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WebCasting / Live Streaming Auditions

Live Streaming Auditions

You’d be hard pressed to find a professional sector that couldn’t benefit from the technology of Live Streaming, and the entertainment industry is no exception.

Getting a new television show, motion picture, live theatre piece or music showcase off the ground is no small thing. With so many moving parts to consider and so many boxes to check – from funding the project, to casting, to pre-production, to filming and/or going live and marketing the release – it’s no wonder that producers are some of the busiest people in show business.

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Actors engaging in a hug as performance, Broadcasted live with American Movie Company Live Streaming Services
Attending auditions and overseeing the casting process might be chief among their responsibilities, but when juggling multiple projects in multiple locations at once, it can be difficult to impossible to attend even the most important castings.
With American Movie Company’s WebCasting services, we can create a Live Stream of the audition process, allowing the decision makers to sit in and offer feedback, even when they can’t physically be in the same room.
Because nearly all of today’s auditions – particularly for film and television projects – are already being filmed, tacking on a Live Stream to that process is the next logical step. AMC can offer customized and affordable solutions to create a WebCasting feed for you and your team. And because your project is proprietary and privacy paramount, we can make sure that access is limited only to those crucial players you want to include.
Live Streaming Actors Auditions - American Movie Company, Two Actors audition for a role
Actors with headshot Live streaming from AMC Studio, Audition for a role in a remote location.
Our services don’t begin and end just with WebCasting.

We can also offer customized lighting, high quality sound, and high definition cameras operated by experienced crew to capture every last nuance of the actor’s performance.
Regardless of where in the world your project’s decision makers might be, as long as they have a Wifi connection, they can view the customized Live Stream and offer feedback in real time.

And because finding just the the right talent for your project sometimes means expanding your search beyond just the major cities, our team is available to travel to any US market where you might like to take the audition process. When you think of small towns like Shawnee, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, or Owensboro, Kentucky, you probably don’t think of them as hotbed exports of creative talent – and that’s if you’ve even heard of them at all. Yet these tiny towns brought us Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp respectively.
Actress in the style of Hollywood retro films- Live Streaming Auditions by AMC
American Movie Company Live Streaming Auditions- Neon Sign graphic
In other words, the next big superstar could be anywhere, and AMC would be honored to help you find them by streamlining your casting project, wherever that might take us. And because our staff includes experienced production staff, we can even help you locate and secure audition spaces virtually anywhere, and handle the setup, execution and strike of the technical side of your audition process from beginning to end.

A second challenge in the casting process is going through all the talent auditions and creating a reel of the top contenders for you to make a final decision. We can take that off your plate as well! Let us condense your top picks into an easily digestible reel, which can easily be segmented by role or any other modifiers.

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