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WebCasting / Live Streaming Concerts

Concerts Streamed Live

Feel the heat, and keep up with the rhythm!

Are you going to a concert?

Live streaming concert closeup of the crowd with hands up.

Live Streaming of concerts is really popular right now!

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You might not have to

Live streaming of concerts is really popular right now!

Talk about having your finger on the pulse of current events.

Get on board and stay up to date!

You can watch a concert in your jammies, at home, or at a specific venue with your pals while fulfilling your food and beverage demands.

Maybe you're the one transmitting it!

You're up to date.

It's simple to broadcast live to platforms like Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, and YouTube.

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Raging Concert with lots of lights

Concerts and festivals that can be Live Streamed and WebCasted make people feel like they are actually there.

They are, after all.

Live streaming has the ability to transport us.

As those fingers riff the guitar solo quickly, we can almost feel the sweat drop from the head.

This up-close and personal vibe cannot be replicated via video on demand.

This kind of palpable intensity can only be found in a live performance.

Live streaming can turn a small, intimate performance into a global event!

The demand for live streaming venues for concerts and festivals is simply exploding.

It is altering people’s perceptions of live music while also providing a tremendous platform for fans to experience their favorite artists from anywhere in the world.

Some people are concerned that live streaming performance may reduce ticket sales.

Contrary to popular belief, mon frère, the exact reverse is true.

Live streaming concerts’ popularity and demand will actually increase ticket sales.

Mike close up - blurred audience in background

Check it out:

• Coachella 2019!Streamed both weekends on three stages with over 60 shows, totaling 9 million viewers. (From Forbes Magazine)

• World Cup Live Streaming reached a peak of 7.9M concurrent plays this summer (Streaming Media).

• 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after viewing a live video of the event or one similar to it.For yearly events such as music festivals, 30% of those who watch a live stream will return the following year. (

•When you stream live video from your venue’s or festival’s Facebook page, all of the page’s followers are notified. Isn’t it cool?

So, why stream live?

The concept is groundbreaking and straightforward:

The ability to observe a well-organized live stream helps a fan to feel as though he or she is present. Most people who watch a concert via WebCast do so because they cannot afford to attend in person.

But don’t underestimate the potential of creating a music community. Like Simon and Garfunkel and peanut butter and jelly, bands and fans complement each other. You get the picture; there is a natural yin and yang to the gift of music and the gift of music reaching people’s souls all around the world.

It's unspoken reciprocity - give and take

Musicians enjoy making music, but they especially enjoy it when their fans enjoy it. Consider how a lead singer feels when he or she is performing one of their most popular songs and the audience joins in and sings in unison. The audience understands every word and silence breaks in the song.

It’s a symbiotic and lovely exchange of a shared interest!

Live streaming

And I’ll say it again because it’s critical.

If you aren’t already interested or convinced to invest in webcasting and live to stream, you will be soon!

There’s a good possibility your competitors are.

Other important factors to consider-

Live streaming allows you to watch what happens backstage and behind the scenes.

Check out the VIP lounge and get a front-row seat to the meet-and-greet action.

(This may also increase the sales of your VIP packages.)

WebCasting and Live Streaming

We live in a world where relativity is computed and measured.

Without a doubt, there is a demand and a lot of interest from fans.

More live streaming of their favorite concerts, performances, and festivals is desired.

Demand and supply! The demand is obvious; it’s a no-brainer!

The advantages and return on investment are remarkable.

The figures don’t lie.

Webcasting and Live Streaming offer concertgoers the rare option to watch music or festival in real-time.

It takes the energy and excitement of a live performance and shares it with people who couldn’t be there.

It’s the next best thing to actually being there. Some may argue that with the benefits outlined above, it is preferable to watch the event from the comfort of your own home, avoiding the crowds and parking nightmare.

(As for myself, I’m not sure.) I love the roar of the crowd!-but then…)

Technology is constantly improving, and businesses are capitalizing on how simple it is to stream live events and concerts over the Internet.

Why settle for a wave when you hold the power of the ocean!

So, jump on the Live Stream bandwagon and get lost in the flood of mutual delight.

According to the Youngbloods

-Come on, people Take care of your brother. Everyone comes together. Try to love…



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WebCasting / Live Streaming Concerts


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