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WebCasting / Live Streaming Political Events

Live Streaming and the Political World

Live Streaming is on the rise and on track to double its growth by 2021, making it a 70 billion dollar plus industry.

Politicians from all parties are using this incredible tool as often as they can to make their presence known nationwide.

Every major social media platform has integrated Live Streaming and WebCasting into their realm of services. Reaching potential customers around the globe is now effortless.

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You may watch a concert in your jammies, in your own home or at a particular location with your friends while indulging your food and libation desires.

Perhaps you are the one broadcasting it!

You’re in the know

– Live Streaming to platforms such as Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, or YouTube is a breeze.

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Democrats and Republicans alike are racing to key states to hold town hall meetings, rallies, and fundraising events in order to expand the presence of their campaign. You can turn on the television on almost any given day and watch the broadcast of presidential hopefuls as their campaign is Live Streaming an interview or a prominent Q and A session.

Many people these days don’t have traditional cable networks. They have, instead, opted for that freedom of choice. This package free approach allows people to tune into channels that target their specific interests, without having to sit through the ads and consumer-based commercials, let alone the hefty monthly charge that accompanies it.

As a matter of fact, since the last election, close to 7 million Americans have chosen to get their news directly from the source via Live Streaming. From Supreme Court nominee hearings to briefings on Muller, to live press conferences of the Senate Judiciary Committee – Live Streaming and WebCasting take us straight into the action in real time.

Election season is the largest and most influential, political event in the nation. It’s a 4-month siege fraught with campaign events, interviews, press releases, press conferences, and state rallies and events. And every step of the way is documented via Live Streaming.

The ability to broadcast live results, commentary, speeches, and debates without being bound to a specific television network has revolutionized the political playing field.

Gone are the days when mainstream media was the only gatekeeper, as it were, for the general public to access the coverage of the political arena. The power of Live Streaming has brought with it the power of choice and thus, the power of change.

Back in the day, there was only one alternative to tune and watch live, political news – C-SPAN. A lot has changed since then.

Today, Live Streaming politics, in conjunction with social networks like Twitter and Facebook – even YouTube has partnered with such networks as CNN to Live Stream and WebCast presidential debates.

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Let’s face it – Live Streaming is changing the face and tone of politics as we know it. Politicians themselves are eager to embrace any mechanism that will allow for a more significant and expansive reach to diverse audiences. It’s a win-win scenario and with Live Streaming – it places the power back where it has always belonged – WITH the people.

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