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WebCasting / Live Streaming For /  From Houses of Worship

In the Bible the word cast is ubiquitous and has many connotations: To cite a few for educational and fun purposes: “about,” “away,” “down,” “forth,” “in,” “into,” “off,” “out,” “up,” “upon.”

I am introducing to you a new meaning of the word.  In essence, WebCasting means “broadcasting” over the Internet. Further, it is a media presentation that is distributed over the Internet to many simultaneous viewers/listeners on any number of platforms.

Where to worship?  Anywhere! 

For as long as religion has been around there have been places to worship. They range from Buddhist or Hindu temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches.  You may even worship from home!  There are those who devote an area where silence is indeed golden; an area dedicated to prayer or meditation.

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Perhaps you don’t believe in organized religion but consider yourself a spiritual being and adhere to the practice of yoga and other personal rituals.  

Perhaps you’re simply a kind person, a good person, without much effort.   Perhaps you are the type of person who is kind to waiters and waitresses and make the sad, often ignored, cashier at the local Walmart smile by seeming to care. 

You are genuine!

I will venture to say, that we all need validation. 

We can all agree that experiences are more precious and more powerful when shared with others.

There is something to be said about the old adage –

“There is always strength in numbers.”

Where am I going with this? 

Allow me another quote (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12):

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.  For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.  But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

I dare say it is a cogent argument to convince everyone to worship together with one’s community, family, and friends. 

Imagine holding an event, being present at a sermon, or a lecture and having the ability to share said instance with unlimited seating?

Now, imagine those seats being filled by people all over the country or the world as they cross cultural barriers and religious or spiritual affiliations?

Imagine it all being made available to absolutely anyone who has an interest in listening, watching and learning?

The possibilities are endless, as are the immeasurable ways to impact the lives of people.

WebCasting, and Live Streaming are but two ways in which technology has enriched our lives by giving us the capacity to share and bridge mutual experiences, strengths, hopes, inspirations, and, most important, ideas.

To reiterate, Live Streaming and WebCasting allows everyone to share their passion or particular message with the rest of the world. All of us are endowed, as it were, with the capability to participate in an event from a different physical location than where the event is taking place.

It is conducive to a great feeling – one of being an integral part of what is happening elsewhere and offers a real connection, in real time, with real people.

To carry this further, I’ll use an example of something traditional, familiar, such as a Sunday sermon. 

I offer this as an example to illustrate the benefits of Live Streaming in a church or any other House of Worship. How can WebCasting benefit the congregation, the following, of an iman, priest, pastor, rabbi et al.

Video recording and broadcasting it as we’ve been considering, undoubtedly, expands the scope of the ministry and makes its message available to the masses.

Individuals who for any reason, be it illness or anything else, cannot go their House of Worship, can be a part of it and participate from their comfortable home.

A sermon Live Streamed can reach as many people as your imagination can fathom.

They are given the opportunity to tune in live, record and save the link (which is viewable at a later date), watch it multiple times, or share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..

Am going out on a limb here, but I can envision all sorts of unorthodox (no pun intended) events.  A devoted person can establish a mobile church of sorts.  He/she can commit to delivering the sermon weekly to anyone unable or perhaps not ready to commit to a church. 

Live Streaming is the answer!

A House of Worship could, from a marketing standpoint, incorporate WebCasting with its other services.  Congregants would be receptive, I believe. 

Who wouldn’t want to have for posterity a record of these most treasured milestones in one’s life?  I’m referring to weddings, baptisms, baby dedications, blessings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, other rituals, plays, recitals, etc.

Let’s recap the many benefits of

Live Streaming from Houses of Worship.

  • Live Streaming is productive, given our busy lives. We needn’t feel guilty if we cannot attend an important event, sermon, or lecture.  We can be there in spirit and watch being WebCast in real time via the Internet. 
  • WebCasting can reach the masses, literally. Everyone is within reach. The ability to share an important episode in your life with anyone in the world is priceless.
  • Live Streaming Promotes Community Involvement. It encourages communication. People will be talking about it.  Word will get around. This is another way of shining a light on a given cause. Of value too is simply sharing like-minded community events and volunteer opportunities.


  • WebCasting Offers Fundraising Opportunities. Both the House of Worship and an enterprising person (or group) can harness the potential of combining the Live Streaming of an event to raising money for a worthy cause. Don’t underestimate the power of appealing to one’s emotions. People moved by a sermon or someone’s plight, open the purse strings.  Donating is super simple these days.  From anywhere, a person with an iPhone or Smartphone can send money via Zelle, PayPal, or other payment methods. The warm feeling one gets from helping another is immediate.
  • Live chat and Live prayer. No elaboration needed here. The immediacy is felt.  The power of prayer in numbers translates into a greater sense of community and faith and unity are the result.
  • With WebCasting You Exceed Your Grasp and Widen Your Following.Given that hundreds, maybe thousands more people are being reached via the Live Streaming of events, congregations expand and followers multiply.

Here are some interesting statistics from The Church Online and The Pew Research Center about

Live Streaming and how it relates to Houses of Worship.

  • 64% of parishioners say their church’s website is important in facilitating participation and attendance.
  • 46% of adults have seen someone share his/her faith online.
  • 33% of parishioners first learned about their church online. 
  • 20% of adults say they have shared their beliefs on social media.

According to The Church Online,

these are the top 5 features on Houses of Worship websites relied upon by most people. 

  1. Watch sermons and worship services online
  2. Search for opportunities to serve.
  3. Look up worship service information.
  4. Take the opportunity to forward religious content to others.
  5. Read and share visitor information.

A Few Reasons to Live Stream Your Service. 

You Do Have a Prayer!

  • Introduce Your Church or House of Worship. Show potential new members what a service entails and how they can become part of the community.
  • Offer Another Way to Pray. WebCast Your Service. Those who can’t attend, because they are too sick, disabled or working, will eagerly welcome and appreciate your thoughtfulness.\
  • Extended Family Members Can Be Reached. Most relatives do not live nearby or even in the same state so this is a great way to share the Service or special events with them.
  • Live Stream to Other Areas– At the risk of repeating the obvious – Everyone nearby or far away is within reach. They can be part of any event they can’t attend in person.
  • Singing Brings People Together. This is one aspect that is taken for granted and not much thought is given to it. Let us not forget that is a great tool to bring in and involve the youth whose enthusiasm is much needed.  New religious songs can be introduced this way.  Everyone joins in and melodies like laughter are infectious.
  • Boasting Rights. Humbly mentioning that you attended church (or another House of Worship) without leaving home will impress your friends and family. Proof positive that you are in the know, as it were!

In short, Houses of Worship and faith-based communities are rapidly becoming more visible on the web.

Live Streaming is here to stay. 

Cast your net wide and they will come!

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Live Stream Your Wedding

Live Stream Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding?  

a destination wedding, perhaps?

Are you bummed that your nearest and dearest are unable to attend due to the financial burden or distance?

Are you afraid of hurting feelings?

If you invite some people you feel you have to invite everyone?

I know how to help you relax and enjoy the planning!

Consider Live Streaming your wedding! 

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 Invite everyone, everywhere!

Those that can’t come to your actual wedding can still “attend” virtually and they’ll thank you!

Allow me to pontificate,

Live Streaming gives couples the opportunity to share their most important, sacred, joyous, and memorable moment(s) with anyone in the world.

It is widely known that many couples don’t have the luxury of living in the same state as their loved ones. (And I would argue that many who do -wouldn’t call that a luxury).

More often than not, your besties from high school have long since packed their bags and moved to the opposite coast. In other cases, life circumstances have put quite a distance between you and family and friends. C’est la vie!

This separation, of course, is a significant factor.  It influences the ability of people to travel far and incur expenses in order to be at your wedding. I am aware that no one takes this personally. Still it does cause stress. 

While everyone loves to be invited, some must consider the financial aspect. Missing work, buying airline tickets, hotel, and car rental do add up. Throw in the cost of a babysitter for the kids or your dog, and well… you see what I mean. 

Consider also that some may have health issues and going to your wedding places undue hardship on them. 

 No matter the reason for their inevitable absence,  

Live Streaming is the solution! 

Everyone and their mother, literally, can join you in your anticipated celebration.

All of this happens in real time!

It adds that extra element of awesomeness and ensures no one misses the magic of your big day. 


Live Streaming is gaining popularity among millenials, those engaged and getting married.  

(I mean it both in terms of their having the ring, but also I mean to say that these young people are politically aware and socially conscious. They are engaged!)

Tech-savvy couples are seeing the benefits in WebCasting Live their once in a lifetime ceremonies. In many cases, couples try to save money by choosing a smaller venue, cut calories and cost by limiting the choices of catered food, etc.  They juggle things and save on something else. 

Many conclude that what is priceless is having their “I do’s” on film for the rest of their lives and relish the thought that everyone they wanted to see them make those vows was there! 

Don’t forget that this epic day or ritual can be shared on many platforms.  Maybe you’ll set up a private YouTube channel. Tap those supportive followers on Facebook and flood your social media.  Post that beautiful wedding dress on Instagram. 

Again, consider

Live Streaming your wedding and pre and post celebrations!  

Share your bliss with the world!

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WebCast / Live Stream Concerts

Concerts – Live Streamed

Feel the Heat, Keep Up With the Beat!


Actually going to a concert?

You may not have to…

Live Streaming a concert is super hot right now!

Talk about putting your finger on the pulse of what’s trending.

Hop on board, folks, and be in the know! 

WebCasting and Live Streaming are the rage! 

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You may watch a concert in your jammies, in your own home or at a particular location with your friends while indulging your food and libation desires.  

Perhaps you are the one broadcasting it!

You’re in the know

– Live Streaming to platforms such as Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, or YouTube is a breeze.

The ability to Live Stream and WebCast concerts and festivals allows audiences to feel they are sharing the moment.

That’s because they are!

Live Streaming has a way of transporting us.

We can almost feel the sweat drip from the brow as those fingers furiously riff that guitar solo.

Video on demand can’t touch this up close and personal vibe. 

This type of palpable energy is one that only comes from a live performance.

Live Streaming can take a small, intimate set and transform it into a global event! 

The demand for venues to Live Stream concerts and festivals is literally booming.

It is changing the way people feel about live music and providing a powerful platform for fans to enjoy their favorite bands from anywhere in the world. 


Some folks fear that Live Streaming a concert will detract from ticket sales.

 Contraire, mon frère – quite the opposite is true.

The popularity and demand for Live Streaming concerts will actually boost ticket sales.

Check It Out:

•    Coachella Live Streamed both weekends on three stages with over 60 acts to the tune of 9M views. (Source: Forbes Magazine)

•    The World Cup hit a peak of 7.9M concurrent plays of its Live Streaming this summer (Streaming Media)

•   67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one. For annual events like music festivals, 30% who watch a Live Stream will attend that same event the following year. (

•   When you Stream Live Video from your venue or festival’s Facebook page, all the followers of that page are notified that you are live. How cool is that?

So, why Live Stream?

The idea is revolutionary and simple:

Having the opportunity to view a well-organized, Live Stream allows a fan to feel as if he/she is there. If that person is watching a concert via a WebCast, it’s most likely because they couldn’t afford to be there in person.

But let’s not undervalue the power of building a music community. Bands and fans go together like Simon and Garfunkel and peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea; there exists a natural yin and yang to the gift of playing music and the gift of that music touching people’s souls all over the world. 

It’s an unwritten reciprocity – it’s give and take.

Musicians love to make music, but they really love it when fans LOVE their music. Imagine the feeling a lead singer has when he/she is  playing one of their most popular songs and suddenly the crowd chimes in and sings in unison? The audience knows every single word and silent break in the song.

It’s a symbiotic and beautiful exchange of a unified passion being shared!

And I’ll say this again because it’s important.

If you are not yet interested or convinced to investing some moolah in WebCasting and Live Streaming, you will soon be! 

 There’s an excellent chance that your competition is.  

Other key points to consider-

With Live Streaming you can see the behind the scenes action, you can see what happens backstage.

Check out the VIP room and be in on the meet and greet activity up close.

  (This could also boost the sales of your VIP packages). 

We live in a world where relativity is measured and calculated.

Undoubtedly, there is a need and a massive interest from fans. 

There is a demand for more Live Streaming of their favorite concerts, shows, and festivals. 

 Supply and demand!  The demand is evident, a no brainer!

The benefits and return on the investment are astounding.

The numbers don’t lie.

WebCasting and Live Streaming provide patrons the unique opportunity to see a concert or festival in real time.

It harnesses the power and energy of a live performance and delivers it to those who aren’t able to be there in person.

It’s the next best thing to being there in person. And with perks that I mentioned above, some could argue that it’s better to watch the concert from the comfort of your own home and skip the crowd and parking nightmare. 

 (I personally am not sure… I love the roar of the crowd! – then again…)

Technology is continuously evolving, and companies are taking advantage of how easy it is to broadcast events and concerts live via the Internet.

 So, hop on board the Live Stream wave and lose yourself in the swell of mutual satisfaction.

In the words of the Youngbloods

– Come on people now/ Smile on your brother/ Everybody get together/ Try to love…

Why settle for a wave when you hold the power of the ocean!

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WebCast / Live Stream Corporate Events

Live Streaming Corporate Events

By now, most people have heard of WebCasting and Live Streaming. However, many still have a vague idea and remain in the dark about it. 

They are unaware of its benefits in terms of enhancing their business.


Live Streaming corporate events, for example, is a powerful way to expand your business brand.   

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It continues to gain massive momentum.

Its popularity and demand exhibit no sign of slowing down in this tech savvy age.

On the contrary, its rise continues and promises to become an integral part of every facet of any business.

The question then becomes –

Do you want to get ahead of the game?

Let us demystify and break down the fuzz around Live Streaming and provide a clear picture of what it is and how it will benefit your business.

Let us demystify and break down the fuzz around Live Streaming and provide a clear picture of what it is and how it will benefit your business.

It’s time to catapult your corporate events into another stratosphere!

Live Streaming and WebCasting are, essentially, the same thing. They are interchangeable names of the same service, one that allows the broadcast of any event, i.e. a concert, lecture, funeral, wedding, Bar Mitzvah etc. and allows it to stream over the internet in real time.

Social media marketer, Bryan Kramer describes Live Streaming as an inexpensive “key marketing and communications tool that helps brands reach their online audience.”

  Although it’s possible to be a “DIY streamer” (from a fan’s POV amidst a sea of sweaty concert goers), the intention of this article is to discuss professional Live Stream services as a measure of building business revenue while expanding your business’ overall presence and untapped capabilities and potential.

This type of Live Streaming requires the expertise of a company familiar with Live Streaming such as The American Movie Company in NYC.

Live Streaming corporate events enables your business to send its core message and product services to people who are unable to attend in person.

This gives you the opportunity to engage a wider audience and reach people in all corners of any coast. And remember, just because this is done in real time doesn’t mean you can’t record it.

You can edit the highlights from the live event and send your link out via email, YouTube or to any social media outlet and allow other people to do the sharing for you.

Live Streaming corporate events is the best way to show off your keynote speakers and to get people engaged in your core message.

This is also an incredible way to increase future attendance. According to Digitell, “15%-30% of virtual attendees will come to your physical event the following year.”

The Live Stream event acts as a first impression of sorts. It allows your business and its concepts to make the first move and introduce themselves while the virtual attendees are in the comfort of their own home or office. One clever marketing tip is to offer our virtual attendees a discounted code for next year’s event. ( Hey, you heard it here first).

Live Streaming and WebCasting provide a direct connection with your audience. There is nothing more essential than audience participation when it comes to the success of any event.

This interaction plays a vital role in making the virtual attendee feel seen, heard and important. Remember, if you can engage your audience – you’ve already won.

Creating a genuine connection with the audience expands mutual trust and is a cornerstone for your business moving forward and forging new connections. People will want to know more about how they can get involved in your business and will want to share it with their friends. Chat boxes often accompany Live Streamed events. This feature enables the virtual attendees to participate in real time and ask speakers on the panel or lecture – real questions.

Live Streaming your corporate events is an immeasurable way to contribute to the maximum success of your business’s digital strategy. 

Archive your event!

Record your event for future releases and newsletters. Re-send those incredible keynote speakers as a reminder of the power held in the room that day.

Re-live those moments to remind people of your message. Following up on emails, blog posts, social media posts and so on can reawaken and give new life to old footage. You may even want to use multiple segments from these events for future marketing campaigns or fundraisers.

The opportunities are limitless!

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Streaming Video


Live Streaming Video is the medium of the moment. It makes your local event a true "World Event"! It lets all who cannot be there share that special moment!

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