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One of the most effective solutions to convey information and interact with the audience is to actually have an efficient promotional video that’s displaying on your website. This tactic stays important in online marketing nowadays so that is precisely why many corporate video production companies implement this as well.

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Creating a promotional video can represent effective marketing indeed but rest assured the video is viewable and the sound is audible. Otherwise, the website will only look irritating and be inconvenient for the viewers. How corporate video production companies guarantee to implement this is having the video content being watched by the audience, played or downloaded conveniently and can be accessed in many formats as well. Also, the video should be widely distributed on many websites so that it can target far more audiences. To be able to share video clips on the internet, there are 2 different ways.

StreamingVideo: The first thing is having the viewer already download parts of your video (and this is generally known as streaming) as the video is playing. The main advantage of using this is it enables users to not spend time downloading the entire video before they can even see the content simply because they can be able to view the video from there. Furthermore, there are several types of streamable video formats.

Despite the advantage of using streamable video online, one drawback is that the quality of the video depends upon every user’s web connection. Some can suffer dropping of video frames since this streaming software also adapts on the data rate according to the web connection speed to be able to play the video consistently.

Download and Play: Another corporate video production tactic is download and play which is the complete comparison of streamable video. This is when a user has to obtain the whole video first before watching it. This can be beneficial for those with high download speeds but also time-consuming for those with lower speeds. The good thing is the quality of the video will never get affected.

Which Webcast video format is the best to use? Corporate video production  companies mostly consider download and play option since ensuring video quality is most essential. Plus, users can always get back to their videos in their convenient time.

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