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OBS vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software?

How to Grow a Twitch Channel From Scratch

How to get started with OBS Introduction to Open Broadcaster Software.  In this video you will learn how and where to download the free software and how to get your first sources set up.

How to Grow a Twitch Channel From Scratch :

Welcome to my UPDATED Best OBS Streaming Settings 2018 Tutorial! These settings will give you amazing quality for your gaming streams when broadcasting content to services such as YouTube Gaming, TwitchTV, Mixer, etc. My aim for this video was to teach you all the best OBS studio settings for streaming 1080p 60fps and the best OBS settings for streaming in general.

As I mentioned in the video already, I’ve made a video on the Best OBS Recording Settings in the year 2018 if you are interested in that (link is below). Since these are the best OBS studio settings, they may not be the best settings for a bad PC. I tried to cover the settings for ALL upload speeds so these should be the best OBS streaming settings for bad internet as well as someone who wants to stream in 1080p60fps with OBS. Enjoy!

0:25 Where to get OBS Studio 0:59 Setup Screen Capture Area 2:48 Change, Delete and Priority of Display Source 3:26 Microphone and Desktop Audio 4:15 User Interface 5:21 General Settings 5:53 Stream Settings 6:18 Output Settings 6:59 Audio Settings 7:17 Video Settings 8:09 Hotkey Settings 8:21 Advanced Settings

The Best EASY OBS Stream setup for the BEST quality is 1080p 60fps lag free

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This video will teach you guys how to stream using the amazing FREE program OBS Studio in 2017 with the BEST SETTINGS i have tried and tested. For 1080p 60fps super smooth lag free, livestreams using PC, Phone, Xbox one, ps4 and more to YouTube YouTube Gaming and Twitch live! This is a full fast, easy setup guide for both beginners and experienced people.


Your Upload? = Your Bitrate U = Upload — B = Bitrate U = 1 / B = 800 U = 2 / B = 1600 U = 3 / B = 2400 U = 4 / B = 3200 U = 5 / B = 4000 U = 6 / B = 4800 U = 7 / B = 5600 U = 8 / B = 6200 U = 9 / B = 7000 U = 10 / B = 7800 U = 11 / B = 8400 U = 12 / B = 9000 (DO NOT Go higher than 9000)

In today’s video I’ll be showing you how to Stream to Twitch.TV using OBS studio. These are the best settings you will ever possibly get.

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