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TriCaster Rentals: TriCaster 8000, 860, 460, Mini

Tricaster Rentals - 4K Live Stream Console

TriCaster 3 Play 440 4X2 with 23″ Monitor Per System  $695 day  $2,085 Week

NYC 917-414-5489| LA 818-434-9660 |Toll-free 800-811-7805


TriCaster Rentals NYC

TriCasters 8000, 855, 455, 460, 40

We have NewTek Certified Operators on staff and available 24/7 to ensure you will have a great TriCaster production.

TriCaster 860 with control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc. 

TriCaster 4605 with Control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc. 

TriCaster Mini with Control Surface, monitors, keyboard and cables, etc. 

TriCaster Certified Operator $600 a day.


These units set a new professional standard as a cost-effective, replacement for the traditional “video truck” for portable, live production and WebCasting HD video. Put simply, the TriCaster is now the best way to capture and stream sporting events, concerts, product releases, corporate events, etc.

The TriCaster has been dubbed a “studio in a box” as it can mix HD video from up to eight HD cameras, mix the video and audio signals, show each camera’s view as well as “preview” and “program out” on a production monitor. The two internal DVRs will store assets such as video, stills, graphics, etc. to be recalled on demand in the WebCast as well as saved to hard drive.

Simultaneously, the units will composite actors against Green Screen and incorporate all within high-quality digital sets in real time. And with the new 455 model, the composite ISO from each individual camera will be saved along with all graphic overlays, alpha channels, lower thirds, etc. in full 1080p to one of the unit’s internal hard drives along with the final program out. And, everything can be streamed live right out of the box.

As the long awaited “digital convergence” is now rapidly becoming a worldwide reality, WebCasting is becoming increasingly popular not only augmenting traditional cable TV but, in many instances, replacing it. And by all indications this trend will continue to escalate exponentially.

It is now common for producers to spend just one day in our new Tribeca WebCasting Studio and produce between two and six, totally finished, half-hour shows. There is no longer the need to waste time and incur expenses on post-production. All of the creative decisions can be made then and there. The director actually sees the composited video with all the digital overlays, mixed to his/her liking right on the spot. And when corrections need to be made, it’s easy to just stop and re-record the shots or insert another camera angle.

Our state-of-the-art VSE (Virtual Set Editor) and Lightwave Software allow our digital VFX artists to create photo-real or fantasy virtual sets to the exact specifications of our clients to perfectly enhance their “brand”. These sets are then available for our clients’ future shows at the push of a button. A traditional set that might cost a quarter of a million dollars or more and take weeks to build and then leave the producer with additional costly build, strike and storage costs can be created digitally for several thousand dollars in a few days’ time.

But there’s more. The AMC technicians have added additional hardware and software to the TriCaster to create System 6. That is six components that work synergistically to put our TriCasters “on steroids”.


We rent all TriCaster models:TriCaster 8000 The TriCaster 850, (TCXD850), TriCaster 455 The TriCaster 40


Please call 917-414-5489 for an appointment to see a demonstration of the new TriCaster Systems

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