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WebCasting / Live Streaming Funerals

Live Streaming Funerals

This might strike you as not only an unpleasant topic, but something you would never do. Still… we must talk about unpleasant things.

My assumption is that by now everyone has heard of Live Streaming and WebCasting. I further assume that all understand that Live Streaming is essentially broadcasting an event via the Internet in real time.

Engaging in this phenomenon allows people and businesses to share corporate events, training videos, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, other religious rituals, concerts, etc.

Another assumption is that we all want to share only happy events in our lives. There is no limit to what can be Live Streamed.

Live Streaming of Funerals

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There is an inevitable, sad event that also demands our attention and merits being shared with family and friends who cannot be there for the last farewell. Am referring, of course, to funerals and attendant solemn elegies.






One may differ as to how to approach that most devastating goodbye. The grieving for a loved one is made tolerable by being surrounded by those who love you. Given that most families are scattered across the country and around the world, bringing all together especially at a time of such loss is uplifting. With the appropriate reverence a funeral can be attended virtually by those left behind via WebCasting. Those who cannot physically attend the funeral will appreciate being included this way.

Am reticent to mention closure – it’s such an overused word and one that is moot – does closure really come after an unexpected or violent death of a child, for example? I will stop here. This is much too upsetting a topic.

Suffice it to say that Live Streaming such an event as this can alleviate the suffering.

Funeral Homes across the country now offer Live Streaming services. It encompasses the eulogy and family members and friends are given the chance to speak words of love. It becomes a celebration of the life of the departed. It is both a sad and a happy remembrance of things past, to borrow a phrase.

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People at funeral consoling each other

The Live Streaming of celebrity funerals has been in the news of late.

Nipsey Hussle, an American rapper, entrepreneur and community activist from Los Angeles was fatally shot outside his clothing store, Marathon Clothing on March 31. The service was Live Streamed from the Staples Center for millions of ardent fans across the country. They were able to pay their respects and celebrate the life lived with such passion and snatched away so tragically. Sharing the grief lessened it. Nipsey’s devastated family and several entertainers welcomed the opportunity to bring awareness to issues, ironically, such as gun control, that were of importance to the young activist. Live Streaming succeeded in reaching thousands all over the world.

Funeral homes, I’m told, (a friend recently died) offer the possibility for mourners to broadcast services online and in real time via Live Streaming. Technology is driving and changing our culture. Nothing remains the same – the norm is no more! It has ceased to be! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! It is deceased! (I summoned memories of the brilliant parrot skit from Monty Python). You’ll forgive my lapse into frivolity. Laughter is one way to deal with indescribable loss
If I may, allow me to reiterate the good aspects of WebCasting/Live Streaming a funeral. This service allows family, friends, loved ones, or anyone who cannot be there physically but wants to pay their respects a way to do so. For some, it is not possible to be present at a funeral service for many reasons. Most deaths come unexpectedly and suddenly. Whether the reason for not being there is geographic, financial, or even not having the emotional capacity to deal with it – Live Streaming affords the grieving person a way to respectfully say a last goodbye. It may sound a bit strange, but a lot of people re-connect, as it were, at weddings and yes, at funerals.
Funeral homes that offer this particular service (no pun intended) in rural areas actually unite the community.

Through the Live Streaming of the funeral the brokenhearted are consoled. Condolences are given in a variety of ways. Plan ahead and minimize the stress. Inquire about Live Streaming the inevitable.

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