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Uses for live streaming video production services

Make Your Next Event... a "World Event".
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Live Stream Your Wedding

Happy couple WebCasts their wedding - American Movie Co provided services.
Happy couple at WebCasting of their wedding - American Movie Co provided services.

Webcast Your Wedding


Are you planning a wedding?  

A destination wedding, perhaps?

Are you bummed that your nearest and dearest are unable to attend due to the financial burden or distance?

Are you afraid of hurting feelings?

If you invite some people you feel you have to invite everyone?

I know how to help you relax and enjoy the planning!

Consider Live Streaming your wedding! 

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 Invite Everyone! Bring Friends and Family Together no Matter Where They Live! 

Those who can’t come to your actual wedding can still “attend” virtually and share in your bliss!

Wedding WebCast: Cropped picture of bride holding bouquet and holding hands with groom in a forest background.
Cropped picture of bride holding bouquet and holding hands with groom in a forest background.

Allow me to elaborate. 


Live Streaming gives couples the opportunity to share their most important, joyous, memorable moment (s) with anyone in the world.  


It is widely known that many couples don’t have the luxury of living in the same state as their loved ones. 

More often than not, your besties from high school have long since packed their bags and moved to the opposite coast. In other cases, life circumstances have put quite a distance between you and family and friends. C’est la vie!

 Wedding Table Decorations, Wedding Reception. WebCasting your Wedding.

This separation, of course, is a significant factor.  Some people cannot travel far and must incur expenses in order to be at your wedding. I am aware that no one takes this personally. Still it does cause stress. 

WebCasting, Live Streaming your Wedding with American Movie Company. Happy married couple enjoying a sunset.
Live Streaming Video Production Company NYC | Live Streaming Services New York 4
WebCast Happy bridal couple dance on their wedding day.

While everyone loves to be invited, some must consider the financial aspect. Missing work, buying airline tickets, hotel, and car rental do add up. Throw in the cost of a babysitter for the kids or your dog, and well… you see what I mean. 

Consider also that some may have health issues and going to your wedding places undue hardship on them. 

 No matter the reason for their inevitable absence,  

Live Streaming is the solution! 

Everyone and their mother, literally, can join you in your anticipated celebration.

All of this happens in real time!

It adds that extra element of awesomeness and ensures no one misses the magic of your big day. 

Live Streaming is gaining popularity among millenials, those engaged and getting married.  

(I mean it both in terms of their having the ring, but also I mean to say that these young people are politically aware and socially conscious. They are engaged!)

WebCast: Live Stream Bride and groom dance on their wedding day.

Tech-savvy couples are seeing the benefits in WebCasting Live their once-in-a-lifetime events. In many cases, they try to save money by choosing a smaller venue, cut cost by limiting the choices of catered food, etc.  They juggle things and save on something else. 

And if  your wedding happens to take place in an obscure and distant location you can count on our team to be there. We have experience in HD Live Streaming from helicopters, boats, vans, and a variety of outdoor locations. Lack of WiFi is no problem for us. Read more about the benefits of Live Streaming. 

Our WebCasting services are as versatile as they are reliable. 

WebCast Your Wedding - slightly out of focus picture of bride in background - flowers on the right - Live Streaming - American Movie
WebCast Your Wedding - slightly out of focus picture of bride in background - flowers on the right - Live Streaming - American Movie

Many conclude that what is priceless is having their “I do’s” on film for the rest of their lives and relish the thought that everyone they wanted to see them make those vows was there! 

WebCasting Weddings - groom kneels before his bride - Guests look on in background (soft focus) WebCasting of happy event.

Don’t forget that this epic day or ritual can be shared on many platforms.  Maybe you’ll set up a private YouTube channel. Tap those supportive followers on Facebook and flood your social media.  Post that beautiful wedding dress on Instagram. 

Consider Live Streaming your wedding and attendant celebrations!  

Share your joy with friends and family scattered around the world!

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WebCast / Live Stream Corporate Events

WebCasting Large group at Corporate Event  listen to man at podium - all in silhouette - blue background.
Large group at Corporate Event  listen to man at podium - all in silhouette - blue background.

Live Streaming Corporate Events


By now, most people have heard of WebCasting and Live Streaming. However, many still have a vague idea and remain in the dark about it. 

They are unaware of its benefits in terms of enhancing their business.

Live Streaming corporate events, for example, is a powerful way to expand your business brand.   

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It continues to gain massive momentum.

Its popularity and demand exhibit no sign of slowing down in this tech savvy age.

On the contrary, its rise continues and promises to become an integral part of every facet of any business.

The question then becomes –

Do you want to get ahead of the game?

Let us demystify Live Streaming and provide a clear picture of what it is and how it will benefit your business.

It’s about building connections.

Live Streaming conferences to different branches of a business all over the world helps keep employees and administrator on the same page. AMC is highly experienced in the art of Live Streaming important corporate events. We have been an integral part of board rooms across the nation.

Out of focus picture (on purpose) of people listening to those on a panel. WebCasting/ Live Streaming event
WebCasting/Live Streaming banner - background out of focus - Corporate Events

Let us demystify Live Streaming and provide a clear picture of what it is and how it will benefit your business.

It’s time to catapult your corporate events into another stratosphere!

Live Streaming and WebCasting are, essentially, the same thing. They are interchangeable names of the same service, one that allows the broadcast of any event, i.e. a concert, lecture, funeral, wedding, Bar Mitzvah etc. and allows it to stream over the internet in real time.

WebCast: Laptop on desk - hands holding pencil - Live Streaming

Social media marketer, Bryan Kramer describes Live Streaming as an inexpensive “key marketing and communications tool that helps brands reach their online audience.”

  Although it’s possible to be a “DIY streamer” (from a fan’s POV amidst a sea of sweaty concert goers), the intention of this article is to discuss professional Live Stream services as a measure of building business revenue while expanding your business’ overall presence and untapped capabilities and potential.

This type of Live Streaming requires the expertise of a company familiar with Live Streaming such as The American Movie Company in NYC.

Live Streaming corporate events enables your business to send its core message and product services to people who are unable to attend in person.

One of the important benefits of streaming live HD Video is that it gives you the opportunity to engage a wider audience and reach people anywhere.  You can do it in real time and record it! 

You can edit the highlights from the live event and send your link out via email, YouTube, or to any social media outlet and allow other people to do the sharing for you.

WebCast: People around desk with computer - Live Streaming an event

Live Streaming corporate events is the best way to show off your keynote speakers and to get people engaged in your core message.

This is also an incredible way to increase future attendance. According to Digitell, “15%-30% of virtual attendees will come to your physical event the following year.”

The Live Stream event acts as a first impression of sorts. It allows your business and its concepts to make the first move and introduce themselves while the virtual attendees are in the comfort of their own home or office. One clever marketing tip is to offer our virtual attendees a discounted code for next year’s event. ( Hey, you heard it here first).

WebCast: Live Streaming Corporate Events - Man seen from the back addfressing a room full of people in soft focus.

Live Streaming and WebCasting provide a direct connection with your audience.

There is nothing more essential than audience participation when it comes to the success of any event.

WebCasting Corporate Events

This interaction plays a vital role in making the virtual attendee feel seen, heard and important. Remember, if you can engage your audience – you’ve already won.

Creating a genuine connection with the audience expands mutual trust and is a cornerstone for your business moving forward and forging new connections. People will want to know more about how they can get involved in your business and will want to share it with their friends. Chat boxes often accompany Live Streamed events. This feature enables the virtual attendees to participate in real time and ask speakers on the panel or lecture – real questions.

Live Streaming your Corporate Events is an immeasurable way to contribute to the maximum success of the digital strategy of your business.  

Archive your event!

Record your event for future releases and newsletters.  Send it to  those incredible keynote speakers as a reminder of the power held in the room that day.

Re-live those moments and remind people of your message. Following up on emails, blog posts, social media posts and so on can reawaken and give new life to old footage. You may even want to use multiple segments from these events for future marketing campaigns or fundraisers.

The opportunities are limitless!

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Close up of Torah being held by males - WebCasting of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Live Streaming – Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 


Mazel Tov!

Everyone recognizes the Bar/Bat mitzvah ritual as a very intimate, personal and emotional experience for families. In the Jewish community, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony marks a significant transformation in the role and life of a child.

The ability to Live Stream this remarkable event is becoming a common and expected feature at synagogues.

Live Streaming and WebCasting are synonymous in meaning. Both are ways to broadcast an event over the internet in real time.

This growing phenomenon provides an easy and effective way for all of your friends and loved ones to participate in such a momentous day.

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 A huge benefit of Live Streaming is that it provides an archive of that historically important moment in time.  

Real Time.

An indelible fingerprint to be viewed countless times and shared with countless people. 

Preparation for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah begins years in advance. I know I don’t have to tell you this, it’s simply a gentle reminder of its importance and the need for it to be recorded for posterity.  

A lot of work, study and prayer goes into it and culminates when your son or daughter reach that special age when they transition into a man or woman. These celebrations and hallmark moments mark massive changes and affect the entire family.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony recognizes and celebrates the shift in the role of the son or daughter and symbolizes a major lifetime event in the path toward becoming a Jewish adult.

WebCast: Table set up for celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvah - gold plates.
Rabbi and kids soon to be adults read the Torah Live Streaming or WebCasting  this event

The ability to Live Stream or WebCast this event involves more than just your Rabbi, family and friends. It’s a way to commemorate history- YOUR history, YOUR herstory. It’s a way to get your entire community involved.

Live Streaming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah allows anyone who cannot be there in person to witness every single moment of that transformational ceremony – in real time. 

Live Streaming can also prepare you for what you need to know ahead of time. Tune in to your Synagogue’s tutoring, teaching, lessons and webinars.

·    How to have an aliyah

·    How to read Hebrew

·    How to chant from the Torah

·    How to chant part or all of a Haftarah

·    How to write and deliver a Dvar Torah.

There is nothing more powerful than witnessing the special moments that we all know happen once in our lifetime. If being physically present isn’t possible for your grandson’s or granddaughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, don’t forget to ask about it being Live Streamed. It’s the next best thing to being there in person AND you can share it with all of your friends!

Laptop Live Streaming a Bar Mitzvah, WebCasting from American Movie Company.

It’s becoming common practice for synagogues to WebCast these incredible moments.  

Check out the website for almost any synagogue and you will find a header dedicated to Live Streaming. That’s because we live in a world that is craving connection. We live in a world that is moving so fast that sometimes we forget to stop and connect.

Don’t let the precious moments of life pass you by. Share them with your friends, family, community and world by Live Streaming the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Keep it as a part of your personal history. The meaning and significance of the day will live on for generations to come!

WebCasting Bat Mitzvah venue - tables set up - large windows

WebCasting / Live Streaming Sweet 16 Parties 

Sweet 16 Party - people around table with cake and other goodies.  WebCasting Live Streaming

Live Streaming – Sweet 16  


It’s never too late to learn something new!  Allow me tell you a tale of woe and enlightenment.

  I am taking poetic license and re-telling my friend’s experience.  I will assume her role and mine will be the narrator.  Bear with me.  Take me at face value. Don’t expect logic. 

Travel with me to March 9, and my daughter’s birthday celebration. The lights are out and the energy in the room is palpable. There is an excitement coupled with a coming-of-age vibe that surrounds the smiling face of the birthday girl. The massive cake appears from around the corner with sparkling candles and resplendent frosting.  Onlookers imbue it with emotions and reflect upon the shared experiences with joy and love. 

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A friend asks “Don’t you wish you could freeze this moment in time?”

Yes, I do! The one telling this story interjects.

As you ponder where time went and how it is possible that your baby girl is entering adulthood, the singing of Happy Birthday jolts you back to reality.  The celebration continues for quite a while and later when you and a few devoted guests clear the beautifully set tables with the plates now spotted with cake and melted ice cream, and gather the strewn, torn wrapping paper and colorful bows, you again reminisce.

When back in the comfort of your humble abode you and your husband put your exhausted, precocious 12 year-old to bed. Sitting on the sofa, drinking champagne, both of you at the same time utter the words

“I wish my parents could’ve have been here to see this.”

WebCasting: Young girl dances - balloons to the right.

Yes, pictures were taken, of course.  But you wish they and other friends could have actually been there to share it in person.

WebCast: 5 cupcakes adorned with roses.
WebCast Your Sweet 16 Party - young girls with white hearts over their eyes look on very happy.  Stream Live

You ponder ways to share the magic of this incredible day with those who have played such an instrumental role in your daughter’s life. People like her devoted grandparents who have been more like guardian angels couldn’t attend because they recently moved to Florida.

You’re startled as your super active son dashes past you on his skateboard, Coke in hand, and in what could only be construed as a condescending tone says,

“You should have Live Streamed  Elyse’s party for Gram and Gramps.”

WebCast/Live Stream - People gather around a birthday cake - all seem happy.
WebCasting: Young girl seems happy - looks at balloons above her head.

Exasperated and confused you say, Stop! Wait! What are you saying?  What the heck is Live Streaming? You’re annoyed and intrigued at the same time.  You wish he had said something before.  But then you can’t expect a kid to act beyond his years!  To defend his silence on this matter, your planning was done when he was at one of his activities after school.  At any rate, he paused for a few minutes and amazed you with his knowledge of the technical aspects of

Live Streaming and WebCasting.  Apparently, his school Live Streamed the graduation ceremony last year!

You know that a do-over is not possible and know from experience that there is no use in crying over spilt milk. However, your sweet 16 princess will be 21 in the blink of an eye. There will be milestones to commemorate! Your breathing returns to normal.  You vow to look into it and do!  Google leads you to the American Movie Company, whose main office is in New York

WebCast Your Party To The World - banner  - colorful spirals in the background.

By hiring a company such as AMC that specializes in Live Streaming and WebCasting you can sit back, relax and trust that any future hallmark moments will be shared on the platforms of your choice. 

Your mom and dad will never miss an important event again.  You’ve enlisted Jonathan to invite grandparents and other family members who can’t travel and friends who live in other states to be part of any celebration! 

(Yes, his allowance is doubled!)

Now that you’re highly experienced on the ever-popular Live Streaming technology, family and friends will forever have access to the archived footage.  All once-in-a-lifetime joyous occasions will be documented! You will trust Jonathan  to edit the videos.  They will make great gifts for extended family and friends. You may even decide to venture into YouTube channel territory.   You now have a new hobby!

WebCasting: Young girl with birthday hat on is about to blow the candles on pink cake.

Life is good! What’s down stream?  Whatever it is, we cast a wide web! 

(Pardon my puns.)

Learn from my experience.  Make plans now to Live Stream your next important event.  Give the folks, I should say the professional folks, at the American Movie Company and give them the opportunity to impress you.

WebCasting / Live Streaming Graduations

Students with caps and gowns attend their graduation!  WebCasting Live Streaming Graduations -

Live Streaming for Graduations

For families, institutions, communities and individuals, the celebration of milestones is an important and grounding ritual.

But, however important the gathering – for many of us, traveling long distances isn’t always realistic due to time, budget, and other constraints.

Thankfully, the American Movie Company has a solution that will allow anyone with an internet connection to participate, regardless of where in the world they might be.

WebCasting Graduation Ceremonies! 

Call 917-414-5489 or Email [email protected]

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Live Streaming your graduation ceremony is a modern and affordable remedy and will allow you both the ability to broadcast your big day and the option to create a keepsake in the form of an expertly edited video.

Let us tell you how.

Let’s talk specifics . . . if you are an institution, ushering out another graduating class is your very purpose, and one that is celebrated both by the school and the graduates. A great deal of planning goes into every ceremony, and AMC would be proud to assist you with ensuring that not only are all of your audio/visual needs taken care of, but by offering the latest technology via Live Streaming.

WebCasting Six graduates wearing cap and gown holding diplomas look into the future!

Institutions of higher learning are held to a high standard and expected to be at the forefront of technological evolution, so let us help you look good to your graduates, their families and any prospective students who might be watching.

Have a special guest offering the commencement address?

We can likewise assist with everything from teleprompters to speech coaching to help your speaker feel as comfortable as possible.

We can customize a package to include multiple or select views of the ceremony, highlighting particular parts or the event as a whole.

Gone are the days of setting up a camera in the back and hoping for the best. Your school and your graduates deserve the same care and attention on their big day that they received while enrolled, so let us help you discover what’s possible with our professional crew and state-of-the-art equipment.

WebCasting: Banner - Graduation - Live Streaming - Blue background - letters black and red.

If you are graduate or the family of a graduate, and your school doesn’t offer a Live Streaming option, we can help there as well. We realize that graduation ceremonies can be crowded and hectic events, with one of the chief complaints among attendees being the difficulty or inability to properly see or hear the ones they are there to support.

When we provide Live Streaming your worries are over.  We plan and ensure that the main speaker and prominent graduates are given special attention.  Clearly, the others will not be ignored.  We can operate with a small footprint and focus only on you and your part in the big moment or we can be inclusive.  I choose the last one!

We can discuss options as to how we can operate as unobtrusively as possible, while still offering great coverage. Should you need permission to bring in AMC to cover your ceremony, our team of producers is happy to liaise directly with your school’s administration to explain both the benefits and the operational details. Most frequently, once schools realize the wider audience and ancillary benefits they can gain as a result of Live Streaming their graduation ceremony, they are excited and eager to interact with all involved.

WebCasting Several graduates in cap and gown and a woman in hijab hold diplomas and salute each other.

WebCasting / Live Streaming For /  From Houses of Worship

Cathedral and foliage and trees in the background of sign - WebCasting | Live Streaming Houses of Worship

In the Bible the word cast is ubiquitous and has many connotations: To cite a few for educational and fun purposes: “about,” “away,” “down,” “forth,” “in,” “into,” “off,” “out,” “up,” “upon.”

I am introducing to you a new meaning of the word.  In essence, WebCasting means “broadcasting” over the Internet. Further, it is a media presentation that is distributed over the Internet to many simultaneous viewers/listeners on any number of platforms.

Where to worship?  Anywhere! 

For as long as religion has been around there have been places to worship. They range from Buddhist or Hindu temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches.  You may even worship from home!  There are those who devote an area where silence is indeed golden; an area dedicated to prayer or meditation.

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Perhaps you don’t believe in organized religion but consider yourself a spiritual being and adhere to the practice of yoga and other personal rituals.  

Perhaps you’re simply a kind person, a good person, without much effort.   Perhaps you are the type of person who is kind to waiters and waitresses and make the sad, often ignored, cashier at the local Walmart smile by seeming to care. 

You are genuine!

I will venture to say, that we all need validation. 

We can all agree that experiences are more precious and more powerful when shared with others.

There is something to be said about the old adage –

“There is always strength in numbers.”

Where am I going with this? 

Allow me another quote (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12):

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

WebCasting People sitting in church pews.

I dare say it is a cogent argument to convince everyone to worship together with one’s community, family, and friends. 

WebCast Young boy pointing to Scroll - adults looking on.  Bar Mitzvah.
WebCast: Big Church ceremony, people sitting in pews- Live Streaming from houses of worship.

Imagine holding an event, being present at a sermon, or a lecture and having the ability to share said instance with unlimited seating?

Now, imagine those seats being filled by people all over the country or the world as they cross cultural barriers and religious or spiritual affiliations?

Passionate church goer listening to the preachings. WebCasting

Imagine it all being made available to absolutely anyone who has an interest in listening, watching and learning?

The possibilities are endless, as are the immeasurable ways to impact the lives of people.

Woman watching a live streamed/WebCast church service.

WebCasting, and Live Streaming are but two ways in which technology has enriched our lives by giving us the capacity to share and bridge mutual experiences, strengths, hopes, inspirations, and, most important, ideas.

To reiterate, Live Streaming and WebCasting allows everyone to share their passion or particular message with the rest of the world.

All of us are endowed, as it were, with the capability to participate in an event from a different physical location than where the event is taking place.

It is conducive to a great feeling – one of being an integral part of what is happening elsewhere and offers a real connection, in real time, with real people.

WebCasting the Catholic church

To carry this further, I’ll use an example of something traditional, familiar, such as a Sunday sermon. 

I offer this as an example to illustrate the benefits of Live Streaming in a church or any other House of Worship. How can WebCasting benefit the congregation, the following, of an iman, priest, pastor, rabbi et al.

Video recording and broadcasting it as we’ve been considering, undoubtedly, expands the scope of the ministry and makes its message available to the masses.

WebCasting: Faithful crowd listening to Sunday service- Live Streamed

Individuals who for any reason, be it illness or anything else, cannot go their House of Worship, can be a part of it and participate from their comfortable home.

Young Woman watching a congregation live stream/WebCast
WebCast/Live Streaming from houses of worship- laptop streaming choir children

A Sermon Live Streamed can reach as many people as your imagination can fathom.

They are given the opportunity to tune in live, record and save the link (which is viewable at a later date), watch it multiple times, or share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..

WebCasting, Sermon Live Streamed to Facebook, Youtube  or any social media page.

Am going out on a limb here, but I can envision all sorts of unorthodox (no pun intended) events.  A devoted person can establish a mobile church of sorts.  He/she can commit to delivering the sermon weekly to anyone unable or perhaps not ready to commit to a church. 

Live Streaming is the answer!

A House of Worship could, from a marketing standpoint, incorporate WebCasting with its other services.  Congregants would be receptive, I believe. 

Who wouldn’t want to have for posterity a record of these most treasured milestones in one’s life?  I’m referring to weddings, baptisms, baby dedications, blessings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, other rituals, plays, recitals, etc.

WebCasting: People at church reading and sharing the bible.
WebCasting: The Benefits of Live Streaming from Houses of Worship

Let’s recap the many benefits of

Live Streaming from Houses of Worship.

  • Live Streaming is productive, given our busy lives. We needn’t feel guilty if we cannot attend an important event, sermon, or lecture.  We can be there in spirit and watch being WebCast in real time via the Internet. 
  • WebCasting can reach the masses, literally. Everyone is within reach. The ability to share an important episode in your life with anyone in the world is priceless.
  • Live Streaming Promotes Community Involvement. It encourages communication. People will be talking about it.  Word will get around. This is another way of shining a light on a given cause. Of value too is simply sharing like-minded community events and volunteer opportunities.


  • WebCasting Offers Fundraising Opportunities. Both the House of Worship and an enterprising person (or group) can harness the potential of combining the Live Streaming of an event to raising money for a worthy cause. Don’t underestimate the power of appealing to one’s emotions. People moved by a sermon or someone’s plight, open the purse strings.  Donating is super simple these days.  From anywhere, a person with an iPhone or Smartphone can send money via Zelle, PayPal, or other payment methods. The warm feeling one gets from helping another is immediate.
  • Live chat and Live prayer. No elaboration needed here. The immediacy is felt.  The power of prayer in numbers translates into a greater sense of community and faith and unity are the result.
  • With WebCasting You Exceed Your Grasp and Widen Your Following.Given that hundreds, maybe thousands more people are being reached via the Live Streaming of events, congregations expand and followers multiply.

Here are some interesting statistics from The Church Online and The Pew Research Center about

Live Streaming and how it relates to Houses of Worship.

  • 64% of parishioners say their church’s website is important in facilitating participation and attendance.
  • 46% of adults have seen someone share his/her faith online.
  • 33% of parishioners first learned about their church online. 
  • 20% of adults say they have shared their beliefs on social media.

According to The Church Online,

these are the top 5 features on Houses of Worship websites relied upon by most people. 

WebCasting/ Older woman catching a Live Stream of Sunday sermon.
  1. Watch sermons and worship services online
  2. Search for opportunities to serve.
  3. Look up worship service information.
  4. Take the opportunity to forward religious content to others.
  5. Read and share visitor information.

A Few Reasons to Live Stream Your Service. 

You Do Have a Prayer!

  • Introduce Your Church or House of Worship. Show potential new members what a service entails and how they can become part of the community.
  • Offer Another Way to Pray. WebCast Your Service. Those who can’t attend, because they are too sick, disabled or working, will eagerly welcome and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Extended Family Members Can Be Reached. Most relatives do not live nearby or even in the same state so this is a great way to share the Service or special events with them.
  • Live Stream to Other Areas– At the risk of repeating the obvious – Everyone nearby or far away is within reach. They can be part of any event they can’t attend in person.
  • Singing Brings People Together. This is one aspect that is taken for granted and not much thought is given to it. Let us not forget that is a great tool to bring in and involve the youth whose enthusiasm is much needed.  New religious songs can be introduced this way.  Everyone joins in and melodies like laughter are infectious.
  • Boasting Rights. Humbly mentioning that you attended church (or another House of Worship) without leaving home will impress your friends and family. Proof positive that you are in the know, as it were!
WebCasting: Children at church on Sunday.

In short, Houses of Worship and faith-based communities are rapidly becoming more visible on the web.

Live Streaming is here to stay. 
Cast your net wide and they will come!

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WebCast / Live Stream Concerts

WebCasting Live streaming Concerts - Wild crowd at concert.

Concerts – Live Streamed


Feel the Heat, Keep Up With the Beat!


Actually going to a concert?

You may not have to…

Live Streaming a concert is super hot right now!


Talk about putting your finger on the pulse of what’s trending.

Hop on board, folks, and be in the know! 

WebCasting and Live Streaming are the rage! 

Call 917-414-5489 or Email [email protected]

For Cost Estimates and Inquiries on All WebCasting Events.

You may watch a concert in your jammies, in your own home or at a particular location with your friends while indulging your food and libation desires.  

Perhaps you are the one broadcasting it!

You’re in the know

– Live Streaming to platforms such as Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, or YouTube is a breeze.

The ability to Live Stream and WebCast concerts and festivals allows audiences to feel they are sharing the moment.

That’s because they are!

Live Streaming has a way of transporting us.

We can almost feel the sweat drip from the brow as those fingers furiously riff that guitar solo.

Video on demand can’t touch this up close and personal vibe. 

This type of palpable energy is one that only comes from a live performance.

WebCasting: Concert Live Streaming - Happy people enjoying the show.

Live Streaming can take a small, intimate set and transform it into a global event! 

WebCasting/Live Streaming Concerts - Opening the curtains to the show
WebCasting/Live Streaming control panel.

The demand for venues to Live Stream concerts and festivals is literally booming.

It is changing the way people feel about live music and providing a powerful platform for fans to enjoy their favorite bands from anywhere in the world. 

Some folks fear that Live Streaming a concert will detract from ticket sales.

 Contraire, mon frère – quite the opposite is true.

The popularity and demand for Live Streaming concerts will actually boost ticket sales.

WebCasting/Live Streaming concerts - Laptop Live Stream

Check It Out:

•    Coachella Live Streamed both weekends on three stages with over 60 acts to the tune of 9M views. (Source: Forbes Magazine)

•    The World Cup hit a peak of 7.9M concurrent plays of its Live Streaming this summer (Streaming Media)

•   67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one. For annual events like music festivals, 30% who watch a Live Stream will attend that same event the following year. (

•   When you Stream Live Video from your venue or festival’s Facebook page, all the followers of that page are notified that you are live. How cool is that?

So, why Live Stream?

WebCasting Singer at concert facing Camera for WebCast

The idea is revolutionary and simple:

Having the opportunity to view a well-organized, Live Stream allows a fan to feel as if he/she is there. If that person is watching a concert via a WebCast, it’s most likely because they couldn’t afford to be there in person.

But let’s not undervalue the power of building a music community. Bands and fans go together like Simon and Garfunkel and peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea; there exists a natural yin and yang to the gift of playing music and the gift of that music touching people’s souls all over the world. 

It’s an unwritten reciprocity – it’s give and take.

Musicians love to make music, but they really love it when fans LOVE their music. Imagine the feeling a lead singer has when he/she is  playing one of their most popular songs and suddenly the crowd chimes in and sings in unison? The audience knows every single word and silent break in the song.

It’s a symbiotic and beautiful exchange of a unified passion being shared!

WebCasting Enthusiastic concert crowd

And I’ll say this again because it’s important.

If you are not yet interested or convinced to investing some moolah in WebCasting and Live Streaming, you will soon be! 

 There’s an excellent chance that your competition is.  

WebCast: Hands up at concert

Other key points to consider-

With Live Streaming you can see the behind the scenes action, you can see what happens backstage.

Check out the VIP room and be in on the meet and greet activity up close.

  (This could also boost the sales of your VIP packages). 

WebCasting, Concerts Live Streaming Now!

We live in a world where relativity is measured and calculated.

Undoubtedly, there is a need and a massive interest from fans. 

There is a demand for more Live Streaming of their favorite concerts, shows, and festivals. 

 Supply and demand!  The demand is evident, a no brainer!

The benefits and return on the investment are astounding.

The numbers don’t lie.

WebCast: Super cool rock concert live stream

WebCasting and Live Streaming provide patrons the unique opportunity to see a concert or festival in real time.

It harnesses the power and energy of a live performance and delivers it to those who aren’t able to be there in person.

It’s the next best thing to being there in person. And with perks that I mentioned above, some could argue that it’s better to watch the concert from the comfort of your own home and skip the crowd and parking nightmare. 

 (I personally am not sure… I love the roar of the crowd! – then again…)

Technology is continuously evolving, and companies are taking advantage of how easy it is to broadcast events and concerts live via the Internet.

 So, hop on board the Live Stream wave and lose yourself in the swell of mutual satisfaction.

In the words of the Youngbloods

– Come on people now/ Smile on your brother/ Everybody get together/ Try to love…

Why settle for a wave when you hold the power of the ocean!

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Funerals

WebCasting Live Streaming Funerals

Live Streaming Funerals

This might strike you as not only an unpleasant topic, but something you would never do.  Still… we must talk about unpleasant things.

My assumption is that by now everyone has heard of Live Streaming and WebCasting.  I further assume that all understand that Live Streaming is essentially broadcasting an event via the Internet in real time. 

Engaging in this phenomenon allows people and businesses to share corporate events, training videos, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, other religious rituals, concerts, etc. 

Another assumption is that we all want to share only happy events in our lives.  There is no limit to what can be Live Streamed.

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For Cost Estimates and Inquiries on All WebCasting Events.

There is an inevitable, sad event that also demands our attention and merits being shared with family and friends who cannot be there for the last farewell. Am referring, of course, to funerals and attendant solemn elegies.

One may differ as to how to approach that most devastating goodbye. The grieving for a loved one is made tolerable by being surrounded by those who love you. Given that most families are scattered across the country and around the world, bringing all together especially at a time of such loss is uplifting. With the appropriate reverence a funeral can be attended virtually by those left behind via WebCasting. Those who cannot physically attend the funeral will appreciate being included this way.

Am reticent to mention closure – it’s such an overused word and one that is moot – does closure really come after an unexpected or violent death of a child, for example?  I will stop here.  This is much too upsetting a topic.

Suffice it to say that Live Streaming such an event as this can alleviate the suffering.

White Rose and Candles

Funeral Homes across the country now offer Live Streaming services.  It encompasses the eulogy and family members and friends are given the chance to speak words of love.  It becomes a celebration of the life of the departed.  It is both a sad and a happy remembrance of things past, to borrow a phrase.

Holding hands tenderly at funeral

The Live Streaming of celebrity funerals has been in the news of late. 

Nipsey Hussle, an American rapper, entrepreneur and community activist from Los Angeles was fatally shot outside his clothing store, Marathon Clothing on March 31.  The service was Live Streamed from the Staples Center for millions of ardent fans across the country.  They were able to pay their respects and celebrate the life lived with such passion and snatched away so tragically.  Sharing the grief lessened it.  Nipsey’s devastated family and several entertainers welcomed the opportunity to bring awareness to issues, ironically, such as gun control, that were of importance to the young activist.  Live Streaming succeeded in reaching thousands all over the world.

Funeral homes, I’m told, (a friend recently died) offer the possibility for mourners to broadcast services online and in real time via Live Streaming. Technology is driving and changing our culture.  Nothing remains the same – the norm is no more! It has ceased to be! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace!  It is deceased!  (I summoned memories of the brilliant parrot skit from Monty Python).  You’ll forgive my lapse into frivolity.  Laughter is one way to deal with indescribable loss

If I may, allow me to reiterate the good aspects of WebCasting/Live Streaming a funeral.  This service allows family, friends, loved ones, or anyone who cannot be there physically but wants to pay their respects a way to do so. For some, it is not possible to be present at a funeral service for many reasons.  Most deaths come unexpectedly and suddenly. Whether the reason for not being there is geographic, financial, or even not having the emotional capacity to deal with it – Live Streaming affords the grieving person a way to respectfully say a last goodbye.  It may sound a bit strange, but a lot of people re-connect, as it were, at weddings and yes, at funerals.

Funeral home interior

Funeral homes that offer this particular service (no pun intended) in rural areas actually unite the community. 

Through the Live Streaming of the funeral the brokenhearted are consoled.    Condolences are given in a variety of ways.  Plan ahead and minimize the stress.  Inquire about Live Streaming the inevitable. 

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Social Events

Live Streaming for Social Events

Live Streaming For Social Events 

If you’re wondering if your particular event can benefit from Live Streaming, chances are the answer is a resounding yes!

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, graduation, bridal or baby shower, retirement party, corporate retreat, high school or college reunion, comedic roast, or a party of virtually any variety, utilizing American Movie Company’s Live Streaming services can enhance your event in ways you might not have considered.

Let us show you what’s possible with our technology and many years of expertise!

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With modern life come increasing demands on our limited time and budgets, so despite your most careful scheduling efforts chances are not everyone you’d like to include on your guest list will be able to attend. Also, in some cases you want to include more people than your budget or venue will allow for, or you might have friends or family that because of physical limitations are unable to travel. In these and many other instances, we can help.

Before the advent of Live Streaming technology, sharing your event with anyone outside of those who were able to attend in person was limited to posting photos or home videos on social media, which was limiting to say the least.

Live Streaming offers unparalleled access to remote attendees, including the ability to react to and interact with the event in real time.

Regardless of why you might want or need to include them, we are excited to offer a creative and affordable Live Streaming solution. And if you’re concerned that your remote guests need some special tech training to view your event, don’t be!

All they need is a web-enabled device – a mobile phone, desktop or laptop computer, iPad or other tablet – and a working Wifi connection and they’ll be able to view it.

Happy group doing a toast at Christmas party
Want more specifics on how Live Streaming can enhance your event?

Imagine your remote guests being able to view the festivities from start to finish, making them part of the action even when they can’t physically be there.  AMC will customize a package that works for your event and budget – offering static or roving coverage, single or multiple cameras, custom lighting and sound, coverage of varying lengths, and broadcasting to a variety of platforms that allow for public or private viewing.

Best of all, our extensive and comprehensive event coverage allows for the option to receive an edited “highlight reel” of your event, eliminating the need to hire a separate videographer, which on its own can be a costly expense. Our camera operators and production crew aim to blend in with attendees as seamlessly and unobtrusively as possible, so you and your guests can focus on the fun of the event, and not the production happening around them.

Whatever the scope or circumstances of your event, AMC would love to discuss how to bring your event to the wider audience it deserves. We are always eager to collaborate with new customers.  We look forward to create the event of your dreams with you, so reach out to discuss what’s possible!

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Fashion Shows

WebCasting for Fashion Shows

Live Streaming The Runway 

Fashion week, and the myriad shows, in New York, Milan, and Paris are the most eagerly awaited events in the fashion industry.

Attendants are mostly celebrities, fashion editors, buyers from major stores such as Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and a select group of fashion industry insiders and, of course, the ever present media.

And if you think it’s only about the clothes, think again. It’s where trends are formed and decisions are made about what will be sold in stores worldwide.

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With brands such as Carolina Herrera, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, already Live Streaming their catwalks, smaller labels would be smart to follow suit. Click here for a list of Apparel brands as well as brands from other notable industries that have already started Live Streaming their events with American Movie Company. 

So, what are the benefits to making these traditionally private events available to a wider audience?

Many, as it turns out. For brands, it’s a great opportunity to receive live feedback from consumers on whether this season’s offerings are a hit or a miss – even before the clothes are manufactured for the consumer market – thus allowing for the opportunity to refine the line before it heads to stores.

A more refined, feedback – driven collection translates to greater sales and happier customers.

American Movie Company HD Video Live Streaming
Live Streaming the Runway
Live Streaming is also a powerful and under-utilized sales tool, especially for smaller to mid-size brands without massive marketing budgets.
AMC has been on the forefront of fashion Live Streaming for years!

Click here to watch some of the spectacular footage we’ve captured Live from the Runway over the years.

Because it’s cost-prohibitive to travel to every market to meet with potential buyers, making your latest collection available via Live Stream allows clients to make decisions about whether or not they’d like to stock your brand, and because of the effort you’re no doubt putting into your shows – from the guest list to the lighting to the models to the styling and hair and makeup – you’ll be presenting your line in the best possible light.

Audience at Nordstrom Live- Fashion Week WebCast

For direct-to-consumer brands, allowing your customers to see how the clothes move in real time and view options and inspiration for how to style their purchases are sales tools you can’t afford to miss out on. For many, being able to view the shows is the next best thing to being at the shows, so why not offer that experience to your customer?

Nordstrom has worked with American Movie Company for several years during Fashion Week to Live Stream the latest in fashion from the brands they carry at their stores. Click here to watch Nordstrom’s 2019 Live Stream!

Finally, for those instances where a fashion show or related event is being put on to benefit a charity, Live Streaming wildly expands your viewership, and creates a much larger audience for attracting both potential event sponsors and individual donors, to say nothing of the fact that consumers are increasingly interested in supporting brands that are giving back.

Fashion might be the most aspirational of businesses, one of the few industries that compels equal fascination in both the behind the scenes and the finished product, which means a brand’s use of Live Streaming shouldn’t be limited to just the catwalk. While, of course, some bits will always be proprietary, sharing your brand’s story and allowing customers “behind the velvet rope” creates a kinship between the customer and a brand, paving the way for a greater tradition of brand loyalty.

These insider glimpses can come in the form of interviews with the designer(s), a virtual tour of the office or wider features on brand inspiration for a particular season or collection.

Model at Fashion Week
American Movie Company is excited to offer you an affordable yet powerful marketing solution, so be in touch to discuss how they can use Live Streaming to great effect in promoting your fashion brand or event!

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Auditions

WebCasting Live Streaming Auditions

Live Streaming  Auditions

You’d be hard pressed to find a professional sector that couldn’t benefit from the technology of Live Streaming, and the entertainment industry is no exception.

Getting a new television show, motion picture, live theatre piece or music showcase off the ground is no small thing. With so many moving parts to consider and so many boxes to check – from funding the project, to casting, to pre-production, to filming and/or going live and marketing the release – it’s no wonder that producers are some of the busiest people in show business.

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Attending auditions and overseeing the casting process might be chief among their responsibilities, but when juggling multiple projects in multiple locations at once, it can be difficult to impossible to attend even the most important castings.

With American Movie Company’s WebCasting services, we can create a Live Stream of the audition process, allowing the decision makers to sit in and offer feedback, even when they can’t physically be in the same room.

Because nearly all of today’s auditions – particularly for film and television projects – are already being filmed, tacking on a Live Stream to that process is the next logical step. AMC can offer customized and affordable solutions to create a WebCasting feed for you and your team. And because your project is proprietary and privacy paramount, we can make sure that access is limited only to those crucial players you want to include.

Live Streaming Auditions- Actors rehearsing
Auditions Live Stream- Actors saying hello

Our services don’t begin and end just with WebCasting.

We can also offer customized lighting, high quality sound, and high definition cameras operated by experienced crew to capture every last nuance of the actor’s performance.

Regardless of where in the world your project’s decision makers might be, as long as they have a Wifi connection, they can view the customized Live Stream and offer feedback in real time.

Auditions Live Streaming

And because finding just the the right talent for your project sometimes means expanding your search beyond just the major cities, our team is available to travel to any US market where you might like to take the audition process. When you think of small towns like Shawnee, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, or Owensboro, Kentucky, you probably don’t think of them as hotbed exports of creative talent – and that’s if you’ve even heard of them at all. Yet these tiny towns brought us Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp respectively.

Actress from period film - audition Live Stream

In other words, the next big superstar could be anywhere, and AMC would be honored to help you find them by streamlining your casting project, wherever that might take us. And because our staff includes experienced production staff, we can even help you locate and secure audition spaces virtually anywhere, and handle the setup, execution and strike of the technical side of your audition process from beginning to end.

A second challenge in the casting process is going through all the talent auditions and creating a reel of the top contenders for you to make a final decision. We can take that off your plate as well! Let us condense your top picks into an easily digestible reel, which can easily be segmented by role or any other modifiers.

Get rid of stress – call the American Movie Company – 917-414-5489

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Political Events

WebCasting| Live Streaming for Political Events

Live Streaming  and the Political World

Live Streaming is on the rise and on track to double its growth by 2021, making it a 70 billion dollar plus industry.

Politicians from all parties are using this incredible tool as often as they can to make their presence known nationwide.   

Every major social media platform has integrated Live Streaming and WebCasting into their realm of services.  Reaching potential customers around the globe is now effortless.

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Exploring more and more innovative ways to satisfy this demand is essential.  Political campaigns got smart. They tuned into the power and the immeasurable reach that Live Streaming provides.

As everyone is aware, the United States has a HUGE and IMPORTANT presidential election coming up in 2020. As the May 15th, 2019 deadline approaches for those potential candidates seeking to make it to the primary – the pressure is there to meet the required $65,000 in individual donations.

Democrats and Republicans alike are racing to key states to hold town hall meetings, rallies, and fundraising events in order to expand the presence of their campaign. You can turn on the television on almost any given day and watch the broadcast of presidential hopefuls as their campaign is Live Streaming an interview or a prominent Q and A session.

Many people these days don’t have traditional cable networks.  They have, instead, opted for that freedom of choice. This package free approach allows people to tune into channels that target their specific interests, without having to sit through the ads and consumer-based commercials, let alone the hefty monthly charge that accompanies it.

Addressing the audience Political event Live streaming Graphic
Speaker facing the crowd

As a matter of fact, since the last election, close to 7 million Americans have chosen to get their news directly from the source via Live Streaming.  From Supreme Court nominee hearings to briefings on Muller, to live press conferences of the Senate Judiciary Committee – Live Streaming and WebCasting take us straight into the action in real time. 

Election season is the largest and most influential, political event in the nation. It’s a 4-month siege fraught with campaign events, interviews, press releases, press conferences, and state rallies and events. And every step of the way is documented via Live Streaming. 

The ability to broadcast live results, commentary, speeches, and debates without being bound to a specific television network has revolutionized the political playing field.

Gone are the days when mainstream media was the only gatekeeper, as it were, for the general public to access the coverage of the political arena. The power of Live Streaming has brought with it the power of choice and thus, the power of change.

Congress building

Back in the day, there was only one alternative to tune and watch live, political news – C-SPAN. A lot has changed since then.

Today, Live Streaming politics, in conjunction with social networks like Twitter and Facebook – even YouTube has partnered with such networks as CNN to Live Stream and WebCast presidential debates.

Let’s face it – Live Streaming is changing the face and tone of politics as we know it. Politicians themselves are eager to embrace any mechanism that will allow for a more significant and expansive reach to diverse audiences. It’s a win-win scenario and with Live Streaming – it places the power back where it has always belonged – WITH the people.

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Fan Clubs

Live Streaming for Fan clubs

Live Streaming for Fan Clubs

Taylor Swift has her “Swifties”, Beyoncé her “Beyhive” and Lada Gaga her “Little Monsters”, but to the world at large, they are known simply as their biggest fans and most steadfast supporters. There are likewise fan groups to celebrate writers, television shows, films, political figures, art and architecture – literally anything or anyone.

Let’s face it, everyone is fan of someone or something, and it’s the love of these individuals that gives rise to formal fan clubs and with them the shorthand and inside information that bind their members together.

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Sharing updates and the latest related news on the fan club’s focus is the lifeblood of the group, but can be difficult to manage with members scattered around the globe. For the group’s in person meetups, it’s simply not viable that every member would have the means and a schedule that allows them to attend, which is likewise a concern for anyone who feels they might be missing out.

With the American Movie Company’s Live Streaming services, no one needs to miss out at all, no matter where in the world you might hang your hat!

Whether you want to broadcast your club’s monthly meetings online, share fan art or tributes, or offer an interactive live feed from the club’s meetup, AMC has a Live Streaming solution that has you covered.

Attempting to Live Stream using an app or online platform can be a frustrating and confusing experience, and customization options can be limited and the quality poor

Friends enjoying a live streamed game
Fan Closeup- Live Streaming

AMC can streamline your route to getting online and live so that you can focus on sharing the content and ideas that brought you together in the first place. They will work within your budget to find a solution that allows you to grow membership.

On the flip side, if you are a public figure who hopes to monetize your fame and find a safe and efficient way to connect with fans and followers, they can offer a host of Live Streaming solutions to meet that business model as well.

The demand for original content from celebrities, artists and other public figures is growing exponentially, and these days an important component of establishing and maintaining fan loyalty.

AMC’s focus will be on the actual Live Streaming so you can spend your valuable time creating content and ways to maximize fan engagement.

Man Watching a Live Streamed Game

Hiring and managing in-house staff for your A/V and technical needs is expensive, time consuming and not always practical. AMC is excited to help you navigate your solutions and avoid the all too common pitfalls that come with technology. Want to limit certain Live Stream content to only paying members?  They can offer password protected streams. Want the content to be available to your viewers for a particular time frame or in perpetuity?  They can create solutions to customize every aspect of delivery and support.  The customization options are limited only by your imagination, and the possibilities in both pre-production and post-production are endless, so let the American Movie Company help you discover what’s possible.

Call 917-414-5489 or Email [email protected]

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WebCasting / Live Streaming Medical Procedures

Live Streaming for Medical Procedures

Live Streaming for Medical Procedures

The opportunities that the American Movie Company’s production and Live Streaming services brings to businesses of all types are many. 

There’s certainly no denying that medicine is big business. Consumers have, supposedly, unlimited healthcare options.  If ill they know where to go.  There are those who would benefit from having more information.  What I am getting to is a service like no other.  Bear with me.  Am talking about Live Streaming.  In essence, the ability to reach hundreds if not thousands in the community

Call 917-414-5489 or Email [email protected]

For Cost Estimates and Inquiries on All WebCasting Events.

Today’s hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and medical practices are fair ground for Live Streaming. 

It is an effective way to reach prospective patients and bring them in to participate in preventive care, for example.

  It has become an important element in their social media, patient outreach and overall marketing strategies.

For teaching hospitals, WebCasting is likewise a powerful tool, allowing medical students to “sit in” on classes and even surgeries. Imagine being anywhere in the world and witnessing a given medical procedure as it is being performed by a renowned surgeon.  This possibility is staggering. I’ve actually heard of a doctor following another’s exact operation while being miles apart.  The patients were well aware of the uniqueness of their participation.

Surgeon after a medical procedure
Doctor reading a patient's chart

Medical equipment and device companies have jumped on the bandwagon. They have found that Live Streaming an introductory presentation of their wares offers an opportunity to showcase the research, development and, of course, visually introduce their products to their customers.

Watching a Live Streamed Medical Procedure

For the healthcare providers we mentioned above, there are many benefits to their including live content on their social channels.

The filming and broadcasting of surgeries and other medical procedures isn’t just for those who are medically curious (that’s a thing, believe it or not!).  I dare say they would come in last. Live Streaming serves a higher purpose.  It is instructive.

Many patients, find it helpful to see what awaits them and helps them prepare for their upcoming procedures. It helps to demystify the surgical process and allays their fears. 

Familiarity with the impending surgery helps them mentally prepare for it.  The hospital stay is less stressful.  Calm settles in – frightened or apprehensive patients deal much better with their lot.  Information is key.

To re-iterate, patients are undeniably vulnerable when their health is threatened. Knowing what they can expect both in terms of the actual procedure and the role each doctor or nurse plays goes a long way in making them feel at ease.

AMC can help you devise a plan to inform patients in general.  Together you can create and broadcast ancillary content such as Q&A’s between patients and doctors, staff interviews, hospital or clinic tours, etc.

WebCasting surgeries and other medical procedures is a powerful teaching tool, offering medical and nursing students insight into what they will one day be performing themselves.

Surgery Room in Hospital
Prepping Medical tools

Those in the manufacturing, developing area can through Live Streaming and WebCasting technologies offer the professionals who will be using their products – doctors, nurses and other medical specialists – the opportunity to weigh in on a wide variety of subjects, given their experience.

Live Streaming is highly recommended.   The dose is just right!  It heralds a new era for the medical community.

Give AMC a shot in the arm – call them and get well on the way to a healthy relationship!

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Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video is the medium of the moment. It makes your local event a true "World Event"! It lets all who cannot be there share that special moment!

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