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TriCaster 8000 Rental

It’s no secret that today’s high tech broadcasting world grows ever more complex and challenging.

New cutting edge technologies arrive by the nanosecond.

The future will be owned by those smart media networks that cost-effectively create masterful multi-channel and multi-branded content.  Content created for viewing on all screens… TV, computers, pad, phone.   Whatever.

Content that uses powerful, virtual sets that replace costly physical ones.

Content produced by a single creative individual on one “bad ass” box.

TriCaster 8000

The TriCaster 8000, turns these challenges into creative solutions that allow you to quickly monetize one low investment rather than be swallowed by many more costly ones that are not designed and built to seamlessly perform together.

In order to stream broadcast-quality HD you simply can’t afford to overspend by cobbling together a bunch of  2nd  and 3rd party overpriced tech traps which become obsolete as soon as you plug them in.

You want one affordable device with all those ‘bells and whistles” already built-in.

You want synergy and synchronicity in a single expandable, upgradeable system.

Put simply… you want a TriCaster.

And for serious broadcasting solutions that means the exciting new, TriCaster 8000.

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Rent a TriCaster 8000 for your large scale live broadcasting or live WebCasting production.

Control all variations of your branded program output. Deploy multi-channel delivery with simultaneous streaming and social media publishing. And all the integration points in between. Built for broadcasters, brands, content owners and media mavens to publish and repurpose spectacular multi-media productions.

It’s s the first truly professional video publishing hub built to bend mixed media into a stunning live event.

TriCaster 8000 is the model that delivers the most extensive integration with broadcast operations, It features remote control of a redundant system. Router support for large-scale enterprise production. A 24-channel switcher Professional audio mixing, and up to 14 output destinations.

And, with the world’s most powerful integrated effects system now made even more powerful with insanely innovative visual effects (you’ll have to see them to believe you can actually create them yourself), you’ll have your audience hooked on every screen.

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