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OBS Studio As Best Choice To Stream To YouTube

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For streaming to YouTube I prefer LiveStream and OBS.

You will see the OBS method in the above video.

The author shows you his personal choice of the most effective settings this video, I walk you through the best settings.  He has been using OBS for YouTube for the past five years.  His opinion is that streaming at 1080p at 60fps gives your the highest quality with OBS.

He adds his choice for best settings with Facebook, Twitch TV, YouTube and other such as YouTube Gaming.

The above video less a how to stream with OBS.  Here we go into the issue of giving you a series of tips and tricks for garnering more views with YouTube Live.   In our opinion it’s well worth trying each of these suggestions.

We did and found we increased our online audience virtually immediately.


How To Live Stream Video to YouTube

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Live Stream, Live Streaming, Live Streaming Video, WebCasting

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