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The Fashion Week Digital Revolution

We are the premier WebCasting Company on the East Coast.  Live Streaming Video in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Miami.

Are you WebCasting your show yet?


LiveStreaming Video makes your event… a World Event!

women in file - colorful dresses - Share Your Designs With the World

Why limit your audience (and potential sales) to just the people who can fit into your actual, physical space?

When it’s so easy and cost-effective to share your event with the world?

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WebCasting Fashion on the Street

We have the technology to WebCast where there is little or no Internet available.

Whether the venue where the event is taking place is yours or at an atmospheric alleyway, we can use our Bonded 4G Cellular Solution to WebCast the event live with no web access.


Model in red flowing gown - 4K Video
AMC sprinter van and equipment superimposed

Ashley Graham Exclusive Interview

Ashley Ann Graham is an American model. She has appeared on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. In addition, she appeared in several Levi’s campaigns.

Chi Zhang is a renowned designer in China

He showed for the first time at a WebCast shot and streamed live by The American Movie Company direct from The Intrepid’s Space Shuttle Pavilion where men and women danced down the runway in an array of streetwear with an emphasis on outerwear.

Image Fashion Magazine . with Pamela Quinzi on cover

Post Oscar Scheduled Webcast of Pamela Quinzi (cover of above Fashion Magazine)

Italian Celebrity Fashion Designer and Editor Pamela Quinzi Just arrived in Los Angeles for Oscars season 2018. She walked already in few amazing events like the Beauty Awards, Autism Speak supporting a great cause, LA Italia Film Festival, with her One of a Kind Kilame Shoes and met many celebrities such: Britney Spears, Samuel L Jackson, Danai Baldoni from Black Panther and many more.

Oscars season in Los Angeles is very busy and Pamela is very excited to see her shoes creations on many Red Carpets.


Image . elle magazine with designs by Danilo
Danilo Headshot Famous fashion Designer adjusts garment of male model

Post Oscar Webcast Schedule with Danilo

Danilo recently started working with costume designers in the movie industry and has dressed actress Camilla Belle in The American Side and his latest project included working with costume designer Rebecca Luke along with designers Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford on the upcoming movie “Hot Air” where he was able to dress Neve Campbell.

Why WebCast Fashion?

 Viewers react 85% more favorably to live vs recorded events.

WebCasting enables you to broadcast your vision directly to your clients worldwide.The hot trend now is to micro-target your audience by streaming to FaceBook Live. AMC’s Live Streaming Solutions for Fashion events is the way to go.

WebCasting is the best way for others to experience your event without physically being there.

Shoot high fashion on a virtual runway in one of our Green Screen/White Cyc Studios or on location on one of our many private indoor or outdoor exotic locales.

Devin's Premium Flypack lage console with livestream webcasting encoders etc.
Elle Magazine UK with fold out page with model wearing Danilo Gabrielli design dress

Stage your event dramatically in our unique locations


virtually in one of our eight Manhattan studios.

Lone man/shadow against Green Screen - Astoria
Brooklyn drive in - all white site
rooftop - bridge in the background
interior - columns/ceiling
Rooftop Event Space
Dark & Spooky Space 320
320 Large Bright Warehouse 320
Brooklyn Penthouse empty with view of manhattan
Huge Empty Warehouse
Funky Space 320 . with graffiti and view of manhattan
Massive Warehouse Interior no columns Brooklyn 320
Spooky Warehouse night low light high ceilings
Private Alley 320 daylight wide . brick walls

What Is a Typical Fashion Week WebCast?

There really is none.

Last winter we shot a five camera show on the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier in NYC.  We used high-end cameras in wireless mode and ran thousands of feet of fiber.  We flew a drone over the ship to start the WebCast with an amazing intro.  The drone footage led into a video we previously shot and edited including a montage of the models on the more fashionable streets of Manhattan.

But, we often shoot fashion shows with just three Sony Ex3 cameras.  Usually, we begin backstage with the flurry of preparation and an interview with the designer.  Then we move two cameras to the end of the runway to catch the models walking towards the camera in a full head-to-toe shot.

The second camera fixates on a model’s figure to highlight important elements of the designer’s creation as well as to make the shot more interesting and dynamic.

The third camera is usually a side shot catching the lateral action as the model moves through the frame.


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Our sophisticated FlyPack encoder is literally a “TV station in a box”.  We cut and dissolve between shots, we incorporate graphics and lower thirds on the fly, we call up previously shot footage of the two built-in DVRs, etc.

So, your WebCast will not just be a raw recording of the event but a well-produced, professional “show” that will do justice to your brand.

And, naturally, you will have the final video to show again and again on the Web and anywhere you choose.

We recently did a live WebCast for Buick and they chose to stream only to Facebook.  It’s free and an extremely powerful distribution mechanism.  Most encoders can only stream to one location.  Ours can stream to two.  So, you may want to stream to, say, Facebook Live and YouTube or directly to your designer’s website.

Model In Yellow Hoodie Coat

Webcast Fashion on Green Screen Virtual Sets

We can shoot against a wide variety of still and video backgrounds.  Our Manhattan Green Screen Studios can digitally composite live models into 3D virtual environments (Tommy Hilfiger is doing some extremely creative work in this area).

You can easily shoot custom scenes and use them as real or fantastical background for your fashion show.  The scenes below are free footage found on Youtube.   Shoot your models against green with a device such as a TriCaster which will live composite them into a photo real or wildly creative dreamscape and stream the result in real time to the Internet and out to the world,

Virtual Sets for WebCasting Fashion

These are just a few of hundreds of available  “photo real” virtual sets to be used as backgrounds for fashion shows shot against green in the studio.

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