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American Movie Company WebCasts Reveal of New Buick Avenir

Video Streaming Directly to FaceBook Live


WebCast of new Buick Avenir at huge stage on NYC Stage. American Movie Company logo on lower right
Angel “AJ” Perez, Webcasting Producer working with Arié Ohayon, Director of Photography organized the Live Streaming of the event at the 19th Street Pier Studio on Manhattan’s West Side.

( Please connect with AJ and Arié on LinkedIn).

American Movie Company Webcasting Techs in control room logo .white dog on red . background with silver outer ring . with URL name
The shoot day began promptly at 9 AM and everyone, not just car enthusiasts, was excited.  The crew set up several cameras to capture footage of the vehicle (exterior and interior) itself. This footage would later be intercut with the Live Stream in order to show the car detailing in depth.

A Sony EX3 was rigged to a Dolly, and a Sony A7S II was rigged to a Ronin to achieve the necessary shots.

Everyone in attendance was given the opportunity to approach the Enclave Avenir and revel in its sleek, sumptuous, appearance.  Most were particularly impressed with family-friendly highlights such as the eight-inch LCD screen.  It also has 4G, wireless connectivity!  The stunning design gives us all a glimpse into the future.  Many took the obligatory selfie!


Once the three Sony PMW 350 cameras were locked, Arié set off to the Edit Suite next to the Flypack setup.

We’d built it that way to facilitate our job.  Both Arié and Devin then began assiduously working together to prepare assets that would be used in the WebCast.

The final call for crew to get into position was announced. Arié, Lou and Romain manned the three Sony EX3s, while Eduardo took on Camera Operator duty and manned the small Sony A7S II.


After the event came to an end, the crew packed up and loaded equipment onto the truck to be returned the following day. 

They then celebrated a successful shoot by scarfing down hot, spicy pizza over at famous Artichoke Basille’s!

Man stanfing of white blocks in the sky . caption Webcast Anywhere
Image Bill Milling Headshot . silver hair glasses against blue studio back drop

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