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Parm Girn, producer, writer at American Movie Company

Parm Girn, producer, writer at American Movie Company


Live compositing has become very popular in Green Screen studio productions due to the fact that it significantly eases the post-production process.

Live compositing technology and software continue to evolve. There has been a consistent major player in the industry – the TriCaster.

For those who don’t know what live compositing is – it is the process of filming in front of a green screen, but recording with the green background replaced with the desired image. This means that although talent is filmed against green in real life, you will see the talent in front of your desired background in the camera feed.

The beauty of the TriCaster is that you can achieve this effect from multiple camera angles.

TriCasters are multi-functional pieces of equipment that can take any production to the next level. Its use isn’t limited to live compositing Green Screen footage that will be edited later. It can also live composite and broadcast footage in real time.

What does this mean? It means that you can record a live show, in front of a green screen, and have the composited result broadcasted to your audience across the internet, all in real time.

TriCasters can be not only used for live compositing in the green screen studio, but can also be used to LiveStream major events, even if there is no wi-fi or internet available. Digital animation, including lower thirds and graphs, can also be added for audience viewing.
TriCaster for Green Screen and Live WebCasts | Live Streaming Video 1
The American Movie Company can supply different types of TriCasters along with a certified operator for all your production needs.

Give us a call at 917.414.5489 or email [email protected] to learn how to take your next green screen studio session or event to the next level.



American Movie Top of the line LiveStream / Tricaster Flypack in large rolling multi RU unit
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The words "Live Webcast: carved in wood white BG

TriCaster for Green Screen and Live WebCasts | Live Streaming Video

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