting. You’re surrounded by art and costumes, into a city of lights and bikes. A lot of time is spent riding around the vast desert landscape with tons of space, attending workshops and events. Sometimes there are large events, sometimes small. But rarely are they intensely crowded, and you’ll always be greeted with a hug.
Wonderhussy Adventures

Published on 5 Sep 2018

Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventures #239 This was my 10th straight year going to the Burning Man Festival, where all my favorite things come together: music, art, weirdos…and the desert! I have a more polished video in the works, but until then, here’s a short recap of how it went this year.
Tree Of Life

Published on 8 Jun 2018

The Tree of Life is a large-scale art installation for Burning Man 2018 and beyond that received an honorarium from Burning Man Arts. The 10-story art piece in Burning Man history, reminds us of our deep connection with each other and all life on this planet, while inviting us to participate in opportunities of transformation and creative interactivity. Please support our campaign to bring the Tree of Life to Burning Man 2018!
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