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RuPaul’s Drag Race, Green Screen WebCast


It’s not well known but Absolute Vodka has long been a champion of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender lifestyles. For more than thirty years they have incorporated the extreme and outrageous lifestyles of drag queens, et al. in their advertising. They should be applauded for their sensitivity and courage. These days it’s no big deal but for a major company to step forward like that but decades ago, when times were far less tolerant, it was an act of corporate bravery. So here we go with the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drad Race

Last week the American Movie Company Tribeca Green Screen studio was the venue for the latest Absolute Vodka Drag Queen extravaganza. While RuPaul, herself was not there, her flamboyant influence was everywhere to be seen.

Dozens of Drag Queens, each more outrageous than the next, sang, danced, strutted and exuded maximum attitude. Any movie start would have been envious of the fantastic hairdos, the gorgeous gowns and sheer talent of these ladies.

The main part of the elaborate production took place in the huge American Movie Studio stage (35′ X 55′) in the trendy TriBeCa section of Manhattan. The green screen stage saw most of the action. This way each lady could be composited in post-production into her own unique and appropriate background. As the theme of the elaborate shoot was “Absolute Outrageous“. The American Movie Company green screen technology made it possible to make the digitally composited background a perfectly appropriate setting for the elaborately “out there” performances of the drag queens.

As AMC has an new Tricaster 450 Extreme the entire event could have been webcast live. The digital compositing of the Drag Queens into the virtual sets could have been accomplished in real time with the Tricaster but such was not to be the case here. It was decided that more material, shot separately would be incorporated into the pieces before release.

The production crew show everywhere in the huge AMC studio even in CEO Bill Milling‘s private office. The museum quality original artwork by famed photographer, Jacob Getz ,which adorned the entire facility as well as the private office added immeasurably to the upscale production value of the shoot.

It was a long, long day. Over fourteen hours, but at least one AMC crew member, the talented Rosemary Ponzo felt it fly by in what seemed like minutes. Rosemary Ponzo, our highly talented make up artist and wardrobe designer with several decades in the feature film and Network TV biz was high on her creativity the entire time. All agreed that Rosemary and her lovely assistants did a magnificent job on the Drag Queens’ outrageous appearance.

The Tricaster 450 Extreme (TCXD450) made the shoot go extremely quickly as we were able to incorporate 4 HD cameras and switch between them to produce a live show.

Ru Pauls Drag Race Green Screen WebCast | TriCaster 8000

by | Dec 26, 2011 | Live Stream, Live Streaming, Live Streaming Video, Live WebCasting, WebCasting

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