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WebCasting Church & Synagogue Services

What’s Next for Houses of Worship Streaming

Best Practices for Live Streaming Church Services

In this video, we are joined by Michael Upshaw of Lifestream TV, an online network for house of worship live streamers. We dig into an important question: What’s next for church streaming?

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“Churches are becoming very passionate about live streaming their church services as a way to extend their reach and promote the message of God” says Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer, at PTZOptics.  “This is an opportunity for one lucky house of worship to be outfitted with everything it could need for high-quality video production and streaming,” Richards explains. What’s next for church streaming? We start with a look at the BIG picture and determine how churches from all faiths and denominations have come to the same conclusion. It’s a good idea to start live streaming our services. We ask Michael Upshaw, an expert in church streaming, about the leaders in this space. Michael explains some of the emerging technologies he recommends for churches that setting up live streams in their houses of worship which includes cameras, microphones, audio mixers and extension systems.

We hope you enjoy this video presentation and wanted to include some of the comments from our live show below: Kevin Schmuhl Says – “My Church has seen a large growth rate in house attendance since we started live streaming. We asked some of the new members why they chose our church to attend and it was because of the stream.”

Adam Riley says – “At our church the sunday school teachers love the stream or the recording so they don’t feel like they miss while they are with the kids” Jason Arcega Says – “Live-streaming expands your audience like never before. Reaching people who don’t have access to a church that fits their needs!” Joel Chett Says – “Yes! I think live streaming for churches is a great tool, especially for small churches. We started live streaming during our once a year convention and have been streaming our Sunday services. It’s a great way for new people to experience our church before they actually come to a service and helps people who are unable to make it still stay connected.”

John Messner says – “We’re just getting into live streaming, but I know that there are many people in our medical community that would not be able to come regularly on Sunday mornings, and would really benefit from having access to the church community and “church happenings” by being able to view our services/messages/announcements from a live service WHENEVER they could!”

Reverand David Holder says – “Yes church needs to stream to spread the gospel message of salvation, but it is not the end all be all in the spreading the the Gospel message. The church needs to have overall ministries to the congregation and to the communities we serve and use streaming as a tool that tells the story of those ministries and how we are impacting the lives and the communities to the glory of God.”

Michael Barnett says – “Yes, we have folks from all over the United States that watch our services and those who are sick and unable to attend services.” Ryan Serrano says – “yes, because we are able to reach those who cannot come to church, and also it serves as a copy or record of the service allowing the brethren to view again the service especially the sermon time so they can fully digest the message of the hour.” Daniel Hypolite says – “Yes. It has been a great way to get our church out into the public” Roger Cognant says – “We have the best opportunity for the farthest reach with the Gospel via web streaming. We have members and non members that view live or archived services.” Don Moore Says – ” Yes, we stream our Chapel services at High Point University to allow parents from around the country and world to see their children take leadership roles in our services.”

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The Basics of Church Live Streaming

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How To WebCast Church Services | Live Streaming Video For Churches

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