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World Event WebCasting

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Share this once-in-a-lifetime event with friends and family anywhere in the world.

The Problem

  1. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, all have invited guests who, because of geography, can’t attend the event.
  2. Event photographers shoot videos which don’t get to the clients for weeks and at times months.   This generation demands instant gratification!


Friends and family from distant parts of the world would love to attend your event.   Other than a personal problem, long distance may prevent them from coming.   Here’s an idea…WebCasting Your Wedding , WebCasting Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah,WebCasting Your Special Event


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Enter a creative solution…

WebCasting Anywhere


Woman among others - Live Event WebCasting - WebCast Anywhere

The Solution.   Make your next event a…

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In this post-Netflix world… everybody knows about WebCasting.



We would provide a Fly Pack Steaming Studio. It’s a 4R U rack-mounted system on wheels. Think of this as a total video production studio in a box. It will have everything a production truck would have needed. It has two built-in DVR’s, it can sore and incorporate video, graphics, and images, lower thirds, and titles and end crawl sequences. It can fade, dissolve and cut between as many as 8 cameras.   We have four of these units in NYC.  One in LA.   The TD (Technical Director/operator) will ingest any previously shot videos of the principals and insert them into the show.   We can provide the cameras and the camera top video transmitters to send the HD video and sound back to the Webcast Studio for live WebCasting to the world.


Live Event WebCasting


Much more than a traditional wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah video. This is a show! So make your next event a…Live Streaming World Event

Clapboard - HD Live Stream


This is a state of the art affordable solution for all those special events where potential guests from all over the world are prevented by geography form attending in person.   Now thanks to recent advances in portable Live Streaming technology you can WebCast your next event live for all your friends and family around the world.


Live Streaming Video from your event space graphic with exploding TV set

Live Streaming Video
from your event space

We can Live Stream your event with our Flypack which can mix inputs from one to ten HD cameras as well as an additional ten wireless remote controlled Mevo cameras.  So, we will work with your preferred event photographer/videographer to incorporate their stills and video into your live presentation which can be projected onto a screen(s) in the event space itself as well as sent live all over the world to friends and family on their smart TV’s, smartphones and iPads.

We do not compete with wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah photographers.   We work with them to give you the most memorable experience.  Professionalism and mutual respect rule the day!

World Event WebCasting

Aug 1, 2016

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