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WebCasting / Live Streaming Graduations

Live Streaming for Graduations

Live Streaming for Graduations
For families, institutions, communities and individuals, the celebration of milestones is an important and grounding ritual.

But, however important the gathering – for many of us, traveling long distances isn’t always realistic due to time, budget, and other constraints.

Thankfully, the American Movie Company has a solution that will allow anyone with an internet connection to participate, regardless of where in the world they might be.

WebCasting Graduation Ceremonies!

Graduation in progress, students with cap and gown, Live Streaming, Web Casting Graduations.

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Live Streaming your graduation ceremony is a modern and affordable remedy and will allow you both the ability to broadcast your big day and the option to create a keepsake in the form of an expertly edited video.
Let us tell you how.
Let’s talk specifics . . . if you are an institution, ushering out another graduating class is your very purpose, and one that is celebrated both by the school and the graduates. A great deal of planning goes into every ceremony, and AMC would be proud to assist you with ensuring that not only are all of your audio/visual needs taken care of, but by offering the latest technology via Live Streaming.
Graduation Live Stream from American Movie Company
Institutions of higher learning are held to a high standard and expected to be at the forefront of technological evolution, so let us help you look good to your graduates, their families and any prospective students who might be watching.

Have a special guest offering the commencement address?

We can likewise assist with everything from teleprompters to speech coaching to help your speaker feel as comfortable as possible.

We can customize a package to include multiple or select views of the ceremony, highlighting particular parts or the event as a whole.

Gone are the days of setting up a camera in the back and hoping for the best. Your school and your graduates deserve the same care and attention on their big day that they received while enrolled, so let us help you discover what’s possible with our professional crew and state-of-the-art equipment.
If you are graduate or the family of a graduate, and your school doesn’t offer a Live Streaming option, we can help there as well. We realize that graduation ceremonies can be crowded and hectic events, with one of the chief complaints among attendees being the difficulty or inability to properly see or hear the ones they are there to support.
When we provide Live Streaming your worries are over. We plan and ensure that the main speaker and prominent graduates are given special attention. Clearly, the others will not be ignored. We can operate with a small footprint and focus only on you and your part in the big moment or we can be inclusive. I choose the last one!
Live Streaming Graduations- Hand holding white diplomas , red ribbons
We can discuss options as to how we can operate as unobtrusively as possible, while still offering great coverage. Should you need permission to bring in AMC to cover your ceremony, our team of producers is happy to liaise directly with your school’s administration to explain both the benefits and the operational details. Most frequently, once schools realize the wider audience and ancillary benefits they can gain as a result of Live Streaming their graduation ceremony, they are excited and eager to interact with all involved.
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