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Live Streaming Funerals

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Live Streaming

Live streaming is on the rise and on track to double in size by 2021, making it a 70 billion-dollar industry.


Every major social media network has live streaming and webcasting as a service. Reaching out to potential clients all over the world is very simple.

This may strike you as not only an unpleasant subject, but also something you would never do. Still, we must discuss unpleasant topics.

My assumption is that everyone has heard of Live Streaming and WebCasting by now. I also assume that everyone understands that Live Streaming is essentially real-time broadcasting of an event over the Internet.

Participating in this phenomenon allows people and businesses to share corporate events, training videos, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, other religious rituals, concerts, and so on.

Another assumption is that we all want to share only the good things in our lives. What can be Live Streamed has no bounds.

I’m hesitant to bring up closure because it’s such an overused and meaningless word. For example, does closure come after the unexpected or violent death of a child? I’m going to end here. This is an extremely distressing subject.

hand holding, casket in the background, funeral service

Funeral Home

Across the country, funeral homes are now offering Live Streaming services. It includes the eulogy, as well as the opportunity for family and friends to speak words of love. It becomes a celebration of the departed’s life. To borrow a phrase, it is both a sad and a happy reminiscence of things past.

Suffice it to say that live streaming such an event can help to alleviate the pain.

funeral home set for a funeral, chairs, casket and flowers
white rose, candles in the background,

There is an unavoidable, tragic event that requires our attention and deserves to be shared with family and friends who cannot attend the final farewell. Of course, I’m referring to funerals and the attendant solemn elegies.

One’s approach to the most heartbreaking goodbye may differ. Being surrounded by those who care about you makes grieving for a loved one bearable. Given that most families are dispersed across the country and around the world, bringing everyone together, especially during such a difficult time, is heartening. A funeral can be virtually attended by those left behind via WebCasting with the appropriate reverence. Those who are unable to attend the funeral in person will appreciate being included in this manner.

The Live Streaming of celebrity funerals has been in the news of late.

Nipsey Hussle, a Los Angeles-based rapper, entrepreneur, and community activist, was fatally shot outside his clothing store, Marathon Clothing, on March 31. Millions of ardent fans across the country watched the service live from the Staples Center. They were able to pay their respects and celebrate a life lived with such passion and tragically cut short. The grief was lessened by sharing it. Nipsey’s devastated family and several entertainers welcomed the opportunity to raise awareness about issues that were important to the young activist, such as gun control. Live streaming has reached thousands of people all over the world.

I’m told (a friend recently died), funeral homes allow mourners to broadcast services online and in real time via Live Streaming. Technology is driving and changing our culture. Nothing remains the same—the norm has vanished! It is no longer! ‘E rests in peace, lifeless! It has passed away! (I remembered Monty Python’s brilliant parrot skit.) You’ll excuse my indulgence. Laughter is one way to cope with indescribable loss.

Allow me to emphasize the benefits of WebCasting/Live Streaming a funeral. This service enables family, friends, loved ones, or anyone who is unable to attend in person but wishes to pay their respects to do so. For a variety of reasons, some people cannot attend a funeral service. The majority of deaths occur unexpectedly and suddenly. Whether the reason for not being present is geographic, financial, or even a lack of emotional capacity, live streaming allows the bereaved person to respectfully say their final goodbye. It may seem strange, but many people re-connect at weddings and, yes, funerals.

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