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TriCaster 850 Rental

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Rent a TriCaster 850 for your medium to large scale live broadcasting or live WebCasting production.

Right out of the box, TriCaster 850 is a complete, integrated solution for pros delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD.  With a fully loaded, 24-channel switcher, whopping eight-source ISO recording, and the world’s most powerful integrated effects system (can you say 3D?), your productions shine.  The hardware control surface is a highly responsive console for hands-on navigation of the system UI, giving you another choice for driving your live productions.  Plus, you get additional video, graphics, animations, and virtual sets to help you meet today’s viewer demands, in a highly competitive marketplace.

Volumes of customizable signature looks make each program distinct.
Impressive effects with real-time cloth dynamics, warping video, overlays and sound.
Higher-capacity media storage accommodates a high volume of project work.
The flexibility to go from show, to show, to show, adding new camera angles along the way – up to eight, for the most sophisticated programs.
Built-in live streaming at the push of a button.
Access all sources and functions with an included hardware control surface.
Stream, broadcast, project and record – all at the same time – so you can meet viewers wherever they watch, now or later.

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