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Megan Fox Wonder Woman Webcast

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By Candice Rankin

Webcasting Producer

Wonder Woman is a super-hero dating back to the 1940’s when she made her first appearance in All Star Comics volume number 8. Since then Wonder Woman has appeared almost completely with DC Comics. The persona is based on, and considered to be a princess of the Amazon women whom as a result of her travels comes to spend most of her time on Earth with the mankind. Her home is an island referred to as Themyscira(prior to now Paradise Island) termed after the Greek home of the legendary Amazon women.

The character is a heroine and has a lot of super-human talents that appear to change in accordance with the writer or situation Wonder Woman finds herself in. Most notably she has super human strength, speed, intellectual and mental abilities. On top of that she has demonstrated the skills to speak with animals, perform telepathy, blow wind gusts at outstanding speeds, and occasionally fly.

Wonder Woman has indestructible bracelets(which in many story lines can’t be removed), and the Lasso of Truth, which if lassoed by, captives are magically forced to be truthful. The Lasso is usually said to be indestructible and can also be lengthened at an endless length. Wonder Woman also has a tiara that possesses super qualities, and she can throw the tiara with a boomerang-like effect.

Together with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman comprises DC Comic’s so called “Trinity” which is basically indicating they are the three most powerful and iconic characters in the DC Comic Universe.

Apart from being heroic & superhuman, Wonder Woman is incredibly beautiful. The objective behind these qualities appeared to be her makers attempt to suggest that women can easily posses every one of these attributes at the same time, thus to help liberate the women of that time from becoming chained in or pigeon-holed by males of their period.

Through the years, Wonder Woman has retained a high level of popularity considering that she is a woman in an otherwise man infested world, from both the world of comic characters and the customers who buy them. As a result she has been somewhat of a trailblazer in the business which has since added figures such as Super Girl, Wonder Girl, Cat Woman, and Marvels long list of female characters such as Jean Grey/Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, Mystique, and so on.

In recent months there was a TV show pilot on NBC that has been cancelled though it may resurface on an alternate network in the near future. There are also rumors that the motion picture idea has been thrown around which would seem to match the recent increase of super hero movies lately.

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The Wonder Woman movie is a project that has been in-development for years and years now. It has been off and on since way back in 2005 (at least), until earlier this year when it was reported that Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures were trying to get the project moved along (finally), looking for a good spec script and the “right” director to bring the female superhero to the big-screen.

Hollywood hottie-of-the-minute Megan Fox has ben rumored to play Wonder Woman in the movie version, and this was only further sparked when a fan-made image of her in the outfit made its way online (shown above and below). However, like the rumors of her taking over from Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Fox has denied speculation that she would play Wonder Woman.

But if you’re thinking she might want to do it if asked… not only does she deny she’s been approached, but she flat-out disses the character and the idea of a movie featuring her:

Megan Fox Wonder Woman Webcast

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