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WebCasting / Live Streaming Sweet 16 Parties

Live Streaming – Sweet 16 Parties

It’s never too late to learn something new! Allow me tell you a tale of woe and enlightenment.

I am taking poetic license and re-telling my friend’s experience. I will assume her role and mine will be the narrator. Bear with me. Take me at face value. Don’t expect logic.

Travel with me to March 9, and my daughter’s birthday celebration. The lights are out and the energy in the room is palpable. There is an excitement coupled with a coming-of-age vibe that surrounds the smiling face of the birthday girl. The massive cake appears from around the corner with sparkling candles and resplendent frosting. Onlookers imbue it with emotions and reflect upon the shared experiences with joy and love.

Sweet 16 party, Live Streaming from American Movie Company. 16 Year Old girl and family celebrating her birthday around cake.

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A friend asks “Don’t you wish you could freeze this moment in time?”

Yes, I do! The one telling this story interjects.

As you ponder where time went and how it is possible that your baby girl is entering adulthood, the singing of Happy Birthday jolts you back to reality. The celebration continues for quite a while and later when you and a few devoted guests clear the beautifully set tables with the plates now spotted with cake and melted ice cream, and gather the strewn, torn wrapping paper and colorful bows, you again reminisce.

Teen Girl Posing with Balloons
When back in the comfort of your humble abode you and your husband put your exhausted, precocious 12 year-old to bed. Sitting on the sofa, drinking champagne, both of you at the same time utter the words

“I wish my parents could’ve have been here to see this.”

Yes, pictures were taken, of course. But you wish they and other friends could have actually been there to share it in person.
You ponder ways to share the magic of this incredible day with those who have played such an instrumental role in your daughter’s life. People like her devoted grandparents who have been more like guardian angels couldn’t attend because they recently moved to Florida.

You’re startled as your super active son dashes past you on his skateboard, Coke in hand, and in what could only be construed as a condescending tone says,

“You should have Live Streamed Elyse’s party for Gram and Gramps.”

Laptop Live Streaming a Sweet 16 Birthday party, family singing around birthday girl and cake.
Birthday girl celebrating with balloons

Exasperated and confused you say, Stop! Wait! What are you saying? What the heck is Live Streaming? You’re annoyed and intrigued at the same time. You wish he had said something before. But then you can’t expect a kid to act beyond his years! To defend his silence on this matter, your planning was done when he was at one of his activities after school. At any rate, he paused for a few minutes and amazed you with his knowledge of the technical aspects of

Live Streaming and WebCasting. Apparently, his school Live Streamed the graduation ceremony last year!
You know that a do-over is not possible and know from experience that there is no use in crying over spilt milk. However, your sweet 16 princess will be 21 in the blink of an eye. There will be milestones to commemorate! Your breathing returns to normal. You vow to look into it and do! Google leads you to the American Movie Company, whose main office is in New York

WebCast Your Party To The World.

By hiring a company such as AMC that specializes in Live Streaming and WebCasting you can sit back, relax and trust that any future hallmark moments will be shared on the platforms of your choice.
Your mom and dad will never miss an important event again. You’ve enlisted Jonathan to invite grandparents and other family members who can’t travel and friends who live in other states to be part of any celebration!

(Yes, his allowance is doubled!)

Now that you’re highly experienced on the ever-popular Live Streaming technology, family and friends will forever have access to the archived footage. All once-in-a-lifetime joyous occasions will be documented! You will trust Jonathan to edit the videos. They will make great gifts for extended family and friends. You may even decide to venture into YouTube channel territory. You now have a new hobby!

Life is good! What’s down stream? Whatever it is, we cast a wide web!

(Pardon my puns.)

Learn from my experience. Make plans now to Live Stream your next important event. Give the folks, I should say the professional folks, at the American Movie Company and give them the opportunity to impress you.

Teen Girl Blowing out Birthday Candles
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