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AJ Perez, beautiful Latina headshot. Looks into the camera. Gold BG

AJ Perez, WebCasting Producer

White American Movie Co Sprinter Van with AMC logo

Live Streaming Sprinter and HD LiveStream Flypack

The American Company Live Streaming Service has the highest Five Star Google rating in North America

New York | Boston | Miami | Washington, DC | Philadelphia | Hartford | New Jersey

When it’s live, you only get one chance to get it right.

                                                                                                                                                      AJ Perez

The words "Live Webcast: carved in wood white BG
Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC

Best Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC

Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC

New York City Live Stream & TriCaster Specialists

Call Bill Milling at 212-219-1075 or 917-414-5489

American Movie Company Web Streaming Services

    • – Live, moderated question & answer sessions
    • – Real time polls, surveys and facts with instant graphics charts
    • – Live synchronized slides, web pages or other media
    • – On-line web “HD quality”  media delivered live to the web & archived for replay
    • – Streamed live from your venue or our Green Screen /White Cyc WebCasting Stages NYC.
    • – Real Time mobile streaming to select mobile carriers & devices
    • – All digital editing, encode/transcode and hot-transfer to designated VOD servers or server partners
    • – Custom branded site and player with optional “log in” for user tracking
Image WebCasting control room with Tricaster 8000

AMC WebCasts Live Streaming Video from five of its NYC sound stages.

Our Sprinter Van and LiveStream FlyPacks allow us to to professionally stream video from virtually anywhere.

Call Bill Milling at 212-219-1075 for more information.

Chelsea WebCasting Studio - LargeGreen Screen two walled cyc with two people sitting no stools in the center
Beautiful Model stands on rooftop overlooking city. Caption "Webcast Anywhere"
  • No Internet?

  • No Problem!

  • Internet Anywhere.

Our 4G Bonded Cellular Solution allows Streaming from any location where there is cellular service.


2018 Buick Avenir Revealed on FaceBook . Gray car on turntable in studio Live Webcast.

Top of the line LiveStream/TriCaster Flypack in large rolling multi RU unit.

This is one of our complete video production studios on wheels.  It can mix video and audio for up to twenty cameras, insert video, images and graphics, create lower thirds on the fly and composite 3D virtual sets against Green Screen.

Buick WebCast Direct to Facebook Live

Buick chose The American Movie Company for a multi-camera Live Streaming reveal of the new top-of-the-line Buick Avenir.   

The event was produced in the Chelsea Pier Studio Stage in Manhattan and WebCast directly to Facebook Live.

In attendance, were top execs from Buick as well as the press.

Top of the line LiveStream / Tricaster Flypack in large rolling multi RU unit

Live Streaming Fashion Week

AMC WebCasts of major fashion brands

Logos of major fashion week design brands.

Live Stream Fashion Week WebCast Designers 2018

Fashion WebCast Directed By Phil Fleisher

Phil has worked with AMC for over a decade as senior technologist and streaming video director. 

His recent fashion credits include the massive seven camera Live Stream production on the USS Intrepid “Space Pavilion” and the Ashley Madison “Elle Event”.

Arie Ohayon headshot man with grey hair mustache and multi-colored scarf
Arié Ohayon is our Senior DP and Live Stream Tech.  He just finished ten weeks of WebCasting multi-camera video direct to YouTube Live for Tough Mudder training sessions as well as streaming over eighty hours of Fashion Week 2018 for Nordstrom at Milk Studios, NYC.
Nordstrom Live Webcasting Event. Model in white walks directly to camera
Massive LiveStream Console with Tricaster 8000 and LiveStream encoder, switches, monitors and digital recorders
 Designer Danilo Gabrielli dressing model
Harpers Bazarr Magazine Pages
Danilo recently started working with costume designers in the movie industry and has dressed actress Camilla Belle in the film The American Side and his latest project included working with costume designer Rebecca Luke along with designers Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford on the upcoming movie “Hot Air” where he dressed Neve Campbell.
Elle Magazine UK with fold out page with model wearing Danilo Gabrielli design dress

Danilo Gabrielli WebCast

When I design my collections, it’s a way for me to show my creativity.  When I design costumes, it takes my creativity one step further because when you design costumes, you are telling a story and creating a look that will show the characters’ emotions.

It combines my two favorite industries, Fashion and Film.

                                                                                                                                   Danilo Gabrielli – 2017

5 Fashion Magazine Covers with Pamela

WebCasting Italian Celebrity Fashion Designer Pamela Quinzi

In 2016 Pamela had her first Kilame Fashion Show in Los Angeles and attended red carpet events as Celebrity Fashion Designer. 

Pamela’s shoes Kilame were the most photographed at the 2017 Oscars.  

Blanca Blanco, and many other Hollywood celebrities were photographed wearing them.  Among the ones who chose to walk in her shoes were Susan Sarandon, Tara Reid, Bai Ling, Vanessa Simmons, Christine Devine a well known and respected Los Angeles News Anchor at Fox 11, World champion Athlete Soo Yeon Lee, Azmarie Livingston from Empire et al.

Pamala was co-producer of the Los Angeles live streaming video production.

Pamela Qinzi crouching on the cover of Fashion Magazine

Pamela Quinzi has designed extensively at the upper echelons of the fashion industry.

Italian Celebrity Fashion Designer and Editor Pamela Quinzi just arrived in Los Angeles for Oscar season 2018.

She walked the red carpet at several prestigious events such as: The Beauty Awards, Autism Speaks supporting a great cause, LA Italia Film Festival, with her one-of-a-kind  Kilame Shoes and met many celebrities including Britney Spears, Samuel L Jackson, Danai Baldoni from Black Panther and many more. 

Oscar season in Los Angeles is very busy and Pamela is very excited to see her shoe creations worn by many on the red carpet.

She developed Nijole women’s collection of clothing and accessories, Shane Collection, Fiorucci Accessories Collection and a Beachwear brand for Cala Di VolpeBain De Minuit. Working alongside the acclaimed designer Rossana Buriassi, she designed collaborations with leading luxury lines such as Armani Privé, Dolce & Gabbana, and Fiona Swarovski.

She was co-producer for the entire live streaming video production.

Pamela Quinzi WebCast in Paradise. Beautiful woman in red bathing suit with palm tree
Beautiful African woman in thicket of tree branches with caption "WebCast Ethiopia"
Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC
Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC 1

American Movie Company Live Stream Video Production of Major Fashion Shows.


WebCast New York fashion Week

Ethiopian Diary – WebCast to FaceBook Live

Documentary Producer, Nancy Aaran travels the world to exotic places.  Her photos and films are uploaded to FaceBook Live. She was our producer for the remote Live Streaming Video production in Ethiopia.

Fashion Webcast . Beautiful exotic woman in fur

WebCasting Fashion In Africa

The American Movie Company has extensive experience with Live Streaming Video production in 85 countries around the world.

Please call Bill Milling for more information.  212-219-1075


High FashionExotic Woman in complicated dress with blue background
Multi Camera Live Event WebCast from crowded Webster Music Hall
Picture of (320) Backstage at the Gotham Comedy Club with Tricaster and operator in foreground
Dance party with disco ball with caption "Live Stream Events"
Dancing girls on stage with caption - WebCast Your Performance
  • Fashion Week

  • Music Performances

  • Corporate Events

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Weddings

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Product Releases

  • Conventions




Image . * . 510 Webcast of "Love Fest" hosted by Judah Friedlander. Image of Judah on set.

Love Fest Charity Fundraising Event Hosted By Judah Friedlander

Shot and Live Streamed by AMC WebCasting team at Click3X Studios in NYC



Image Valencia Spain Webcast at Ciudad De Las Arte y Ciencias.

Bill Milling Hosts Arts & Science Live Streaming Video WebCast from Valencia Spain

Valencia Spain Webcast at Ciudad De Las Artes y Ciencias.

The outside of Webster Hall NYC with caption "Heavy Metal Webcast Awards"
A young Mongolian The Eagle Huntress sits on her horse with an eagle on her arm
Aisholpan Nurgaiv: The Eagle Huntress. 13 Year old Mongolian woman hunting with her eagle on horseback.

Our Producer, Nancy Aaran documents Aisholpan’s progress as the young girl doggedly learns how to train the Mongolian golden eagles.  She captures and begins the arduous training of her own eaglet.

The production spent 6 weeks in the Gobi Desert with Nancy and our WebCasting crew on this amazing Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production

Opposition is strong within the dominant male tradition, but Aisholpan becomes the first female to compete at the annual Golden Eagle Festival.

Against all odds, she actually wins the competition, and her eaglet smashes the speed record.

The Eagle Huntress is Aisholpan, a 13-year-old Mongolian girl

Producer Nancy Aaran traveled to Mongolia with an AMC documentary WebCasting team.

Aisholpan is the first female to compete in the traditional Eagle Festival at Ulgii, Mongolia which was established in 1999.

The young girl is part of a nomadic family living in a yurt in the Altai Mountains.  All the males in her family have been eagle hunters for many generations.

Aisholpan is determined to be the first woman eagle hunter.


A feature documentary and several short films were made at the contest  Our own producer. Nancy Aaran was there to document the event. She actually lived in a Mongolian yurt, sleeping on furs on the frozen ground.

Young Mongolian girl treks though the Himalayas mounted on a reindeer.
Smiling Mongolian Man in Yurt eating meat with a long knife

Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC

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Live Streaming Video WebCasting Production Company NYC 2

The American Movie Company is the highest rated live streaming video WebCasting production company in North America

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