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Live Streaming Auditions



Live Streaming

Live streaming is on the rise and on track to double in size by 2021, making it a 70 billion-dollar industry.


Every major social media network has live streaming and webcasting as a service. Reaching out to potential clients all over the world is very simple.

It would be difficult to find a professional sector that could not benefit from Live Streaming technology, and the entertainment industry is no exception.

It takes a lot of effort to get a new television show, film, live theater piece, or music showcase off the ground. With so many moving parts to consider and boxes to check-from funding the project to casting, pre-production, filming and/or going live, and marketing the release-it’s no surprise that producers are among the busiest people in the entertainment industry.

Auditions Live Streaming

Our Service

We can provide customized lighting, high-quality sound, and high-definition cameras run by an experienced crew to capture every nuance of the actor’s performance.
No matter where your project’s decision makers are in the world, as long as they have a Wifi connection, they can view the customized Live Stream and provide real-time feedback.

Are you ready to webcast those incredible abilities?

Audition webcasting
Actors with headshot Live streaming from AMC Studio, Audition for a role in a remote location.
Actress in the style of Hollywood retro films- Live Streaming Auditions by AMC

Attending auditions and supervising the casting process may be among their primary responsibilities, but when juggling multiple projects in multiple locations at the same time, it can be difficult to attend even the most important castings.

Using American Movie Company’s WebCasting services, we can create a live stream of the audition process, allowing decision makers to sit in and provide feedback even if they are not physically present.

Because nearly all auditions today are already being filmed, particularly for film and television projects, adding a Live Stream to that process is the next logical step. AMC can provide customized and cost-effective WebCasting feed creation services for you and your team. And, because your project is confidential and your privacy is important, we can ensure that access is restricted to only those key players you want to include.

And, because finding the right talent for your project may necessitate expanding your search beyond major cities, our team is available to travel to any US market where you may wish to conduct the audition process. When you think of small towns like Shawnee, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, or Owensboro, Kentucky, you probably don’t think of them as hotbeds of creative talent—if you’ve heard of them at all. Despite this, these small towns produced Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Depp.

In other words, the next big star could be anywhere, and AMC would be honored to assist you in finding them by streamlining your casting project, wherever that may lead us. Because we have experienced production staff on our team, we can also help you find and book audition spaces almost anywhere, as well as take care of the technical side of your auditions from start to finish. 

Going through all of the talent auditions and creating a reel of the top contenders for you to make a final decision is a second challenge in the casting process. We can also take care of that for you! Allow us to condense your top choices into an easily digestible reel that can be easily segmented by role or any other modifiers.

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