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Michelle Elliot. headshot Staff at American Movie Company
Hi I’m Michelle Elliott,  I work at the American Movie Company as a producer in the Webcasting department.  We live stream all kinds of live events, corporate meetings, concerts, weddings, etc.

LiveStreaming was a major source of my personal income before I joined the company and now I can use my skills to push AMC’s WebCasting services from all our East Coast offices.

So , what’s the big secret?   How can you make Webcasting profitable?

I suggest you begin by watching the video above, these popular, somewhat  stereotypical Youtubers, have a number of great suggestions.  Listen, I get it, they’re a little peppy for me too but if you can bare it they do provide some relevant information for people who want to make some cash from their personal live streaming sessions.

Here’s the thing, Barbara sort of makes it seem like you absolutely have to have this super spunky poppy person trying all these outlandish things to get the subs. I suggest you take this with a grain of salt,.  Yes it is entertaining to watch someone be super excited about stuff on the web, but Youtube definitely thrives on unique, interesting and real personalities and those factors come through in all kinds of interesting and profitable ways.


Ways to Make Money WebCasting

Live Streaming for Profit


If you want to make serious money from live streaming you have to interact constantly and intimately with your audience. Your interactive presence is your most valuable asset in WebCasting.  So, log onto your account and pay close attention, respond to any and all feedback, comments, criticisms, etc.

When to do this carefully and creatively, you will not only have fun but you will rapidly increase the number of people who actually enjoy following you.

And remember to always include a strong CTA.  That’s  your “Call To Action.” In this case it’s a constant reminder to subscribe right away so your growing army of followers don’t miss anything.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, the most important thing to do if you want to make money from WebCasting is gain those subscribers, get the views, the likes, the follows, the shares and everything.  Put yourself on that and you’ll be making well on your way.

Youtube provides several options to monetize your live streaming, Barbara, in the video above, mentioned having a sponsor button on her page where viewers can pay a small sum in exchange for a virtual perk. You can also link your channel to other crowd funding sites for example Patreon.  Look it up.

Again, the most important thing is that you get those people engaged in your live stream, so they can participate by contributing to your page. Then as  a creator themselves, they will be motivated to click on that sponsor button to support your page.

Have fun! There’s all sorts of people online looking to spend a few bucks on original content.

That being said, at AMC we’re here to help you make your live stream pop and produce the quality material your audience wants. So by creating original, informative, well written content you will attract and maintain an increasing number of followers to interact, subscribe and donate to your page.

Click here to find out more about our live streaming service .

And let us know what you think!

It takes being extremely proactive as a business person to make it in live streaming.
If you don’t have the time to watch this 19 minute video on the various ways to generate revenue from your Youtube channel, here’s the basic gist of what he’s trying to say.
You cannot go to Youtube as an influencer today and expect to generate substantial income solely from Youtube adverts ( I mean you can, if you have a massive channel with gazillions of followers, and if you do you probably already know the game well, and if so what are you doing here anyway?).
So you will have to get creative, explore your options and create a business around the content you are trying to make. This involves finding your niche, ( there an old saying in online marketing  “Without a niche, life’s a bitch!)   So, spend some time searching for that sweet spot that makes you different.  Maybe trying out affiliate marketing and selling your own merch in your own online store.  but there are many, many  ways in which you can incorporate products in your content and generate sales everyday.
You can do it, there’s a way!

Make Money WebCasting | Live Streaming For Fun & Profit

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