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TriCaster Live Sets Gallery

3D Virtual Sets For Green Screen Compositing


TriCaster Live Sets are available from either our TriCaster 8000, TriCaster

455 or TriCaster 850.

They are built-in and can be used at no additional charge.   TriCasters are also available for rental.

Bill Milling - silver hair and beard, glasses, blue shirt in AMC Studio, NYC

Bill Milling 917-414-5489

Producer/Director American Movie Company

Woman standing in studio - large screen - windows
Woman behind desk - studio
Man behind desk in studio
Wide view of set - anchor behind desk
Anchor behind desk - wide shot of studio, red crawl above
NEWTEK on blue background - man standing on the left
Woman in a virtual set behind desk
Anchorman behind desk - virtual set
Anchorman behind desk - virtual set
Man behind desk - NEWTEK logo behind
Virtual set - Red background - man behind desk
Man standing next to NEWTEK logo
Woman standing to the right of - Newtek Logo
Virtual set very colorful - man standing next to NEWTEK logo
Virtual set - anchor behind wooden desk - windows
Vrtual set - man standing - screens on wall
Man standing in front of NEWTEK large screen
Huge screen NEWTEK woman standing in front of it
Virtual set - white background - woman behind desk
Virtual set - Woman behind desk - NEWTEK - world update
Huge screen - NEWTEK - diminutive woman in front

Large AMC logo on desk - Woman anchor behind desk - newsroom

3D Virtual Sets I  TriCaster Live Sets

We then incorporate them into our “cameramatch move” Green Screen productions.  Thus, we can create a fantasy or photo-real virtual set and then shoot live actors on our Green Screen Stage and be able to pan, zoom, tilt the camera, all thanks to our “cameramatch move” capability. The final result is a seamless integration of live action and Green Screen 3D Digital Compositing. We also create 3D virtual sets and modify Newtek’s TriCaster Live Sets for our WebCasting productions both in our studio in NYC as well as on location in hotels, theaters, comedy clubs, and production spaces of all sorts.

As AMC is one of the premier WebCasting companies on the East Coast, we need to be totally proficient in all aspects of virtual sets and streaming video production. We own and operate our own 4K camera, grip and lighting equipment. We own a full range of TriCasters and use them both in studio and on location. We have more Newtek Certified Operators than any other facility in New York City.  The NewTek TriCaster comes with Live Set Technology. They have built in a series of 3D virtual sets which can be composited in the unit with live actors in real time for simultaneous real time WebCast.

Give Bill Milling a call at 212-219-1075 to discuss your project.

3D Digital Imaging at The American Movie Company

Arié is Director of Photography & Editor/VFX Artist on staff at AMC.  Isolation from Arié Ohayon on Vimeo.  Electric Zoo 2011 from Arié Ohayon on Vimeo.


Cameron Bogue’s Twist – Bourbon Episode (Opening) from Arié Ohayon on Vimeo. Our VFX artists use Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, and Maya.

Call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489

3D TriCaster Live Sets Available at no Extra Charge

by | Aug 2, 2017

Bill Milling
Isabel Scoliard
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